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Sleep Barriers

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A question is plaguing Shinya's mind, barring him from sleep.

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In America, things were different. In America, at the concerts, there were fewer girls who screamed louder when you rubbed a just-as-male-as-you bandmate. Oh, sure, there were some, but it seemed like a lot of them weren't prepared for it or just didn't care for it at all.

It made Shinya sad.

Not that he spent much time being rubbed or licked or anything, since he had a job to do behind his drumset and he was a little out of the way, but it was disappointing nonetheless. He couldn't place his finger on why, exactly. It was just... sad.

It was late at night. Perhaps he was just tired and thinking too much -- or not enough. It was hard to tell when his body was begging for sleep and his mind just wouldn't allow it. He had to settle something, first.

"Die?" He hoped he wouldn't get teased for this. He wished he'd roomed with Toshiya that night instead -- he knew the bassist would either feel the same or at least understand enough not to turn it into a joke. Well, okay, maybe he would. Shinya just felt more nervous about it with Die.

"Hrrrr?" Die asked sleepily. It wasn't so much an acknowledgement, really, as it was a snore cut-off by confusion. They'd been out late that night, and Shinya knew Die wouldn't be the most pleased about being woken up at -- he looked at the clock -- three in the morning, but he doubted he'd say anything about it.

"Does being here bother you at all?"

"Hrr?" Die asked again, still drifting between the sleeping and waking worlds. "Wha...?"

"Does being here bother you at all?" Shinya asked again, patiently.

"No. It's comfy."

Shinya rolled his eyes. "In America, I mean."

"Not really. Why?"

"It's just..." He trailed off. Should he really be talking about this with Die? Maybe he'd forget by morning. Hopefully.

"What?" Unfortunately, Die was definitely awake now. "What is it?"

"Tonight, when Toshiya was -- you know -- licking Kaoru's face, the audience didn't seem to care or like it very much. And not just tonight."

Die turned over to face Shinya's bed. His look, although groggy, was clearly a "you've got to be kidding me, you woke me up for this?" look. He'd seen it before. "So?"

"It doesn't upset you?"

"Should it?"

Shinya was silent. He didn't know.

"Does it bother you?"

"Yes," Shinya said quietly. "I don't really know why."

Die sighed, and Shinya looked up at the ceiling. It was a horribly boring ceiling, with little dots all over it. He heard Die shifting some more and then, suddenly, "Come here."

Without question -- perhaps due to his lack of sleep -- Shinya complied, forcing his body up and crossing the gap between his bed and Die's. Die made a lazy hand wave, indicating that Shinya should bend down closer. He did, and was taken completely aback when Die's hand shot up to the back of his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

It was nothing, really -- just a touch of lips to lips, lasting only a few seconds before Die let him go and turned over again. "There, are you satisfied?"

Shinya hestitated. He was feeling as though he could easily sleep now. "Yes, I think so."

"Good. Go to sleep."

Once again, Shinya complied, crawling under his covers. By the time he was settled back in, he could hear Die snoring again. He smiled, closing his eyes.

There were more questions now than before, and he knew in the morning everything would be all the more confusing, but for now his mind was satisfied.

"Thanks," he whispered just before sleep overtook him. He had pleasant dreams that night.
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