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Chapter Five: Patrick, I need help

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Devin shows up at Patrick's house at one a.m, covered in blood and in desperate need of help.

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Devin's side hurt like hell. Blood was soaking through her white camisole. She could taste blood on her lips. She didn't know what to do, where to go...she wandered down the deserted streets of her neighborhood. She came to the gates of the development where Patrick lived. She crawled under the fence through a dip in the ground, and ran all the way to Patrick's front door. She knocked on the door, rain pounding on her head. No answer. She banged at hard as she could, and heard slow footsteps coming through the house. Patrick opened the door, his sandy hair tousled, in blue boxers and white socks.
"Devin?" he asked, squinting at her, wishing he had put his glasses on.
"Patrick, I need help." Devin sobbed. Patrick led her by the hand into the house, closing the door behind her.
"Devin, what happened! You're covered in blood!"
"Kevon proposed." She sobbed, showing Patrick the ring.
"Oh my god!"
Patrick put his arms around her and led her into the living room. He sat her down on the couch and wrapped her in a woolen blanket.
"You're all wet." He muttered.
He sat down beside her and hugged her close.
"I said yes. About half an hour ago I broke it off, I dumped him...I tried to leave...he kept hitting me..."Devin sobbed into Patrick's bare chest.
"Oh, Dev." Patrick sighed, rocking her gently.
"M-my hurts...Patrick..."
Patrick lay her down gently and stood up.
"I'll be right back. Stay awake, Dev."
Patrick hurried into the kitchen and grabbed the phone. He dialed quickly. Ring...ring...ring...
"'lo?" a groggy voice answered.
"Pete! It's Patrick!"
"'S goin' on?"
"Devin showed up at my place."
"Is she ok?" Pete asked worriedly, suddenly wide awake.
"She's covered in blood...she left Kevon."
"Oh my God."
"Listen, call Andy and Joe and get over here, quick."
The two young men hung up. Patrick rushed down the hall into the bathroom and quickly fetched a wet wash cloth, some polysporin and some Band-Aids. He did know how much use they'd be, Devin's white cami was soaked with scarlet. He rushed back into the living room, where Devin was fighting to stay awake. He lay the supplies down on the coffee table and sat next to Devin. He gently washed the blood off her face and bandaged a cut below her lip. He had no clue what to do about her side; he had lifted her cami up a few inches and seen a large gash, but he decided to wait for the others.
"Patrick..." her voice was weak.
"Yes, Dev?" he whispered, pushing her dark bangs out of her eyes.
"All my stuff is at Kevon's..."
"We'll go get it another time."
"He hates you guys."
"We'll involve a lawyer if we have to. You're gonna need one anyway."
The front door opened and Pete, Andy and Joe marched into the living room, all in old tee shirts and boxers.
"Oh, Dev!" cried Pete. Patrick stood up and let the others come over.
"He proposed to her." Patrick explained.
"Oh my God." Andy muttered, covering his mouth with his hand.
Pete examined the wound on Devin's side.
"We need to take your shirt of, Dev, I'm sorry."
"S'ok." She answered.
Patrick blushed a furious scarlet color.
"Patrick, help me. It's sticking to her cut." Pete said.
Patrick bent down and helped Pete removed the blood soaked cami, and Joe put in the garbage. Patrick looked away as a lacy pink bra was revealed. Pete examined her side.
"Devin, we have to take you for stitches. What did that bastard do?"
"He kicked me. Then pushed me into the mail table." Devin answered, trying not to start crying again. Pete scooped her up in his arms and started towards the door. Patrick felt a twinge of jealousy as he followed. He knew there was nothing romantic about Pete taking their bleeding friend out to Joe's car. But the feeling was definitely there. Pete sat Devin down in the back seat.
"Don't bother with a seat belt, Dev, you'll hurt yourself more." He crawled in next to her, followed by Andy. Patrick climbed into the passenger seat and Joe started the car.
"Devin, stay awake." Joe called, glancing at Devin in the review mirror. She nodded absently, her eyes fluttering.
When they pulled into the hospital parking lot, Pete scooped up Devin and carried her inside and the others followed.
"You guys go into the waiting room, ok? I'll take her to the emergency room."
Patrick opened his mouth to argue, but decided it would do no good. Him, Joe and Andy sat down on uncomfortable plastic chairs and silently pondered the past half-hour's events.
"At least she got out," Andy finally said. "I hate to imagine what would have happened if she hadn't."
Joe nodded in agreement but Patrick didn't answer.
"Dude, you ok?" asked Joe, frowning.
"Uh...yeah. Just a little shaken. You know, the whole 'Devin showing up covered in blood at one a.m.' thing."
"Dude, your really pale."
"I told you, I'm just shaken."
Joe and Andy didn't argue any further. They sat quietly a while longer. Finally, Devin emerged from the emergency room, leaning on Pete and looking very self-conscious that she was in her bra.
"19 stitches." Pete announced.
The five of them wordlessly stepped out into the parking lot and climbed into the car. Patrick sat in the back next to Devin this time and she leaned against him the whole way back to Patrick's, crying silently into his chest.
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