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Life sucks.

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Me just ranting.

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So the past week has been crazy!

Sunday (27th of May) flights where booked, house was rented out and bags where packed.

Thursday ( 31st May) we flew to the UK and Drove to Cheshunt where we now live.

The only thing we have is the clothes we packed in a suitcase and what ever we could crame into out carry on luggage. Most of our stuff wont be where for another couple of weeks, which is shit because we have no beds or anything. We're sleeping on air-mattresses some family members gave us.

This whole thing is a mess, my parents didn't plan this out. they just up'd and moved. They said it would be like an adventure. Adventure my ass.

I miss my boyfriend so fucking much and so does Frankie But hopefully he'll be comming over soon for a holiday!

Life f**king sucks!!!!!


Oh and the Frankie thing was my way of telling you im pregnent. And we're having a boy.
you guessed it. He will be named after the most amazing, talented and inspirational man ever to walk this earth!
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