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Baby It's Cold Out

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It didn’t matter though. He was sick and tired of everything. He wanted his life back. He wanted his Ryan back.

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Brendon sat on the curb singing softly to himself. Water droplets sliced his skin, like icy blades on his bare torso. It didn’t matter though. He was sick and tired of everything. He wanted his life back. He wanted his Ryan back.

Sarah stood next to him, tugging his hand in a vain attempt to pull him inside. She only wanted to help him, but she didn’t know the problem. She didn’t know Ryan.

“Baby, it’s cold out. Please come inside.”


”I know it’s sad that I never gave a damn about the weather
And it never gave a damn about me”

The charming words of his former love bounced around his already cluttered mind and through his cracked lips. Oh how he missed that charm. Oh how he missed that Ryan.

“You’ll catch your death out here, honey.”

“Don’t care.”

”I’m just saying that I’d like it a lot more than you think
If the sun would come out and sing with me”

Brendon felt like singing every single word that spilled from Ryan’s mind and onto paper, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it without his sun. Without his Ryan.

“You’re shivering! Stop doing this to yourself!”

“Don’t want to.”

”Prescribed pills to offset the shakes to offset the pills
You know you should take it a day at a time”

Maybe he could find some of those pills that Ryan was talking about. But even they wouldn’t amount to the drug he needed. To the Ryan he needed.

“Won’t you come in for me, Brennybear?”

The old record player in his mind went dead. Sarah wasn’t allowed to utter that nickname. Only that sugary sweet voice. Only that sugary sweet Ryan.

“Don’t call me that.” Brendon turned his head mechanically to glare up at her. “Don’t you fucking call me that.”

“It’s about him isn’t it?” she put her hands on her hips, but it didn’t look right. Only one person could look perfect with their hands on their hips. Only one Ryan.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“Maybe I’ll just leave then.”

Brendon smirked at the look on her face as she stormed off. She looked like she’d just been slapped in the face. She deserved it. So did everyone else, except for a special someone. Except for a special Ryan.

He turned his back to the place where Sarah stood a moment before and resumed his singing, but louder this time.

”But who could love me, I am out of my mind
Throwing a line out to sea, to see if I can catch a dream”

Yay, my first story without a happy ending! But not yay because my Brennybear is sad. :( R&R please! Love you all (even you with the troll face),
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