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Just The Man On The Balcony

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Based off the lyrics to "From Now On, We're Enemies" by Fall Out Boy..MIRO

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I'm just the man on the balcony, singing 'nobody's going to remember me'

Here I stand, on the ledge of my apartment building I share with my father; looking down at the ground below. Bystanders come and go, unknowing of the suprise they are about to receive.
Now or never, just now or never I took in a breath, tears blurring my vision.
"I'm just the man on the balcony, singing nobody's going to remember me." I sang to myself
The lyrics were scarily true; I was just this guy standing on the top of his apartment building, about to jump; and nobody would remember me.

"Did you hear, Ryan killed himself?"
"Again who?"

Nobody would remember me, just that scrawny ass fuck who they beat the shit out of; the guy who Brendon Urie dated for the hell of it; to figure out if he was gay; then breaking hi- my heart.
Not in the way like "Oh hey it's over" no, like "Um yeah I fucked your best friend's sister."
Yes, Spencer punched that douche in the face, more for sleeping with his sister; but still.
"Goodbye everyone." I whispered, tears falling down my face as I lifted one converse clad foot, and moved it so it was balanced over the nothing.
Right as I tried to apply a slight pressure, to allow myself to fall, to feel the ground comfort me, I felt someone grab my wrist, pulling me off the ledge.
"What the hell?!" I turned to see, a sad looking Mikey Way.
"Why?" The older boy whispered; sounding close to tears.
"Why not?! I am a fucking loser in life; a fuck up, a waste of space." I snapped, turning back to the ledge.
"Don't, your not a loser, not a fuck up, definatly not a waste of space. Ryan your a fucking insperation." Mikey fought
"To who Mikey? Who the hell would look up to me!" It came out more of a statement than a question.
"Me." I gave him a look; of confusion, and slight care.../Was I truthfully an insparation?/
"You stayed strong through so fucking much, losing your best friend, getting the shit kicked out of you, the ridicule, all the beating from your father. You got over self-harm, everything. All through the years I looked up to you and thought 'oh if Ryan is strong through this, fuck I have to be." That was from the heart.
"If you go through with this, than what do I got? Huh? I got nothing if you die!!" He yelled, making my hands shake, this took me by suprise.

My legs suddenly felt weak; as I dropped to my knees head buried into my hands.
"Fuck, I have no hope in life; I just give up." I mumbled, voice filled with sadness.
"Ry, you have a lot of things to live for. You play guitar and sing like nobody I know, you can go all human-pretzel, you stay skinny as hell even though you eat the equivelant to 5 people's servings."
"Skinny? I am fucking a fatass." I don't know where that came from, probably the depression.
"Really? If your a fatass, than I am a fucking huge ass whale." That made me smile slighty.
I looked up, to see Mikey on his knees right beside me, feeling his hand rub my back; calmed me down suprisingly.
"Ryan, don't do this." He whispered after moments of silence.
"Why?" My voice cracked
"Why? Because I-I love you." I looked over, at him; feeling a light pressure on my lips.
"I love you too Mikey." I whispered pulling him into a hug.
"We're going to get through this; together." He whispered, hugging me tighter.

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