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You guys are the best, you know that?

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So, I posted my little note about me continuing this story a few days ago, and I get fifteen amazing reviews asking me to carry this on. Fifteen. That's crazy!

Have I ever told you guys how much I love you? Well, I totally do. You're awesome :D

I've had a really shitty few months and seeing those reviews made me so happy, you don't even know.

Judging from said fifteen reviews, I hope you'll be pleased to know that half of chapter fourteen has been written now, and I do have some idea of where this is headed. (GelachGirl, I'm sticking to the plan. Most of it, anyway. I think. For the immediate future, at least.)

I would keep going with Mercenary, but the charger for my laptop broke. Not a happy bunny. So I'm using the "this-was-originally-my-mother's-but-my-brother-stole-it-and-then-I-stole-it-off-of-him" laptop. So, I'm working on something new. I hope you'll enjoy it when it's done (shameless promoter. Also, it probably won't be finished for about 10 months, knowing the speed I work at).

The long neglected chapter 14 of Hero should be up in the next... week or so? I think. Probably. Possibly.

I love you all. All fifteen of you - you've all given me so much confidence in this story, even when I thought it was shit. You're incredible, amazing people, and I want you to remember that.
(This does not extend the the sixteenth person to review - you know who you are.)

Which should be soon.

For your three-months-and-counting-patience and lovely reveiws, have the beginning of the next chapter:

Frank sat in the bar, whiskey in hand and a hideous feeling of guilt settling in his stomach. He had promised Ray to try and stay out of these situations, but at the end of the day, he didn’t feel like Ray really understood – he had the love of his life back at home with him.

He didn’t feel bitter towards his oldest friend (well, not really), but he was jealous. Ray was happy, with a woman he loved unconditionally, and her feeling the same way. Not like him, with a fractured heart, hazy memories and dreams haunted by intoxicating green eyes.

The mere thought of those eyes depressed him further, so he threw back the glass of whiskey, relishing the hot burn of the alcohol down his throat and gestured for another. Once the glass was plonked down in front of him, Frank began to scan the bar with both his mind and his eyes, looking for the next man to spread his legs for.

He knew it wouldn’t work, wouldn’t burn away those painful yet cherished memories, but it was the best solution he had found for coping with the sweetly poisonous thoughts he had about California still.
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