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A Mask

by lorddepresser 2 reviews

I am a mask... this poem is based of cosmiczombies story 'Trying To Escape The Inevitable'

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heyyyyy depresser here i wrote this in half 2 in the morning and can't be arssed to spellcheak it so if there are typos sorry don't kill me!!! and also cutos to cosmiczombie cause this story is based of it for her story read it please :) --->

I am a mask
A mask upon a mask upon a mask
These layers save me from the lies
The lies I hear, the lies tell
The lies I am

My mask makes me numb
Numb to the noise
Numb to the world
But the pain is still there lurking
Waiting for the time I’m at my weakest
To kill me

My mask is cold
My mask is mean
My mask would proberly fool you
Fool you into thinking I’m fine
Fool you into thinking I’m shy
Fool you into not seeing
Just like them

My mask is not me
It is a mask a game an illusion
Something created
something made up
something plastic

I hide in my mask
Use it on everyone
My mum,my dad,my sister
No one seen trough it yet
If they have they didn’t care
Didn’t care that am screaming
Didn’t care that I’m crying
Didn’t care that am dying

Dying slowly, dying softly
Suffocating in my mask
Until I’m empty
Then even I won’t notice
That I’m a mask

I am scared of my mask
Scared of it consuming me
So that I am reduced to a pile of ash

With nothing left...

coment please even to just to say it's crap (but add whats wrong plase)
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