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Too Young to Die

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Payton falls in love with her irresistible bass teacher, but what happens when they have one drink too many? What will be the main consequence of all of this?

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Author's notes: I had originally written this story and posted it on DeviantART, but I don't really like that website much, so I decided to post it on here instead! I wrote this for one of the many absolutely amazing people I've spoken to on twitter, Payton, or as known on twitter @mikeywayfan1 :) Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing this for her!
-Caitlin (MCRmy_Frank) xo

PS I've made it into three parts instead of five.

Chapter 1
"Okay, so bass is pretty simple," Mikey, bass teacher and long-time school friend, smiles. "Place your finger on the A string on the fifth fret, you got that?"
I have trouble finding the right fret and before I know it, he's already moved my hand to the correct place.
"Now play that string." He smiles. I play it gently and it lets out a low humming noise. "Well done Payton, you're really getting the hang of this!" He grins. I look up and catch his eye. I see his cheeks faintly glow red.
"It's hard though." I lie. I just like him helping me, that's all. I guess he doesn't mind helping me either.
"But you're one of the best I teach." He smiles. He has a cute smile. The corners of his mouth kind of twitch up and his eyes light up too.
"You must teach some pretty bad people." I giggle.
"I'm being serious Payton, you have potential."
"You think?" I can feel my cheeks glowing slightly.
"Of course! I… I was um…I was going to ask you something," He begins. My heart begins to pound for some reason, I don't even know what he's going to ask yet! "Payton, would you like to come and watch my band play at a small venue on Saturday night?" I watch as he shuffles awkwardly in his seat.
"Me?" I manage to choke out. My throat seems to have gone dry and I can't get any other words out.
"You're the only Payton I know!" He grins.
"That…would be…amazing." I cough. He smiles and hugs me tightly around the shoulders. I inhale the scent of his skin. It relaxes me and helps me to breathe normally again.

I get into his car at 2am and I realise how much I am shaking. I haven't decided whether I am shaking from the cold wind and the fact I'm wearing a tank top and mini skirt, or just simply for nerves. No matter what, I know this night will be worth sneaking out without my parents knowing. He greets me with a quick kiss on the cheek and I blush. Good job it's dark so he didn't notice. Actually, I think he was blushing too!
"Are you nervous?" he asks as his car pulls out of my road.
"A little." I admit. I've never met any of his friends before, I want to make the right impression I guess.
"Don't be, the guys are awesome. Plus, you'll be backstage so you won't get killed in the pits." he laughs. I let out some sort of nervous giggle and I catch his eye awkwardly in the wind mirror.

We arrive at the small dingy venue and jump out the car; he grabs his bass guitar from the boot. The December air is freezing as we walk round the back of the small venue. He pulls me close and grabs my hand which I squeeze tightly. We head towards a black metal door with a bouncer standing beside it.
"Over 18s only." a large man says guarding the door.
"It's okay, she's with me." Mikey smirks. The bouncer gives him a knowing nod and lets us inside.
"Over eighteens only?" I whisper. "But I'm only fifteen!"
"Relax, you're with me! Plus, I'm only seventeen myself." I relax slightly but I still grab his arm tightly.
The hallway we walk into is small, dark and cramped with a dense smoke hanging in the hair. I can hear a band performing from the stage the rowdy audience as they drunkenly scream the words to the songs.

The next room we walk into is small and damp. A strong smell of alcohol fills my nose and triggers something in my brain that craves it.
"Oi Gerard!" I hear a shout from somewhere in the room. I can't see much as I am hiding behind Mikey grasping his hand tightly in mine. "Your brother has finally arrived with his lady friend!"

A small dark haired, emerald eyed boy approaches us and pushes Mikey out the way leaving me feeling horribly exposed for some reason.
"And she is as pretty as he described!" the boy shouts, looking me up and down, to whoever he was shouting to before. I try my best to grin but I can't help feeling a bit intimidated.
"I'm Frank by the way." he winks. "You're Payton, right?"
I nod and he places a hand on my shoulder making me feel slightly uncomfortable.
"Don't... be shy! We don't ...bite!" says another boy as he stumbles towards us. He is taller than Frank but not as tall as Mikey. His long black hair flops messily on his head and he has a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth.
"I'm...I'm...Gerard!" he stutters. This Gerard kid is really drunk. "I'm...I'm...your boyfriend's …brother."
"He's not my boyfriend." I giggle. I glance up at Mikey who catches my eye but looks away awkwardly. I find it sweet he had told his friends I was his girlfriend!
"I'm Ray and this is Bob." a more sober, curly haired boy smiles. I look next to him to see Bob who is standing awkwardly staring at me wide eyed. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Is something wrong with my hair?!

"Let the poor girl relax!" Frank laughs. I notice I am in the middle of a circle of Mikey's friends. "Beer is on the table, help yourself sweetie." he winks at me again and I squeeze Mikey's hand. The circle breaks apart and everyone resumes what they were doing before; drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and tuning instruments.
"Do you like them?" Mikey says quietly into my ear as we sit down on one of the grubby sofas, I find myself sitting on Mikey's lap. He moves a strand of hair from my face and I feel his lips brush against my cheek. "They aren't like this when they're sober, trust me." he giggles. I feel him place an ice cold bottle of beer in my hand. "You parents won't mind a drink or two, will they?"
"They won't find out." I smile. He kisses my cheek and my whole body tingles.

Neither myself of Mikey speaks while we are sitting on the sofa. I find it relaxing to be sitting in silence, watching everything happen around us: Frank is telling Gerard what seems to be a dirty joke, but Gerard doesn't seem to understand so looks at his friend kind of cross-eyed. Ray is sitting on a chair across the other side of the room tuning his guitar whilst Bob throws drum sticks at him, much to his annoyance. They all seem like nice guys, though. Even if they are pretty drunk.

"Oi, loverboy, stop flirting with your girlfriend, we're on stage!" Frank calls. I look up from the sofa I was sitting on with Mikey to see Frank, Bob, Ray and Gerard disappear down a corridor. Mikey stands up and grabs his bass in one hand and my hand in the other. We follow after them and the corridor becomes even darker and smokier. Before I know it, I find myself standing at the side of the small stage.
"You can see everything from here." he smiles. I nod and look up at him. His hazel eyes lock onto mine.
"Good luck." I whisper. It all happens so fast. Before I know it, his lips are on mine and it feels amazing. Gerard marches offstage and pulls him from my arms onto the stage before making a remark about him being stuck to my face into the microphone which seems to make the whole band crack up and the crowd howl.

They begin to play a song titled 'Headfirst for Halos' and I am star struck. For a bunch of ridiculously drunk guys, it is amazing. They have massive potential. I can tell by the way they get the whole crowd worked up and jumping. From where I am standing, I can see every single person in the room engaged in their performance. Even the guys working at the bar and the bouncers at the doors can't take their eyes off them. I've seen a few bands in my lifetime, but these guys are better than the rest of them. They're better than some of the bigger bands who are signed to big labels. It makes me wonder how these guys haven't been signed yet!

After their hour of performing, they stumble off the stage drunken and worn out. I greet Mikey with a hug around the neck and he hugs be back tightly.
"Better get you home." He whispers.
"Shit! I forgot about that. What time is it?" I ask worriedly. Hopefully my parents haven't realised I am gone yet.
"Four am." Mikey says, taking my hand. I relax slightly, I knew it was late but my parents wouldn't have bothered checking on me at this time. I had only been gone 2 hours anyway.
"Where are we going?" I ask as Mikey drags me out of the building into the bitter cold air of the car park.
"To the car." He says quickly. I stop in my tracks.
"You can't drive! You've been drinking." I say. I put my hand to his chest to make him stop walking but he simply kisses my cheek and keeps on walking.
"I'll be fine. Get in, or you're stuck here." He laughs. I give in and get into the car hesitantly. He starts the ignition and zooms off down the highway before I even manage to get my seatbelt on.

"Put your seatbelt on." I say sternly. He gives a quick chuckle and ignores me. He's driving so fast, we must be going at least 50 over the speed limit. "Slow down." I demand. Yet again, he looks at me and rolls his eyes. Urgh this is what alcohol does to people, I guess.
"You want to get home, don't you?" he asks agitatedly. I ignore him like he did to me. Why did suck a great night have to end like this. I glance up into the wind mirror to see bright red and blue lights blinding me.
"Shit! Mikey, the cops are following us!" I hiss. He glances up, taking his eyes off the road and swerves into the left lane then back into the one we were supposed to be in. My heart was almost in my mouth. "Slow down, they'll arrest us!"
Mikey slams his foot on the brake pedal forgetting how close behind the cops were. The police car slams right into the back of us with a crash. I close my eyes shut tight and Mikey grabs my hand and holds it tightly. Our car spins out of control and skids into the lane on the far left. A car traveling down the lane we had landed in doesn't have time to stop and smashes into the side of us, causing our car to roll three times.

I can feel various parts of my body aching and places of my face and arms burning. I lift a weak hand to brush the broken glass from my lap. In my other hand I see feel Mikey's. I had almost forgotten he was in the car with me. I open my eyes and wipe away the blood flowing from my eyebrow. I glance over at Mikey. His body is flopped against the steering when and his head is at an alarming angle. He doesn't seem to be moving at all.
"Mikey?" I say. I shake his shoulder gently but I get no response. Panic sets in when I remember how he wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. "Mikey please wake up." I beg. Still no response. Is he…dead? I feel for a pulse in his hand and I can just about feel one. It's slow and weak but it's there and that's all that matters.

My head begins to swim. Is it from the excessive amount of alcohol I had consumed or the fact I had just been involved in a horrible collision? Whatever was causing the pain in my head and the failing of my vision was taking over my body. I felt myself slip into the impending darkness of whatever the darkness was. It felt relaxing to be in the nothingness. For about ten seconds I am completely calm and relaxed. I couldn't feel or see a thing. But then the alarm sets in. What is happening to me? Am I dead? Is Mikey okay? How badly are we hurt? Where am I? What's just happened? What is going to happen to us if we wake up?
"We're going to need the steel cutters." I hear a voice say. Then my hearing goes too and I feel completely cut off from the world.

Three days later...
"What do you mean I can't see him anymore?!" I hiss. I slam my fist against the mahogany dining table and regret it after a sharp pain is sent through my sprained wrist.
"We don't want you talking to him anymore. You've let us down, Payton. It's going to be hard to regain our trust." my mom says crossly.
"He made you sneak out, get drunk... He would have had sex with you if he had the chance! Not to mention the fact he almost got you killed." My dad's face becomes red and blotchy with anger. I have to stop myself from laughing at his likeness to a beet root because, quite frankly, now isn't the time.
"He was trying to get me home!" I protest. "He didn't want me to get in to any trouble."
"Well it didn't work, did it?... He's a bad influence and he's not the sort of person we want our fifteen year old daughter hanging around with!" my mom can be quite harsh when she's angry.
"You've let us down, Payton. You used to be So perfect." my dad sighs. He probably hasn't realised how much that hurt me.
"Why don't you go find a better daughter, then. Why don't you just replace me! Urgh... I hate you both so much!" I scream. After the accident they have been so 'anti-Mikey'. Why can't they understand that I love him? Being an only child sucks when you constantly have your parents watching over you, expecting you to be perfect. They need to wake up and realise I'm not the daughter that I used to be. So what? I break the rules, I do things I shouldn't, but that's just part of growing up. Sometimes I really think that they were never teenagers their selves.

With that, I storm upstairs and grab my black rucksack from on top of my wardrobe. I grab handfuls of underwear, a few t-shirts, a spare pair of jeans and my favourite red converse which I shove into the bag. Quickly, I strip off my pyjamas and replace them with an old tank top with my big black hoodie over the top, a pair of my tightest jogger bottoms and tie my black plimsoles to my small feet. All that's left to do now is write the note.

I've gone off to California. One of my friends moved there a while ago.
See you.
Payton xo

Of course I wasn't actually going to travel across the country. Hell no. I was only going ten minutes down the road to Mikey's house.

Sneaking out of the house without my parents noticing is pretty easy. All I have to do is wait until they both go to bed. They never check on me after midnight. I'm surprised they haven't learnt to check later, after the many times I've escaped the house without them realising.

My street is always kind of creepy at this time of night. The air is always dense and you feel as of the shadows are watching you. The pavements are wet with rain and reflect the dim orange glow of the streetlight. A heavy scent of rain fills my nostrils and it, for some reason, reminds me of how much trouble I will eventually get in. I've never ran away with the intention of never coming home. Until now, that is.

Finding Mikey's house is easy. I've only been there once or twice for bass lessons but his house isn't hard to miss. It's the big square one floored one on the first right off the high street. I'm there in no time. Mainly because I half ran- half jogged. I don't bother knocking on his front door. I'd wake everyone up. The light to his bedroom is on, so I know he's awake. And there is a window low enough for me to climb through.

Once inside, I have no trouble finding his room. It has a big Iron Maiden poster stuck to the door. I push it open and find him sitting by the window, watching the cars on the high street.
"Hey." I say. He looks up alarmed but then relaxes when he realises it's me. His face is all scarred and bruised from the crash. I luckily escaped with only a deep cut across my right eyebrow and a sprained wrist.
"Payton," is all he says before standing up and pulling me close to his chest. I bury my head in his neck and inhale his calming scent. "Why did you come?"
"I came because...because I love you." it comes out in some sort of stutter but I know he understood me. I feel his jaw move into a smile and he kisses my temple gently. "I don't want to go home." I state.
"You can't stay here, but I know where you'll be safe," he begins "You can stay at Gerard's house. He has a basement with a bed and heating. Your parents won't look there. If you stay here, my parents will hand you in when they know you're missing."

He takes his dad's car because his is written off from the crash, and drives me out to his brother's house. The drive takes about half an hour so I know we are out of Belleville. When we arrive, we pull up out side a small house. It's the only one on the street. Every light is on and I can hear a loud thumping of music.

A very drunken Gerard answers the door. The house smells strongly of weed so I guess he has been smoking the stuff, too.
"Pay...Payton!" he grins.
"Payton is going to be staying in your basement for a while, okay?" Mikey says, pushing past him into the dry of his home. I look around the room to see Frank sitting crossed legged on the floor with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.
"Payton! I didn't know we'd be seeing each other again!" he grins, jumping to his feet. He stumbles toward us and kisses me on the cheek. Mikey pulls me away when the small kiss goes on for longer than it should.
"Come on, let's show you to your new bedroom." Mikey says, interlocking his fingers in mine.
"I will!" Frank beams.
"I will." Mikey says, I notice him shoot Frank a warning glare as if to say 'sober up, or go home'.

Mikey leads me down into a slightly less smokey part of the house. It's cleaner too. To one side against the wall, is a large stack of beer. For some reason it makes me snigger. Frank must only be the same age as me and he's getting drunk practically every night. Mikey walks over to a sofa and pulls a handle, it transforms into a double bed. He grabs 4 pillows and a duvet from a small cupboard and lays them out on the bed.
"You've got to try and get some rest, alright?" Mikey smiles. I nod and he picks me up like a baby, placing me in the bed. He pulls the duvet up to my chin and kisses my forehead. "I'll be over as early as I can...Oh, and keep your distance from Frankie. He gets a little touchy when he's drunk."
I nod and say "Good night, I love you."
"I love you too." this time he kisses my lips and I feel them tingle with electricity.

I close my eyes and he is gone. I'm alone in the darkness of someone else's house. Before I drift off to sleep, I hear steps coming down to the basement. The door opens slowly and Frank steps in. I sit up alarmed and he chuckles, showing off his beautiful smile and glistening teeth. Beautiful smile? What has gotten into me. As much as I love Mikey, I can't help but be just a little attracted to Frank.
"Relax, baby. I won't touch you. If I did I'd have Mikey tracking me down." he laughs.
"I...I guess." I say. I try to smile but I'm just too tired. He grabs a new pack of beer and head towards the door.
"Wanna come and have some fun?" he asks. I cringe slightly at this comment. He extends his hand towards me and I take it. He pulls me from the bed onto my feet and I find my face inches from his. I can feel his warm, alcoholic breath on my face and it turns me on slightly. "You're so sexy when you're indecisive."
"Indecisive about what?" I whisper.
"Whether you should kiss me or not." he grins. I wasn't going to kiss him. I didn't love him like I loved Mikey. I only had a little crush on him, I didn't know him well enough to be in love. He bends his head down slightly to kiss me, but I restrain myself and push him away.

" long... does it take to... get more beer?" Gerard emerges in the door way, stoned over his head, luckily interrupting us.
"Payton decided she wants to join us." Frank smirks, glancing down at me and putting his arm around my waist but I avoid his gaze and keep my eyes down on the floor. I feel uncomfortable around Frank, especially when he's touching me like this.
"Actually... I erm... I need to get some sleep." say.
"Urgh whatever...Frank just ...hurry up... With the beer." Gerard says. He stumbles back and climbs back up the stairs. I can hear as he trips up the hollow stairs multiple times.
"What a shame. I'll see you in the morning, sweetie." he winks at me and finally leaves me alone. I wish I has Mikey to hold me in his arms right now. I wanted him to kiss my cheek and keep me close and safe to his chest.

I wake up to find someone else in my bed with me, their arm is around my waist. My first thought is it's Frank. But as I gently twist my body around, I find that it's Mikey fast asleep. I stroke one of the bruises on his cheek bone with my index finger and his eyes flick open, sparkling and brown.
"Mikey." I grin.
"I brought breakfast." he smiles. He reaches out behind him and passes me a bacon sandwich from the bakery. I lean in and kiss his cheek. "Come up when you're done. Ray and Bob are coming over in a couple of hours."
"Awesome. I'll be like five minutes." I say and he disappears up the stairs.

I practically swallow the sandwich whole and get changed into my denim shorts and vest top. I shove the black hoodie over my head to stop the chills. Lastly, I tame my long blonde hair into a messy ponytail and fix up my make up: a thick line of eyeliner around both eyes and touch up on my thin layer of pale foundation.

Once I finally dare to venture upstairs, I find Mikey in the living room with Frank by his side watching television. Gerard is in the kitchen making coffee. Frank and Gerard seem to be sober for once, but both have hang overs by the looks of them.
"Ah! Payton!" Frank beams. I ignore him and sit on Mikey's lap. I feel his arm wrap around my waist protectively and Frank tenses up by my side just as the door bell rings. Gerard opens it to reveal Ray and Bob, both carrying large boxes of pizza.
"Lunch has arrived!" Ray calls, placing the boxes on the dinner table.

We all sit around the large table. Mikey on the right side of me, and much disheartening to me, Frank to my left. As Frank leans across the table to grab a slice and I feel his hand lingering on my bare thigh. I assume it's an accident, Frank isn't as flirty when he's sober, right? That's what Mikey said. That's what I assume until his hand doesn't leave and I realise he had meant it to be there. I feel my face grow hot with confusion and many other emotions. Frank shouldn't be touching me. It's not right.
"What are you doing?" I whisper in his ear. He ignores me and takes his hand away without looking at me.

"Mikey... I..." but I can't finish my sentence. I don't know how to finish it. He looks down at me and wipes a tear from my face before any of the others notice it.
"What's the matter?" he asks softly. I shake my head dismissively and he kisses the deep stitched up slash across my eyebrow. "Do you want me to take you home?"
"No!" I say, maybe a little too loudly as I see Frank's head jerk up out of the corner of my eye. "No, I want to stay here with you. I need you and I love you. I can't leave you."
"Then what's the matter?" he asks.
"Nothing, I'm fine." I say. Swiftly, I get up from the table, making sure I accidentally stamp on Frank's foot, and head back down to the basement. The room goes quiet as I leave but I ignore it.

I let my legs drop from beneath me and I collapse on the bed. I pull off my big hoodie and chuck it on the floor, leaving me in my vest top and shortest shorts. Mikey walks in and sits on the end of my bed.
"Can I get you anything?" he asks sweetly. The thing I love most about Mikey is his sweetness. He has always been sweet to me, no matter what.
"A cuddle would be nice." I say quietly. He smiles and his cheeks glow red.

He pulls of his jumper and throws it against the open door to shut it, making me feel safer. He gently lies down beside me and pulls me closer to him so my face is resting close to his chest. I can feel his heartbeat against my cheek. It's quick, like he's breathless. He begins to kiss the skin behind my ear softly until moving across my jaw bone, down my neck and onto my chest. He pulls his whole body on top of mine and begins to kiss me more passionately. I grip his shirt with my sweaty palms and pull it over his head leaving his whole upper body bare. The feeling of his skin on mine makes my heart beat like crazy.

I run one of my hands through his hair, the other grips his waist affectionately. I twist my legs between his and I run my bare foot down his leg. He lets out a short moan as I bite his lip carefully. He leans over me as he kisses me and I feel his tongue lingering on my bottom lip. He begins to kiss my neck again, and I feel a slight burn on my skin. He has left a neat lovebite where he had been kissing me. A mark that shows just what we've been up to.
"Mikey, I love y-" I groan but before I get a chance to finish the sentence, his lips are on mine again, kissing me sexually.

Carefully, he pulls my vest top over my head. I can feel his breathing become heavier as gently, his left hand runs up and down my rib cage and his right hand lays delicately on my hip. The feeling of my bare stomach on his is overwhelming and i begin to sweat as he moves more and more roughly on top of me. I feel as he gently tugs at my shorts but I stop him by placing my hand over his and pushing it away. I wasn't ready to have sex with him. I was only fifteen, I couldn't let my parents down even more, no matter how much I wanted him.

"I'm sorry." I whisper. I hadn't realised how breathless I had become.
"I understand." he breathes. The door slams open and Mikey sits up in front of me protectively. I see Gerard put his hands up as if to say he wasn't going to hurt us. He looks panicked though, his eyes are wide and his hair is a mess.
"The police... They're looking for Payton and they're heading out here to search the area."
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