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Things Are Better If I Stay

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Old fiction I posted on years ago. Probably an over done story line now but its old. AU Geard/Ofc and The Used are in this fiction.

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Chapter one

Darkness. Darkness was all I could see. All I could remember. I do remember passing out. It was in a dressing room. I was talking to someone...who was it? Oh, my brother. He’d asked me something and I was answering him but I suddenly felt dizzy, weak and a little lightheaded. Then the darkness came. That’s all I could remember until.... I started to see a bright, white light. Was this my end?

I slowly began to awaken from that darkness. I was glad it was gone. I open my eyes to a hospital room. I look around to see an IV to my right, pumping something brownish red into me. My eyes were still blurry from just waking up so I couldn’t read what was being pumped into me. I continue to look around the room and see what else was hooked up to me. There was a heart monitor to the left of me, monitoring my heart beat, pulse and breathing. I start to look around the room and see a few stuffed bears saying “Get Well” and a few balloons saying the same thing. I finally come to figure sitting in a chair, asleep across the room from me. I knew it was Gerard but I couldn’t figure out why he was the only one here when my brother should be. Then I began to wonder if something had happened. Were we in an accident? Was my brother hurt and was somewhere else dying and I couldn’t see him before he passed? Were the other guys all right? I began to cry then pulled the blankets off me. I pulled off the wires that were on me to monitor my heart beat. The monitor started to make a high pitched beep noise after a few seconds. I looked over at Gerard to see him awaken to the beeping the monitor was making. He jerked his head up over at me with a fearful look on his face, almost like he was scared I had died. He jumped up and walked over to me quickly, trying to get me to sit down but I was too worried about what had happened and kept pushing back to get off the bed.
“Gerard, where’s my brother? Where are the guys? What happened?” I said still fighting with him to get out of the bed.
“If you would calm down some and lay back, I’ll tell you.” He said.
“Fine.” I said giving up and lying back down.
I watched as Gerard turned off the monitor then walked over and picked the chair up and put in next to my bed. He sat down and cleared his throat then he let out a sigh.
“Frank is fine. The guys are fine also, their back at the hotel. I sent them there and told them I would wait here. Frank looked like hell and he hadn’t slept since you passed out which has been about a week ago. So I made him and the guys go find a place to stay at and get some rest and I’d call when you woke up. As you can tell you’re the one that isn’t all right.” Gerard said.
“What’s wrong with me?” I asked a little worried that I might be sick and there was nothing that could be done.“You haven’t been taking your synthroid at all have you?” Gerard asked. I bit my bottom lip, scared to answer. I was horrible at remembering to take the damn thing and I knew it affected everything in my body. I knew everyone: Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray got on me for taking it. Last year I was in the hospital because I didn’t take it and became severely anemic. That was back home in New Jersey. This time we were on the road but I didn’t understand why I was here still. I wasn’t bleeding like I was so why was I here and what for?
“Yes, I haven’t been taking it. I know, I know I should.” I said.
“Well, apparently you don’t then. If you know you should take it then why, don’t you? Kyra, you’re here because your white blood cell count is very, dangerously low. At first they thought you might have had some sort of cancer that is until they talked to your doctor in New Jersey and found out about you not taking your medication. Everything in your blood is messed up. Your bone marrow is being suppressed because of not taking a stupid little pill You know you’re on the floor of the hospital for people who have blood disorders. People that are sick can’t be around you? If you get even the common cold it could have killed you. You know how serious this is? We could have lost you ” Said Gerard.
He started to sound a bit angry. I knew he was sensitive about death and dying. So, I being a close friend to the band and Frank’s younger sister, losing me would be devastating to everyone. I started to cry realizing he was right. I was stupid. Something as simple as taking a pill could have kept me out of this hell hole called a hospital. I hate hospitals and I know Gerard has to hate them since he hated needles and from the look of my arms, I had to have been stuck several times. I continued to cry as he reached over and took my hand into his and squeezed it tightly.
“Please, don’t cry. I’m sorry I yelled. I...we were scared that we’d lose you and you know how I am. I can’t bear to loose you now at just nineteen. I love you too much and you grew up with me and the guys so I wouldn’t be the same without you.” Gerard said looking away from me. Damn him, he was making me feel even guiltier then I was already feeling. Plus I know I was going to have more guilt when Frank and the guys got here. Ray, Mikey, Bob were also like my older brothers and always looked out for me ever since we were young. So I knew as soon as they got here shit would hit the fan and I knew it was when Frank would get here. Our mom put him in charge of taking care of me since I worked for the band, running merchandise tables and the meet and greets and if anything bad happened he was going to be in trouble along with myself. So I knew things were going to be bad.
“Gerard, it’s ok. I should be saying I’m sorry to you. I was the idiot for all of this. You’re just doing what you do, care about me. I love you too much also and the guys. I give you all permission to beat the shit out of me if you’d like once I get out. When ever that is.” I said picking Gerard’s hand up and kissing it a bit.
Gerard let out a small smile and stood kissing me on the cheek. Then he sat back down.
“Well, Frank and the guys should be getting here soon. They’ll be glad to see you’re away finally.” Said Gerard.
“Only problem, how mad are they going to be with me for this especially Frank?” I said.
Just as I finished the sentence Frank walked into the room, his face not looking to happy.
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