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Chapter SIxteen

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Jared finds the exit and is taken away

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Chapter Sixteen

One night had passed with nothing, I felt blessed. But when the second night rolled around I knew that it was all too good to be true.

The sound of the cells door opening woke me from my restless sleep. I tried to tell myself to go back to sleep, to fall back into my shadowed dreams but I couldn't will it on. I rose from where I was laying and stared through the darkness towards the door. Swallowing harshly I stood to my feet, nervousness echoing inside myself. I didn't want to go through the opening, didn't want to find myself awake again without memory but I felt myself somehow being pulled towards it. So I continued to the door, my hand reaching out and touching the heavy steel.

The lights flickered in the dark hall, there weren't any other doors only the staircase that led to a locked door. The door was open as well, it led to the main floors. My footsteps were almost feeble as I climbed each creaking step, the sound as annoying as an overdone cough. I slipped through the open door, the darkness of the main floors enveloping me.

It was quiet except for the running of computers hooked up in the security rooms. I looked up at the cameras and wondered if they could see me. If they ever saw me. If perhaps everyone knew what was happening except, of course, me.

I pushed on not really knowing where I was going but knowing that there was somewhere I had to be. It pulled inside of my soul, painfully so. I was scared. As scared as I had ever been.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly lifted my eyes to the illuminated sign above the door I had come to. "EXIT" it read. A gasp hitched in my throat and my fist curled at my side. I was there, I was about to be free. However I somehow knew that nothing would really come this easily. Especially not for me.

I made to go to it, my hand shaking and when I touched to the steel I felt myself whipped away. I let out a groan of pain as I fell hard to the ground. My head had hit the floor and the room began to spin. My blurred gaze caught the sign again which now seemed miles away and then I closed them. I felt myself being lifted and dragged away.

"Leaving already Jared? You're our guest for one more night and we just aren't done with you."
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