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Of Crash Queens and Motor Babies

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When a power-hungry man suddenly takes over Battery City and its outlying districts, the citizens have two choices: Choose to be oblivious to the chaos around them or fight back and live life on th...

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Hey guys, it's Allie again. And as the summary says, it's the one you auditioned for. The first few chapters won't have you in it, but I'll introduce ya all soon. :) So please, tell me what you think about it and possibly rate? Alright here 'tis folks! :D

PROLOGUE (sorta)

In the dusty state of California lies Battery City. It is a prison- with the citizens trapped and ruled by a bloodthirsty, powerful man. Battery City was once known as Los Angeles. But that name changed when the city experienced bombings and numerous natural disasters. This happened to the entire United States and it wiped out sixty percent of the population. The remaining set out to California for it was the only state left with working power, hence the name Battery City. The dictator, Korse made sure that everyone left came to California. The oblivious citizens would quickly fall in the trap that was Battery City. You see, Korse wanted those people to become his personal slaves. He was going to pick a lucky few and have them repopulate the country- and the rest would be brainwashed or turned into Draculoids. Draculoids are robots that have the likeness of any ordinary human. But they didn't have a heart. They were cold-blood killers who eliminated the rebels.

The city was grey and rather depressing. For what seemed like miles stretched buildings all looking the same. Everything had a ghost-like, bland feeling to it. But that was exactly what Korse wanted. He wanted everything to be repetitive for the citizens. There was also a pill made to make the citizens feel happy and keep them oblivious of what Korse was doing to the country. Everyone was supposed to take it, from the youngest of infants to the elderly. The people had their minds warped by the pill- it made them numb.

The story is set in the desert with the inhabitants being 'killjoys'. Killjoys were the few brave, the ones that wanted freedom and creativity. They were dangerous just like the Draculoids. But they fought for a cause. Many of the killjoys were young teenagers- most who lost their family to the bombs or worse, the pills. These young orphans stuck together and worked to overturn Korse. Many of the killjoys would lose their lives because of this, but that stopped no one. They wouldn't back down until they had their way. The killjoys looked up to four young men, the famed Fabulous Killjoys. They all had their own reason to get to Battery City. They, plus four other killjoys were to travel to the City to get one of their own back. But one would soon turn on them and this would be the beginning of the killjoy's most important mission.

So. . did you like it? :/ Tell me what'cha think! I will try to get more chaps up as soon as I can, but I'm going to be really busy this week. I have a theatre play coming up, two big projects to start, and the usual homework. So please don't be hatin'. Oh, who saw the Avengers this weekend? I did and it was AWESOME. My favorite superhero in it is Captain America. :). . . Rate and review please! :3
xx Allie aka Cherry Vengeance
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