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Kyouya muses on himself. TamakiHaruhi references.

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He was meticulous; his hair was always brushed faultlessly to one side until it was smooth and shining. His hair was swept to one side to high light the strength and power of his jaw, as well as his control over himself. It pleased the clients, who would gush and fan themselves.

Sometimes, when he was rushed, not that happened often, his hair would not be kept impeccably straight and arranged. The passing of time was out of his control.

His glasses are planned for; he browses through catalogues and makes lists on the pros and cons of a particular pair before choosing the best to suit him and to encourage more customers. Then regularly updates them, buying multiple pairs. Much to the contrary it isn't bulk buying. Certainly not.

Knowing that he is here to please, to perform, only pushes him further into perfection. His image is important, and he must present himself in a way that pleases the ladies, thus inviting more of them and incurring even more profits.

The crisp, clean feeling of a newly ironed shirt. The folds and creases have been wipes away from existence, and he feels the purity of the shirt against his skin, relishing in it's smooth sensation.

Yet there something more than simply being presentable and upright. He values his own self, through peering in his own eyes can be difficult, his glasses distortion helps some what.


It is fairly obvious to every member in the Host Club, that Tamaki - the King of Hosts - is in love with Haruhi, a fellow Host, the newest member.

Except perhaps Haruhi herself, but Kyouya notices how sometimes she is caught staring at Tamaki, frowning over new depths revealed. Tamaki is not only beautiful, charming and seriously flamboyant, but also utterly human, if conceited and obsessed with his own form of thinking.

Nevertheless, by revealing his true self, he opens up all sorts of possibilities with Haruhi. It's obvious to see, that she likes the more serious side of Tamaki.

Being a businessman, Kyouya knows that any declaration of love would be detrimental to Host Club profits and morale.

Even so, he just tightens his lips shortly and then reluctantly goes back to thinking of new schemes, or pleasing a fellow student.

Later he cannot help but think of Tamaki's flush as he encounters Haruhi's curious eyes or Haruhi's beguiling confusion as she puzzles over the King.

It's bewildering, perplexing and could be potentially damaging to the pocket book of the Host Club, sometimes he tries to will himself to end their fantasies.

Mostly he is engineering their happiness. The most profitable pathway possible of course.


Power is something that he has never been without and yet constantly desires. Isolated in the rich world of Ouran High School, wealth and power are easily attainable among the students. Kyouya knows that millions want his position in the world, it gives in a certain satisfaction, thinking of those people. He is not heartless however, and his family is known for their dealing with the other world, what some of his staff have called, the real world.

When he first sees Haruhi, like the Twins he views her with some curiosity, for what she is within Ouran High School.

A lower middle income child. Unheard of, unspoken of and something that he has never experienced. What she goes through, he has never experienced. Yet he understands her motives when she mutters about the Twin's or Tamaki's ignorance in her world.

Calm and collected he may be, but without his power and compared to Haruhi, he loathes his weaknesses and his dependence on his family's power instead of his own built up power.

His own family private police force, which he has the full respect and authority from, will carry out his commands. He knows not to use this power unwisely.

That would be not only untidy and uneconomical, but also displeasing to him.
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