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Team Seven

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Inspired by Team 8. What if Kakashi decided to be serious and train his three students, bringing out their true potential? Team Seven is transformed into a force to be recoken with a result. NOT YA...

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Team Seven


Naruto x Harem (Sakura, Hinata, Karin, Ino, Tenten and Temari.)

Kakashi x?


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


Since I haven't been updating my stories, writing up a chapter for each one and waiting to mass update, here's the first of many new fics. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for being patient.

Theonlyandonlycrossovermaster is my newest profile for links. You highlight it and click open tab to go see the picture. This features the six girls in the fanfic in one of many alternate universe settings. Most people seem to have problems writing (myself up to this point) certain fanfics because they are worrying about pairing up side characters. Well, just don't pair them up. (My solution to many none Naruto x Hinata fics I'm about to begin). Because just pairing the spares because you couldn't be bothered to develop a couple is just a bad writing sign. Same for characters of the opposite sex. So this is going to be the first of many AU fics that goes about eliminating some of the shounen cliches (despite being a troper and loving TV Tropes, quite a few of my fellow tropes can get whiny and bitchy when authors try to do a 'True Shinobi' fic. Yes most of them are poor, but don't dismiss them all as bad. That's annoying and close minded.) and me wanting to explore many potential AUs from canon. People try to AU while doing divergent canons.

But why not just do AUs? What if there was no Pein in one universe? No Tobi in another? I would love to see how these play out without having to force canon.

Anyway this is an AU based off the a Kakashi Tries universe. Away with the laziness and being a serious and competent shinobi worth of his in story praise and fanon praise. I've only seen one story do this right, but I can't remember the name or the author.

Just finished another chapter of Academy Duelist and will be doing yet another one for my mass update. A rather short filler chapter of Sage and Phoenix was done. Along with Elemental Nation Duelist rewrite of eight of doubling the length with a duel. A chapter of Pokegirls of course, will there be a second one I do, I haven't decided. I also done Kitsune's Urge, Total Drama Extreme, working on Kitsune off Gakuen and Gundread Kitsune, Two Charmed Kitsune chapters, Anything's possible, one Ashikabi Kitsune with a possible another chapter if I decide too, Naruto of the Devilish grin (rare update), New Avatar, Hunter of Assassins, Fox Among Cats, Ultimate Phantom, Raven's Titans, and several other chapters I've written.

At this point I'm almost done. So I ask all of you to read through all those stories and add reviews, guessing what's going to happen and all of that.

So please enjoy the story.


Story Start


''Well this is certainly disheartening...'' a cool voice spoke, snapping Naruto out of his mopy daze. He looked up to see his savior was none other than his new sensei Kakashi. He was standing there, reading his little orange book by the name of Icha Icha Paradise.

''Kakashi-sensei! Get me down from here!" Naruto loudly exclaimed as Kakashi winched.

''Tone it down a bit Naruto-kun. A shinobi is calm and collected, loudness such as that is befitting of a brawler.'' the shinobi said as he slashed the ropes faster then Naruto could see.

''H-How?'' he stammered, he couldn't even see the movements of his sensei.

''Training and hard work. This team has it work cut out for it.'' he stated as he noticed Naruto began sulking. 'Kids these days don't know a thing about comradeship and a shinobi. Sakura is so obsessed by boys she doesn't even realize just how easy it would be for her to be snatched up by the enemy and breeding stock and Sasuke, the boy would sooner abandon his team mates for being useless then bothering to work with them at all. And Naruto...where do I even begin?'' Kakashi shook his head and closed his book. 'I won't let history repeat itself. Obito, Rin, Sensei; your deaths won't be in vain. I won't let anyone else repeat our tragic history.' Kakashi picked up the pieces of cut rope so they wouldn't be left to litter the field. ''Naruto-kun if you wish I can train you in being a proficient shinobi.'' he began as the blond's eye lit up, only to be cut off by Kakashi. ''But only if you follow these set conditions.'' he continued as Naruto eagerly nodded.

''What super cool jutsu are you going to show me Kakashi-sensei? How to shoot lightning? Or maybe Fireballs like the bastard? Oh, how about...'' Naruto was quickly shut up by his sensei's unnerving, stern gaze.

''First of all, you need to start thinking before you act and speak. I know your dream is to be Hokage, but Hokages are shinobi who know what's best for the village and not just themselves. They aren't just shinobi, running around with super cool jutsu as you say. They understand how the human mind works, politics, history, and the meaning of sacrifices; your juvenile behavior makes you one of the last people anyone would nominate for Hokage.'' Naruto once again deflated. Kakashi sighed and rolled his one good eye. ''Which is why I'm trying to help you. Two, you have to come and realize that pestering people is not a way to make a good impression. Now, has Sakura ever accept any of your offers for date, say anything nice to you, or react in a manor of doing anything else besides hitting you when you got on her nerves?'' contrary to popular belief Kakashi didn't spend the entire time at the Konoha Memorial when he was late, only an hour tops. He spent up to about an hour watching people, studying them and learning who he would be dealing with. One of the key points of a professional shinobi was to understand both your allies and targets, going as far as using a several layer deception at times.

''B-But...Sakura-chan is just...'' Naruto paused, trying to stammer and argue against Kakashi's point. Sakura was extremely pretty, not to mention she was lonely.

''If you truly care about Sakura-san, than wouldn't you want what's best for her? Isn't it selfish to try and force her into liking you?'' Kakashi wasn't sure if he was asking the exact, right question. For the past few years he had been seeking counseling from Shikaku's wife, Yoshino Naru in preparation for being a Jounin-sensei. Surprise to say he learned quite a bit about himself, but he still had his issues to work through. Thank kami for shinobi psychiatrists. ''Besides, there is plenty of whales in the sea.'' Kakashi added, trying to cheer Naruto up doing that crescent shaped eye smile of his.

''Uum sensei? Isn't the expression fish, not whales?'' Naruto asked, scratching his head as a bead of sweat dripped down his head.

''Same thing, they're both aquatic animals that live in the sea.'' Kakashi said dismissively. ''First thing is first Naruto-kun. It's time to get you on a balanced diet. No more Ramen 24/7.'' he said as Naruto began to immediately start whining. It was at that Kakashi knew he was going to have his work cut out for him. He knew just who to come too when it came to being an expert in food.

''Keiko-san. How are you this fine evening?'' Kakashi greeted the wife of the clan head of the Akimichi. Keiko Akimichi wasa full-bodied woman with short dark hair and eyes which were accentuated by very faint markings at each corner. She also wore a light shade of lipstick along with a high collared purple blouse with gold trimmings, a pair of pants, and heeled shoes.

''Ah Kakashi-kun!'' the woman greeted, a pleased expression formed on her face. ''You're just in time to try my new soup. Come in, come in.'' she ushered him and Naruto inside. The aroma of meat and vegetables filled the room. ''And who must you be young man?'' the woman asked Naruto who suddenly shifted nervously.

''U-Uzmaki Naruto!'' he hesitated for a moment before he started to act cocky. ''Future Hokage of Konoha.''

Keiko for a moment was stunned before smiled. ''Why you were in my boy's Chouji class. Nice to meet you young man. My name is Keiko Akimichi.''

Naruto couldn't help but be a bit surprised by the warm reception. ''Nice to meet you.''

''We have a ramen addict.'' Kakashi said as he patted his hand on Naruto's head. ''We're going to need your advice on a healthy diet for up and coming shinobi. Along with muscle supplements and such.''

''Oh, I love a challenge.'' the woman squealed as she shuffled into the kitchen. ''Just wait right here,'' she called out from the kitchen. By the time Naruto was given the supplements he was supposed to take, it being explained to him several times before he was finally given a document to read and study over he was sent home, with Kakashi reminding him to show up at the Training ground at 5 A.M.

Kakashi didn't show up until 8, his students annoyed and tired. That was when their first round and bouts with D-rank missions happened. ''No Kagebunshin Naruto.'' the teacher sternly told him as the trio found themselves picking weeds.

''Kakashi-sensei. I'm suppose to be saving princesses or fighting enemy shinobi. How is this shinobi work?'' he asked before Sasuke told him to shut up and quit whining and an argument broke out between the two with Sakura shouting at Naruto for bothering her precious Sasuke-kun. The scene played out quite predictably and after five hours of consisting of dog walking and painting fences the team was dismissed.

''Hey Kakashi-sensei. How come the others aren't training with me?'' Naruto asked, his arms feeling sore as Kakashi was having him practice throwing kunai and shuriken within a target painted on a training dummy.

''Because the others aren't suited to be trained at this time. Sakura is suited to be a Genjutsu type, and I'm a ninjutsu expert with very few genjutsu to teach her. I know two people suited to teach her, one who is currently out of the village on a mission and the other is currently training her own team and with Sasuke, he has a specific skill I'm only suited to teach him, but he hasn't learned it yet. As I said before once you become genin you become part of a team. Right now, you are the best suited for my training. You're untrained and unskilled, you have the potential to be molded into a particular skill set and you have vast pools of chakra. Greater than even mine by several times making you suited to being a Ninjutsu expert.'' he explained as Naruto nodded.

''Because of the Kyuubi right?'' Naruto asked, still trying to wrap his head around what he learned when Mizuki blabbed his mouth that night of the forbidden scroll incident. It was obvious it was still a touchy subject for him. The fact the boy looked ashamed was almost heart broken.

''You and the demon will never be one in the same Naruto-kun.'' Kakashi stated as he closed his book. ''It's chakra inter-mingling with yours does boost your reserves, but not without a cost. You're chakra control has been thrown out of whack. There is also your family lineage, which Sandaime-sama has informed me he told you about, shortly after the scroll incident.''

Naruto nodded, still feeling rather shower of being given the run around about his family for so long. He had felt so betrayed that he hadn't voluntarily spoken to the Hokage in days as a result. It was insulting so to speak, to think he would just blab out who his parents are; yet, Naruto did have to suppress the urge to boast about his father being the Yondaime as the villagers continued to put him down. 'Am I really that much of an immature hot-head?' The Sandaime didn't put it in such words, but he did express his concern of how Naruto would handle the information. So many bombs and revelations were finally causing Naruto to think. When he didn't think, he could ignore the pain and pretend everything was okay, but he was finding he no longer had that luxury.

''Not all that power comes from being a Jinchuuriki. You're Uzumaki blood line also contributes to your impressive reserves. As such you're chakra control is rather abysmal. Before you start training in chakra control and by extension jutsu you have to focus on the basics along with weapon's training, geology, survival training, and other things.'' he clarified as Naruto groaned. ''Which I'm going to teach you a little trick to speed up the process. Tell me Naruto-kun, how much do you know about the Kagebunshin no Jutsu?''


Chapter End


If you couldn't tell this fanfiction is inspired by Team 8. Another Naruto is close to canon, but will develop into a bad-ass fic. Really, we need more positive Kakashi fics. Too many has him as lazy, bashed, or just overshadowed. Anyway I haven't decided if I want to pair Kakashi with Anko (99 percent of fanfics just have them thrown together just cause, without developing a relationship. I'm Kyuubi16, I will subvert that of course.) or maybe Shizune. (Same thing).

I will be using the Clan restoration act, but instead of it just being an ass-pull, Shodaime did it, I'm actually going to have it being created in this fic. All and all Sasuke and Sakura will have their fair share of development and I have something surprising in store for the former. Anyway after only having one story updated in like three weeks I figure you were all do for something.

Will have more stories up. 400 more through the year as I literally have a thousand pics I want to base fanfics off of. So enjoy.
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