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Driving Miss Relena

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Pagan drives Relena to school every day. Pre series.

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Other girls walked to school, or caught the bus, or their parents drove them, if they were lucky.

Relena didn't.

Every morning after she kissed her mother farewell, and her father too if he was still here and not in the colonies for a visit on somewhere other than home on Earth. She picked up her school bag and walked to the front door.

A servant opens it for her, and she thanks him, inclining her head.

The door to her car is opened by Pagan, his old round face cheerful as always. It's the usual routine with them and she smiles back at him.

She's known him her entire life, and yet what does she know about him? He's been in the family for years, never has a day when she has not seen her. Does he ever take a day off? Or get ill? She sometimes wonders.

Every school day, he drives her to school. He's a slow and steady driver, but he's experienced and handles the car well. She feels safe when he is driving.

Sometimes when she sees other girls and boys, fellow students, walking and talking and laughing together, she ducks her head and hides.

When she raises her head, Pagan is looking at her through the mirror. His eyes are worried, and she can't help but smile, just to make him feel better.

Maybe, she thinks, as she steps out of the car as they arrive at the school. She holds up a hand when he opens his door to help her out.

Shaking her head, she expresses her thanks through her eyes.

Pagan has always been looking out for her. She knows that, and feels comforted when ever she is anxious. He's always been there to help. When she has a scraped knee, or when some of the otehr children teased her, Pagan could make her feel better.

He's always protecting her.
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