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Chapter Two

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The morning peeked through the blue curtains and fell on his face waking him up instantly. His eyes caught the time on the clock and groaned a little at the early hour. He hadn't slept much at all, the late hours spent scanning over old lyrics trying to just find something to spark a little inspiration. Nothing had come to him as usual, the lack of creativity was enough to drive him insane. As if he hadn't already gone that road a couple of years earlier when all he did was live his art, the tumultuous war they had gone through forcing him to live in a musical isolation. But this wasn't a war this was loss. This was tragedy and everything else that could possibly relate to such intense sorrow. This was his life and he was so damn scared to live through it.

He pulled himself out of bed, meticulously fixing the bedding before going into the shower. The water was hot, enough to force his eyes to widen being fully awake. He let it massage over his skin, let it mat his hair, trying its hardest to just relax him. A try that ended up being in vain. He turned off the water, toweled off, and dressed. The sweater a bit looser than before, a pants feeling a bit heavy, and his shoes kind of restricting. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. The blue of his eyes looking back at him pleadingly, needing to just be set free from the weight refusing to move from off his shoulders. He brushed his hair back, ignoring his now pallid skin, and tied it at the nape of his neck.

He grabbed his Blackberry from his dresser and processed the fact that today was going to be another day of pretend. He had a few things to do today as he read from Emma's texts the night before and he would do what had to be done. It was always the same, show up, get whatever it was done and then leave. But that would be a little later he still had time for something to eat.

He left his room and made to walk past the living room but stopped when he saw the sleeping girl on the couch. It all came back to him what had happened last night, Shannon's own guardian angel there to keep an eye on his little brother. He took an intake of breath and stood staring at her, his hands on his hips. He knew he should have just told her to leave now he had a whole other mess on his hands.

He moved closer to the couch ready to wake her up but he stopped when she moved a little and then fell back into her sleep. He tried not to let it enter his mind, the thoughts, the memories but seeing her like that was bound to spark something. She looked so peaceful. Her full lips were lightly parted and slightly moistened. Her hair was a mess beneath her, her glasses were no longer on her face leaving her eyes gently closed and the lashes that fringed them to touch her skin.

He took a hard swallow and turned away from her. He felt bad knowing that she had slept on the couch, wondering if she had gotten hungry or impatient.It was Shannon's fault, at least that's what he told himself to pass odd his actions.

He would leave her there and he would go out to get something to eat. He went into his room and came back out with a blanket that he draped over her. Placing his fedora on his head and pulling on his coat he left the house...

He came back in finishing the rest of his pastry in his mouth closing the door quietly. He removed his jacket and hat, pushing his fallen hair back. He knew he would see her before he actually did. She was sitting expectantly on the couch, her phone cradled in her hands. She immediately looked up at him, rising to her feet.

"How long have you been up?" He asked, noticing that she had smoothed her hair and put her glasses on again.

Rowan lightly shrugged. "About 45 minutes?"

"You didn't actually have to stay last night, I thought you would have left. If I had known-"

Rowan smiled a little, realizing suddenly how difficult it was for him to actually talk. "I know."

He nodded dismissing the subject and leaned back against the bar of the kitchen. He folded his arms across his chest and crossed his feet at the ankles. "I've got to be somewhere can come with me..."

She felt something of an excitement fill her at the thought. Was he actually going to allow this? She wasn't exactly about to fangirl around him but she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face then.

"...and then I'll return you to my brother...Hold on a minute..."

She watched him disappear again into his bedroom and she sighed once he was out of sight. She had wished that things had turned out differently but of course they hadn't. Shannon had said that Jared was extremely private, impersonal, and disregarding of everyone else. It should have been expected by her but she supposed that when she had found herself lost in those jeweled eyes of his she had felt all of her expectations slip away and in its place laid hope. A hope that he would allow her in as if he had known her, a hope that she could help this seemingly overwrought and stressed man that she saw before her. What an idiot she had allowed herself to be and for what? She didn't even know him.
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