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Nadine stopped her car outside the school and sighed, another day of boring lessons because she was doing what her parents made her. They had mapped out her future and did they care if that's what she wanted? No. They wanted her to be a lawyer but she wanted to be an writer and she was brilliant at writing so it wouldn't be hard for her but her parents kept telling her that its wasn't a stable job and it would be pointless to aim for it. She was dragged out of her thoughts as her sister and her 'best friend' Josh said thanks and went off to join their friends. Nadine got out of her car and as she was locking it she felt a gentle hand placed upon her shoulder and she turned around to see her best friend Kara. She saw Kara's smile extending into her soft apple green eyes as she took back her hand and used it to play with a lock of her wavy hazel hair. "Hey Kara, what's up?" she asked her friend whilst smiling brightly. "Oh nothing much just wondering what crazy dream my freakish friend had this time." Kara said jokingly as they started walking to the school. "Just the normal. Me and Fang kicked some creature ass and some crazy old lady went on about a prophecy." Nadine replied with the grin still stuck to her face as Kara gently shoved her shoulder. They both frowned as the bell rang and they had to go their separate ways. "See you at break!" Kara yelled as she skipped off in the other direction.

Nadine's law and maths classes dragged on for what seemed like years but finally break had came. She hurried off to the bench where her and Kara met every break to find that Kara wasn't there yet but their kind-of-friend Seth was perched on it's back. He waved at Nadine as she walked over and she rolled her eyes. "You know I just don't get why girls fall all over the place to be with you. You're an ass." she told him as she flopped onto the bench. "Why it's because of my dazzling charms." he smirked, running a hand through his jet black hair that fell just above his shoulders. He stared at her with his dark brown eyes as she snorted in disgust at him. She would have made a crude comment but Kara had just ran over and sat next to them. "Hi. Why are you here? Shouldn't you be chasing the skirt of someone that would actually give it too you?" Kara said as she smiled a little too sweetly at Seth. "Hahaha. Go get a boyfriend sweetie." Seth glared at her. "Oh go get laid man-whore." Kara replied without even looking at him. Nadine raised her eyebrows at the childishness of her friends before sighing and deciding to just leave it as-is. "So Nadi, you gonna tell us about your latest trip to whackadoodle land?" Seth asked as Kara pushed her hair behind her ear. "No Seth because you insult it and I've already told Kara anyway. And Seth? Don't call me Nadi." she smirked as Seth looked disheartened. Nadine glanced over at the popular people who she hung out with at lunch, not because they were her friends but because they thought they were.

After a few more minutes of mindless chatter with Kara and Seth it was time for lesson three in which, along with lesson four, Nadine spent most of the time staring out of the window thinking of what Seth had referred to as "whackadoodle land" and while she may not have known what it was called she knew that that was most certainly not its name. She liked to call it Nevaeh, she didn't know why it just felt right. She decided to ask Fang that night. She thought about the prophecy the old woman had told her. That 'Hope would fight with Courage and the Heavenly Girl would join them next in their fight' and wondered what it meant. She was 'Hope', Fang's name meant Courage but who was the 'Heavenly Girl'? There were rumors of a child of no more than thirteen/fourteen and was like the Mary Magdalene of this world, some kind of holy maiden. That was all the old woman had told her and it had left her with so many questions to think about. She guessed she'd find out most of the answers soon.

The rest of the day went just as slowly. Conversations and fake smiles with the popular kids who she'd rather not have gone anywhere near. Daydreaming about Nevaeh and what will happen next. As the bell rang to signal the end of the day Nadine slowly made her way over to her car where Calida was already waiting for her. "How was your day?" her sister asked as they got in. Nadine ignored it and started up the car. "That good huh?" Calida muttered as Capital radio blasted the speakers. "We listened to pop crap on the way here because of Josh now its time for rock!" she yelled as she changed the station to Kerrang! radio and Metallica blasted through.

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