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With Jin and Mugen, it was all about control. Even in sex.

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It was all about how you twisted your wrists, Mugen thought, lips in a feral grin. Jin stared at him contemptuously, his eyes challenging Mugen.


His hand moving in between their sweaty bodies, fast and as rapid as a snake moving in for the kill. Stilled, by the roll of Jin's hips against his own.

Mugen moaned, his lips parting as he leaned in against Jin's collar bone. The skin is pale and taut, the muscles on the neck rigid as his own desire. He licks his lips and bites on he junction of Jin's neck.

To see those eyes roll back, Mugen feels the smirk stretch it's way across his face, sighting victory that is near. The hand not engaged in jerking Jin off, reaches up towards where Jin's now loosely bound hair settles and shifts on Jin's shoulder blades.

Fingertips grab hold of some of those strands, he pulls and Jin's head is thrown backwards, his back arching. Jin's breath is coming closer together.

He's close, Mugen realises, licking his lips. His fingers sliding fast down Jin's erection, precome adding his win over Jin. Mugen feels a shot of pleasure shoot it's way down to his groin.

Yelling with pleasure, he moves in, his lips seeking Jin's own. Jin shakes his head, eyes still full of lust. He yanks Mugen's head to his, and takes Mugen's lips, biting, licking, devouring.

Breathing becomes essential, they part, panting in each other's face. The smell of their dinner mixing with the scent of sex. Eyes catch.

The shoji door snaps open. Fuu walks in, yawning, her eyes closed as one hand covers her mouth.

Jin turns, one hand clamped on Mugen's waist tightens. Mugen raises his head defiantly.

Fuu stares at them, a completely blank stare on her face. Before she sighs.

"Are you two fighting again? I thought I told you. Jin," her eyes narrow on Jin, then move on to Mugen, "And Mugen. No more fighting until we find the samurai who smells of sunflowers!"

For a moment, Mugen wonders if the ditz has never seen two men fucking.

Jin however nods calmly. "Of course."

Fuu grins, her eyes trailing over their bodes. "That close, huh?" She turns to leave. "Night night to you!"

Mugen and Jin stare at each other as she closes the shoji door. Shaking himself, Mugen mutters, "I never want to speak of this again."

"Agreed." Jin murmurs, rocking his hips against Mugen.
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