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"A chuckle came from beside the bed, and then Mika's body jerked with surprise when she unexpectedly felt a pair of velvety lips press against her own." Drabble.

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[Title]: Headache
[Pairing]: Noriko/Mika
[Rated]: PG
[Disclaimer]: All characters belong to Maki Murakami and co. (i.e. not me)
[Warnings]: Girl kissies :O
[Author's Note]: This drabble was requested by Genesis over on LJ. Please enjoy. :D

Gently rocking the wine glass in her hand, Mika leaned against the hallway wall, letting her eyelids fall shut. She had been suffering such a blinding headache since the guests for Tohma's house party had begun arriving two hours before, and not a single painkiller she had taken successfully mitigated it. She inhaled slowly, and downed the rest of her wine. Hopefully, she would grow drunk and pass out and not have to deal with anything for the rest of the evening. Tohma had just not understood her, and she really didn't want to have to make nice with him out there anymore.

He was more interested in entertaining his guests than caring for his wife, as he had so demonstrated. She just stormed away to find a quiet place, and had been standing in the darkened hallway since.

Mika turned to start for the bedroom when she heard the soft clacking of heels on the tiled floor behind her. "Mika-chan?" a gentle voice filled the hallway, and she felt a smooth hand on her bare shoulder. "There you are. I've been looking all over for you!"

The brunette carefully turned back and found Noriko grinning up at her, a colorful drink in her hands. "Nori..."

Noriko's smile faded, her painted lips turning down at the corners, and reached out to clasp Mika's cheek with her palm. "Mika-chan, are you okay? You're really pale."

Mika shut her eyes for a moment. "How can you tell? It's dark in here."

"Oh, silly." Noriko rolled her eyes, and gently pushed Mika down the hallway to the master bedroom. "Tohma mentioned something about you not feeling well, and that you had walked off somewhere. What's wrong, honey?"

"I have... the worst headache..." Mika barely registered being pushed into a seated position on her bed and the wine glass being pried from her hand, when the soft caress of Noriko's hand touched her shoulder again.

"Hmm... Maybe you should lie down for now. Tohma-kun will understand."

"Yeah," Mika mumbled under her breath, and slowly lowered her body onto the bed, not caring that her legs were still dangling off one side, and that her strapless, black, mini-dress was being wrinkled. She thought Noriko had quietly left when she all of a sudden felt hands touch her right foot, then pull off her stiletto, thumbs giving her foot a few gentle massages in all the right places. Mika's brow creased and she moaned softly.

A chuckle came from beside the bed, and then Mika's body jerked with surprise when she unexpectedly felt a pair of velvety lips press against her own. The brunette's eyes fluttered open, a picture of Noriko lying on her side beside her just visible through her hazed vision. "Nori-chan..."

"Get some rest, Mika-chan," Noriko whispered, and ran her hand across Mika's forehead lightly, brushing away stray hairs.

Not a minute later, Mika's eyes shut and her breathing slowed, and Noriko very carefully pushed herself off the bed, setting Mika's stilettos aside and pulling a blanket over her torso. She left the bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her, and disappeared back into Tohma's party just as her bandmates prepared to perform a song. Noriko smiled, suddenly inspired.

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