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PLEASE READ- whether you read/like my stories or not; an idea to liven up the MCR page- really need opinions!! :D :D

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Hello there, guys! CosmicZombie here with another note. Except this time, it’s different…it might even be interesting. Scary shit, I know. Okay, so this has NOTHING to do with any of my ongoing work- what it has to do with is…YOU!

Right, so I’ve noticed lately that the MCR category has been a little dead, and thought, a little like Gerardwayiscute with her ‘Spirit Week’ idea, that we should do something to liven it all up a bit; get the imaginations flowing in, the silent readers pouring in reviews, the uninspired inspired…

Yeah, you get the picture. Well, this is my idea remedy it:

So, I’m pretty sure that all you guys on here are big music listeners (I sure as hell am), and personally, I find music one of the best inspirations. Rock/Metal/Punk/Pop/Indie, whatever floats your boat- sometimes, I’ll listen to things I’d never normally listen to in order to write a specific character/story/poem.

I was thinking that- if people seem to like this idea- I can turn this into a chaptered thing, where every week, I’ll post a random song for you guys to be inspired by. You’d have the rest of the week to write any sort of piece of creative writing (Story, Song, Poem, Essay…), inspired by the song. When I say inspired, I don’t mean you’d have to write specifically about what the song’s lyrics are saying (although you can if you want to), I mean you can be inspired in any way you want by it; the way it makes you feel, the way it sounds, how and why it was created, the image it creates in your head- whatever you chose. This piece of writing can be any length you guys want- I don’t want to get in the way of inspiration by setting all kinds of rules.

However, there is one incredibly strict rule: Anything like Baycest or regarding paedophilia with MCR and their kids will be COMPLETELY UNNACCEPTABLE, because that’s on a whole different level to any kind of other pairing. Not that I think most of you guys would be in favour of it, but I thought I’d just make that clear. It’s utterly sick- Dude, I felt sick just having to type that. Ughhh.

Anyway, other than that, you can do any MCR centred pairing (not that it has to be a pairing story), including OCs. Frerard, Frikey, Waycest…whatever. Anyone can write for it- you don’t have to be the best writer in the world; it’s the emotion and ideas in it that count. Plus, practise makes perfect xD It doesn’t have to be a great piece of literature, this is just something for fun; to get people’s imaginations going.

Once you’ve written your song/story/poem/essay, post a review on this (I’ll have a new chapter for each song) and I’ll come read and review it, and other readers will be able to see it too (and hopefully do the same).

I will try and write something for the weekly song as often as I can too, but can’t promise I’ll be able to do it every week with all my other ongoing stories.

Sooooo… do you guys think this is a good idea? Yay or nay? Hell yeah or hell no? Non or oui? Inspirational or brain-dead? Good or-- yeah, I’m pretty sure you guys get the idea…:L Drop a review and let me know your thoughts :D

If I get enough reviews in favour, I’ll post the first song tomorrow and explain any things that are confusing you guys then. Thanks for reading, keep on rocking, Motorbabies! R&R away xD

CosmicZombie xo
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