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Just another lie, told by plain old Bob.

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I'm just Bob. That's all. The mysterious straight handsome drummer.

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None of this is true. I don't own My Chemical Romance or their members. This is all fictional and if any of this pertains to reality it is pure coincidence.

My first post on ficwad... YAY :)
Being in love with The Gerard Way stinks. For multiple reasons. Main three? One: he's Gerard fucking Way,  millions of fan girls. He's a total drama queen diva filled with nothing but sass. Two: Frerard. Three: I'm just Bob, the drummer. 

Don't bother asking why I left My Chemical Romance. It's 'disclosed', 'differences'... Blah blah blah, go ahead and believe whatever they say. I could tell the truth, about how utterly in love I was, am, with the frontman of MCR, how I cracked and couldn't take not being his that I left. Thats just a lie right, nothing but a lie.  Just poor Bob, seeking out attention and sympathy or some out of nowhere random rumor. I'm just Bob. The quiet, funny, muscular, blonde, serious one. Right? I'm the completely straight as a board one. The mysterious one you hardly know anything about. The outcast from Chicago, the place with the best popcorn ever. That's me, just Bob. 

Bob doesn't have feelings. Bob doesn't have emotions. Or is that just another lie? Bob the one whose personal life will ever remain personal. I've never kissed one of my band mates on stage. I certainly never fantasized about kissing on of my band mates either. Especially not Gerard Way. Because I'm not in love with Gerard Way. After all, I'm just super straight  Bob.

 I'm just Bob. That's all I'll ever be. I'll never be good enough for Gerard Way. It doesn't matter though, does it? Because I'm not in love with Gerard Way........ and that's just a giant lie.
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