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The Langoliers

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He'll get what's coming for him.

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Okay please don't murder me, I know it's short but I needed to give you something so here you go. Please review, if I get 2 I'll put up the next chapter ASAP.
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Gerards pov

About an hour through the film we where watching, Frank  fell asleep. We where laying on our stomachs, the wrong way round on the bed and watching the Langoliers. Well, I was. I'm not surprised he fell asleep, it's a bloody long film, around 3 hours I think. The graphics are great as well ahahaha no. And Dina is so annoying.


His arms where crossed, his head resting on them and his beautiful face turned towards me in all it's glory. Waving midnight Black Hair fell over Franks soft features as he slept, pretty pink lips parted slightly and heavy eyes fallen gracefully shut, the flickering colours from the television sent shadows of his long lashes feathering down his prominent, pale cheekbones, lightly stroking the skin of his face.

I flicked my eyes guiltily back to the movie just as his warm chocolate eyes started to stir behind his heavy eyelids. From his peaceful slumber, He stretched out completely. His bones cracked and I was slightly distracted by his shirt riding up his tummy as he stretched out onto his back, his beautifully tattooed hands almost whacking me in the face.

'jeeeez, careful.’ I ducked my Head slightly and he flopped back down on the bed, eyes partly closed still, looking at me sleepily. He had a sloppy, sleep ridden smile dancing across his pinky lips as we gazed at each other, but it slowly faded, his pretty eyes growing wide quickly. He gasped slightly and shot up on the bed, sitting facing the opposite wall.

’shit shit shit what’s the time?' he asked me panicked, raking a hand through his black bed-head strands.I glanced over my shoulder to  my alarm clock. The luminous Green numbers screamed 21:16 in the dim blackness of my room.

’a quarter past nine, why?’ I questioned. He just kept mumbling mangled words under his breath.

’fuck fuck fuck I have to get home, like now. I'm sorry Gerard, so sorry. I'll see you tomorrow okay?’ he jumped off my bed and stumbled, searching around my room for his converse that where abandoned on the floor somewhere. I can't believe he was leaving. I didn't want him to leave me alone in this house. It didn't seem so quiet when he was here, even when he was asleep.

’wh-what do you mean, you can't go it's too late, people are out now Frankie it's dangerous’ I tried to convince him to stay, using the truth. This was a very unsafe  neighbourhood and he knew that. He’s risking a lot by going out on the streets of New Jersey at this time of night.

’my dad will kill me if I'm not home tonight!’ his voice was begging me to understand and his eyes where practically oozing worry. He was panicking so much, so much that his breathing was slowly starting to become laboured. To try to get him to see sense I Kneeled on my knees, still on the bed, and reached for his skinny shoulders. I grabbed them tightly, staring into his fretting eyes.

’for fucks sake frank it's too dangerous you'll get stabbed or something! just phone your dad and tell him you'll be there in the morning before school. Calm. Down.’ he stared at me with eyes wide, his breathing stopped in shock for a moment. We stared at each other for a few seconds before he let out a sharp breath.

’you're right, but you're coming with me in the morning.’ he pointed a painted finger in my face moodily and I backed away, letting go of his firm shoulders and falling onto my bum on the bed. ’I'll be back in a minute.’ he said,forgetting about his shoes and climbing over the bed to my staircase door. He stepped outside and the room fell silent once again, even with the whispers of the television.

Franks pov

Shit, okay it's just a lousy phone call. Calm down Frankie boy gosh it's only your father. He won't do anything too bad if Gerard is there in the morning. Okay. Deep breath. I hesitantly clicked the glaring green call button on my brick phone.

Ring ring. Ring ri-

’Frank where the fuck are you?!’ anger poured through the receiver and whacked my eardrum venomously, my father sounded apeshit. Fuck I am so dead.

’Dad. I’m at my friend Gerard's house. I fell asleep an-’ he interrupted me.

’I don't give a shit. Get back here now Frank.’ I could hear him gritting his teeth through the phone, that's how angry he was, you could hear his pissed expression through the phone.

’Dad it's too dangerous I’m going to sleep at Gerards house tonight I’llcomebyinthemorningokaybye!’ I hung up on him with him still talking and all, and dropped my phone. It clattered onto the stairs loudly. I sat down on the stairs and put my head between my legs, my breathing  laboured slightly. I don't even want to think about what my dad’ll do to me when I get back from school tomorrow. but I can’t help my mind wandering to the worst scenarios there are.
I hugged myself deeper into Gerard’s warm hoodie, attempting to drown myself out of this world. It smelled just like him, it did, of musky cigarette smoke and that bloody strong aroma of coffee that only he would be able to stomach. The familiar smell calmed my rising panic attack and my nerves and memories that crash forward started to float to the back of my broken mind, but never ever completely going away, never leaving me in peace.

Shakily, I stood. My Feet feeling like lead as I stepped down and grasped the cold metal knob with moist palms. My breath hitched as I tried to calm myself further before entering Gerard's room again, I didn't want to make a fool of myself. Again.

Gerard's POV

I could hear frank speaking with his dad over the phone. His voice was shaking and all I wanted to do was burst in there and crush him with a hug. But I was scared. Of rejection I guess. But I'd also be scared if he where to respond by hugging me back, because I'm scared Of my own feelings. I don't like what I'm feeling. It might well ruin our budding friendship forever. But ignoring it is even worse. But he has a girlfriend. Oh I-

My staircase door clicked open a fraction, I could just see franks gorgeous brown eyes through the crack, hidden by the haunting darkness of this house. Our eyes connected for a few seconds.
It was dreadful. I saw raw fear in those seconds, more than I've ever felt and I wished I could unsee it, erase it from my burnt out memory. It pained my cracked and crumbling heart to see the life be sucked out of my Frankie’s orbs and replaced with dark pools of worry, glistening and threatening to overflow at any bare second. I wanted to murder, destroy, maim and eliminate whoever caused this pain apon my Frankie, and I think I know who it was. He didn't deserve it. Never will, and one day Mr Iero will get what's coming for him.

I know it was short and I'm sorry :( the next one will be longer I promise.
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