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Maybe, if only, perfection.

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Ryan/Brendon. First person, Ryan. All Ryan has ever wanted was love.

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So hey, this is my first real good story on here (old account total shit!) anywho so please review darlings.

I had one thing on my mind as I was walking out of the gas station, Spencer Smith , I had just turned 15 and was loving it, Spencer would be over at my house in a matter of moments and I needed to get back home quickly, before George started to drink too, I hated when he was drunk around Spencer. I clutched the handle of the cheap plastic bag that held two bottles of coke and a few candy bars and started walking, you see even though I did not know, today was going to be the day I met the man that one: made my life perfect. two: was my everything and three: landed me a nice spot here, now I have yet to tell you where here is, but you don’t want to know anyway. I turned around the corner quickly, now that I think of it to quickly because I ran right into a boy with a idiotic hair cut, nerdy glasses and the most nerdy outfit I have ever honestly seen, now I was not really that “scene” that the time but in my school, oh was I a side show. I dropped m bag and sighed getting down to pick it up and the boy got down too and started helping me clean it up.
“oh my g-gosh, I am so sorry I-I-I was r-running and I know my m-mom always t-tells me not t-to run and o-oh g-gosh am I sorry...” I wanted to laugh so much, this boy was such a nerd and now he was stuttering?! oh this was a riot.
“Its okay” I smirked a bit and held out my hand. “Ryan. you?” the boy shook my hand and mumbled out Brendon. I smiled reassuringly and he looked like he opened up a bit, grinning like a total idiot, he was pretty cute when he smiles.
“Do you wanna go like, maybe to Jerry’s Ice Cream sometime... I mean, I ran into you and such.. I owe you Ice cream.” He smiled like an idiot again, I remember knowing the minute he smiled like that, that I could easily fall in love with this kid, Brendon the nerdy kid with a bowl cut and glasses who smiled like an angel. Yeah, I knew I was going to fall for him, but I tried to stop myself. I failed.
I was standing outside of Jerry’s, leaning against the wall of the ice cream parlor that was usually used for teenage sweethearts and annoying 12 year old girls fangirling over god knows who. Then, I remember clear as day, Brendon walked up to me, he was not wearing glasses this time, a plain tee shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. He really was gorgeous I thought, just perfect.
“hey!” I said eagerly and stood up walking over to him.
“hey” He smiles, just perfectly. “lets go in.” I nodded and we walked in, each got normal vanilla ice cream and sat down at a table, across from each other.
“so...” I smiled looking at him, gosh I was an idiot. “how are you?” he licked his ice cream and answered casually
“Pretty good, sitting by a pretty hot guy. So yeah, I am pretty good.” I just smiled, he thought I was hot... He thought I was hot....
His mouth was hot on mine, hot and eager, kissing me and nipping at my lip and he placed his hands firmly on my hips. He bit my lip rather hard and I knew it was going to swell but I honestly did not give a damn, I liked where this was going and I had no plan on stopping this. I remember his mouth traveling down from my mouth to my skin that was sticky from the hot Vegas air, he kissed and nipped at my skin while we were behind the ice cream parlor, I was pushed against the wall as Brendon worked his mouth on my hot sweaty skin. I was getting hard and Brendon was to, I reached down to slowly palm him as he worked on my neck. I never guessed we would have ended like this already but I knew what direction this was going, sex. Now I was not a virgin at the time, I lost my virginity when I was just 13 with some slut who got dared into having sex with me, I was gay at the time but very much trying to prove I was not, so I fucked the slut. But now I was feeling Brendon get hard in my hands and I knew that this was going to be better then that girl, I was going to get fucked this time. He pulled his mouth away and smirked darkly and pulled my pants down to my knees and then he pulled his down just enough for his cock to be out, he sucked on his fingers for a moment then reached in between my legs, the first time with Brendon was anything but cliché
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