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ABC/ABC Family/MCR anyone?

by FrankieOreo 6 reviews

ABC/ABC FAMILY meets MCR... Want a one shot?

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Hi my names Tyla.

I'm new to ficwad and I want to get busy on ficwad I guess so, I'm just spitballing here. But I have this idea for a 'Secret Life of the American Teenager' meets 'Revenge' meets 'My Chemical Romance'. It'll be interesting, definitely. So I wanna know if any of you fantastic people would like to read something like that.

Anybody want a one shot? You can leave an idea you want and what fic pairing you want in the reviews or email me (my email is at the bottom in bold). Let me know. If you want Frerard or any other pairings or Personalized and if you have an idea for how you want it to be let me know too. If you want it personalized I need to know a few things... Like...
First, Middle Name:
First initial of last name:
Personality summed up in 5 words:
How you usual acted around people you like:
Desired age:
Who you want to be paired with:
If you are just meeting them in the one shot or previously knew them:
If you chose to previously know them, what was your relationship to them and how close were you:
How you usually dress:
Setting of the story:
Any ideas you have for it:

Thank you. If I do a personalized fic for you, any ideas you give will be credited to you. Thanks.
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