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Personalized one shot for TMBFucks

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Franks POV
Penina Dayne... My best friend. I've known her my entire life and she still doesn't see the signs. Maybe I don't want her to. What if she doesn't like me back? Then, we'll never be friends again. No, she's not like that maybes its worth it. It can't be worse than wondering forever. "Hey, snap out of it!" Hands flashed back in front of my face clapping frantically. "Hey." I responded. My expression must still look spaced out because Pen isn't looking satisfied yet. I gave what I've been told is and 'adorable' partial smile and she just laughed. I loved her laugh, it was a beautiful melody, she hates her laugh. 

Pen, is perfect she's bubbly, witty, funny, awesome, and one of the most friendly people I know. We could be the same person which is why we would fit so well together. I hate seeing her date other guys. How love-sick she gets over them. I'm perfect for you Pen, why can't you see that? "The bell just rang you know." Pen informed me. "Thanks." We walked to our next class arm in arm, skipping to see how many people would look twice. 

About an hour later I was sitting in the cafeteria with Penina, Gerard, Lindsey, Mikey, and Alicia. I spaced out ignoring they're conversations, thinking of the pro's and cons of asking out Pen. 

Peninas POV 
Frank seemed spaced out most of the lunch hour. He's been like that a lot lately. He's kind of bumming me out. He's my best friend. Why isn't he telling me whatever he's bothered by? Ray entered the cafeteria finally right minutes before lunch hour was ending, hand in hand with his girlfriend Christa and Bob. Ray and Christa are so cute together, I wish I had someone like that to hold hands through the hall with. 

Frank had a look in his eyes, full of despair, sadness and confusion... and maybe, love. Oh gosh, my best friend has a crush on someone and I've totally been missing it. No wonder he's been quieter. 

I felt a pang of hurt and jealously. But it's not because I like Frankie. It'll just be upsetting being the only single one of our little group of friends. Gerard, has Lindsey. Mikey has Alicia. Ray has Christa. Bob has his girlfriend who lives in Canada, Emma. Frank will have whoever and...I like Frank. I got up from the table and dragged still dazed Frank into the empty halls of the school. "What's up?" Frank asked me. "Um. I don't know." I laughed nervously. "Let's go somewhere. I wanna do something." I explained excitedly. 

Frank POV
Even though I hated the idea of skipping, Pen was so excited and hyperactive over the idea of doing something, so I suggested the county fair to keep her happy. 

We had a lot of fun at the fair. We rode all the little rides they had. Wen't through every single spooky house and i played a few games. I won her a panda. Pen played water shooter and won me koala. 

Pen named the panda Fwaniepanda. I hit did the over dramatic 'I'm so honored' bit. But i really was honored. I named my koala Penny. Now we're leaving the fair and  I'm walking Pen home. "You're so cool you know." I informed, the hyper funny amazing Pen. "Not really." She giggled. "You are awesome. You're smart, AND a SMART ALEC. You have this unique styles with the  leggings and the short sleeve graphic tees with patterns you swear have this deep meanings. And it makes sense, except there is no meaning.  You're just an amazing person Penina Dayne. I'm just Frank Iero, I don't get why'd you be friends with a loser like me." Pen stopped in her tracks. I stopped too and turned around facing her. "Don't hate me. Please," and I kissed her. It was the best kiss of my life, filled with passion and magic, and possibly or maybe eventually love. Most amazing part of that moment, when she kissed back. We stayed like that for awhile. We both pulled back for a breath at the same time, not wanting to let go. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked. Her face spelled all kinds of 'Duh', but she just smiled and said 'Of course.' I feel like this could be the beginning of forever. 
It's short, I know and I'm sorry. I hope you liked it. I really hope I didn't disappoint.  I do know however this isn't one of my best, it was kind of rushed. Again, sorry
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