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His Black Halo

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The lights are dimmed and I find myself lost in the blinding hazel orbs above me. (Frerard) Mild smut scene

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I can taste his tongue on mine, cigarettes and coffee, the most delicious thing I could ever taste. I pull away and open my eyes, the surroundings flooding my vision. We are on a stage, surrounded by a purplish blue light, and Gerard was below me, looking up at me through his beautiful eyes. The venue is empty as was the stage, and I was thankful. I’m sitting on Gerard’s hips and he puts his hand on my chin, gently forcing me to look down at him.

“it’s okay, Babe…it’s just me and you…” He intertwines our fingers and sits up to kiss me again, so I straddle his legs, moaning lightly into his mouth. I knot my fingers in his hair, pulling lightly and getting a moan from him, causing me to smile. When we pull away again, just pecking each other’s lips, I rest my forehead on his, looking into his eyes.

“I love you so much, Gee…I always have…” His smile gives me butterflies and I bite my lip, sucking on my piercing as I waited for a reply. He giggled and tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear, locking me in a kiss again.

“Not as much as I…” he pauses, kissing me, “Love,” kiss, “You.” His tongue is so sweet and talented and he ran it over the roof of my mouth, sending a shudder of pleasure down my spine and goosebumbs racing down my skin. He pushes me onto my back so that I am lying on the stage and he is straddling me as moved his kisses down my jawline, licking and sucking around my scorpion tattoo. He nibbles lightly, pulling another moan from my lips and causing him to smile against my neck. He rolls his hips on mine, the friction between us glorious and I found myself craving more.

We pulled away again, and I looked up at him. His long black hair was dangling around his face in a black halo and his eyes were shining. The lights are dimmed around us and all I find myself lost in the blinding hazel orbs above me. His lips are slightly swollen and his cheeks have a pink tint to them. He is my dark angel.

“You’re so beautiful, Frankie…” The words leave his mouth gently, floating and dancing through the air. I smile and move a piece of hair off his face.

“not as beautiful as you, love.” His smile grows and he kisses me again, gently and lovingly, how I’ve wanted to kiss him for so long. Our hands travel over each other’s bodies, lightly groping and exploring each other. It’s perfect and magical, and it’s exactly how I want it.
Slowly, his hands travel further down my body, running under my shirt and playing with the button on my pants. I gasp when the fabric was removed and I was left half naked on the stage. There is something so beautifully erotic about this, and it turns me on more than anything. He kisses up my thighs, thumbs rubbing in small circles. I moan lightly when his tongue runs up the underside of my member and am pleasantly surprised when the warm confines of his mouth surrounded me.

“Fuck…Gerard…” My hands automatically find his hair as he begins to move up and down, his expert tongue doing things to me I could’ve never imagined. He hums lightly, sending vibrations into my lower abdomen and causing me to curl my toes with pleasure. His fingers are massaging the parts that his mouth wasn’t on and I soon found myself moaning and gasping like never before. The bubbly sensation is forming in my lower stomach and I try to warn him, but he just smiles and speeds up slightly.

A line of obscenities fell from my lips as I peak, my whole body twitching with overwhelming pleasure. Gerard swallowed and kisses my sweat beaded forehead, then makes his way down to my lips once more. He nuzzles my cheek gently, then lets me snuggle up against him. I rest my head on his slightly toned chest and let the sound of his heart beat echo through me, relaxing me.

“I love you so much, Gerard…I always have.” His hand lightly stroked my hair and I know he is smiling, eyes closed and hand behind his head.

“I love you too, babe, always and forever.”

A/N Just a quick oneshot I wrote as the product of the medication I'm on. I went and saw American Idiot the musical, and contracted the "idiot flu" that's going around the cast members. Anyways, Read and Review please! I promise you won't get sick>.
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