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The last of all the rides he takes [MUSIC AND WORDS]

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The sense of something ending lingered in the air.

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So, well... I made this for the Music and Words thingy CosmicZombie started (: The song is of course Kids from yesterday... I'm not sure why it inspired me to write this; somehow that song always reminds me of rainy days and endings. I'm not so sure about it but here it seems to be, anyway. So read this, please :P Hope you like it.

The last of all the rides he takes

It was raining.

The world was a mixture of green and gray; wide fields mingling together with the sky above. The road ahead was lonely and somehow comforting, as if it was going to take him home. But no; he was never going back home, this was the last ride he was ever going to take. The sense of something ending lingered in the air.

He shuffled around cautiously, neatly staying under his red umbrella. He thought fleetingly that maybe he should feel freer at the moment, at least free enough to let the rain wash over him, but for some reason, he didn’t. He wondered if he was still in a daze of everything that had been going on over the last months.

It started to rain harder. The raindrops splashed violently on the ground, hammering the surface of his umbrella and making him cough a little from the cold. He wrapped himself better inside his old jacket and held the strap of his backpack more tightly. It was very light since there was not much inside; only a toothbrush, 78 dollars and his passport. That was all he needed, for now.

Suddenly a car appeared in the horizon. He watched it grow as it drew closer, lights flicking through the rain and jumping whenever there was a little bump on the road. After what felt like thousand rainy Sundays and the best part of your favorite song, the car was there, coming to a halt next to him. His heart picked up rapidly in excitement. This is it, he thought, disorderedly. I’m finally leaving. This is it.

Someone scrolled the window down, letting the rain splatter his face and the inside of the comfy car. It was Frank, of course; who else would it have been? The boy in the car smirked and he felt his heart jump despite everything.

“You coming?” He stared at the other for a fraction of a second, a million thoughts running in his head; his mother and his brother, his home and his job; all the dreams he had ever had; the wonderful boy in that car and how it was his last chance. But he knew he didn’t need to think about the answer, not anymore. It was a decision he had made a long time ago, days, weeks, months, maybe even years ago, long before he even knew Frank; he was not turning back.

He exhaled shakily and offered a nervous smile.

“Yeah.” The little word lingered in the air for a moment, never seeming to fade away and he knew it was going to imprint on his mind forever.

“Well, hop on then.” Frank patted the shotgun and rolled the window closed as he climbed in the car, throwing his belongings on the backseat in the process. He shut the door and Frank turned to look at him, smirk still lighting up his features.

“You ready?” He let out a breath and nodded.

“Yeah.” Then he, too, smirked and turned his eyes to the other boy.

“Let’s do this shit.” Frank’s face lit up as he suddenly smiled widely, recklessly; the smile he had fell in love with so long ago.

Frank revved the engine and the car jolted forward. “Whoops.” He laughed. It felt so good to be finally leaving, even if it was in a little, rusty car with no knowledge of the future; or maybe it was because of that, he didn’t know, but at the moment, he didn’t really care, either.

Laughing, they drove away, never looking back.
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