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CyberTech: War of the Worlds

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Harry Potter Cross over with Avengers, X-Men, and Marvel Comics! Harry makes a real life for himself after he sets himself free! He turns his life around & builds a huge tech company! However, he c...

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CyberTech: War of the Worlds
[*Chapter I

[*In the Beginning

"What? He's still not even tried to blag his way out?" asked Len, one of the leading investigators with the London Police.

"Nope," agreed his partner Kevin. "But have you seen the kids file yet?"

"Yeah, it doesn't make sense, the kids perfectly clean. In fact, if I didn't know any better I would say he doesn't exist," he agreed frowning in thought. He sighed as he wrapped his fingers against the table they sat at, (a habit he has when deep in thought). "But that bloke, Dursley and his wife are adamant he's nothing but trouble. It just doesn't make sense. The fact is everyone we've spoken to from his teachers to neighbours say he's a trouble maker, but when we asked for them to elaborate they say that's what the Dursley's say.

"And that fat bastard Vernon gives off some messed up vibes," he said shaking his head. "I don't like this shit. Heck, the kid doesn't seem like trouble to me. I smell some seriously foul play here."

"I agree," conquered his partner. "And the bedroom they showed us as being his, everything was broken and it didn't look at all slept in. And if he's as smart as his school grades say he is I'm sure he could have fixed most of that junk if he wanted. It's more likely that fat oaf of a sons stuff."

"Yes, it's troubling to say the least," he agreed. "And then there's that scholarship the Dursley's refused. That kid should have the opportunity for a school where he can make something of himself."

"The boy doesn't look very healthy either… when I brought him some food he looked beyond surprised, even asked me whether he was allowed that much. His skin is pale, and he is quite scrawny, and he hasn't shown much emotion or resistance, his eyes look almost dead and he's only thirteen."

"Well," the other said standing up. "It seems to me like the kid has finally snapped and ran. He's been upfront and polite thus far so I say we ask and hope he gives us the right answers. Those Dursley's are seriously deranged if they think we're stupid enough to believe their infantile bull-shit."

Kevin also stood with a sigh. "Yeah, I don't like where this is going but if we can get those blasted Dursley's locked up and the kid into a safe environment all the better. The kid was lucky when he found Mr. Letter's."

Len frowned in thought. "Yeah, the old guys one of those few good people. Though I understand the kids a marvel for him to have around his shop with his quick mind."

"Quick learner too," he agreed. "Apparently if the kid continues, Mr. Letter's says that he'll be better at hardware maintenance and repair than him within the month."

They both laughed. "Well then, maybe someday he'll change the world, and we would have been a part of creating him," Len joked laughingly.


A young man of thirteen sat tiredly on a hard, solid bed in a small brightly lit cell that only contained a dirty looking toilet. He sat up against the wall hugging his knees but his emerald green eyes looked blank and didn't really stare at anything.

He wore a pair of dirty baggy brown trousers with a blue tee shirt over his small and frail body, with a three sizes too big pair of white tennis shoes.

He had only been locked up for a few hours, but he was bored and his mind was abuzz with curiosity. He was mainly wondering whether he should have perhaps started studying law so he could perhaps defend himself from the Dursley's bull-stories.

He had even been fed (although it wasn't that tasty), it was appreciated very much so. He had not yet gotten used to Mr Letter's feeding him well. With the Dursley's all he was fed is scrapes even though he's the one needing the energy to do everything they're too lazy to do, which it seems is everything.

Heck, he was even forced to cook their meals even though he never got to sample much, he knew he must be quite good at cooking as the Dursley's very rarely complained much about his cooking skills anymore. He has some scars still from the brutal attacks inflicted on him when he was learning to cook.

The police had only asked a few casual question regarding his crime and subsequent runaway. Though, he has noticed that the police don't seem to be treating him like a criminal as they had left his cell door wide open, which seems odd.

It also came to his attention that they have not actually called the Dursley's as of yet, and he's now wondering whether these people have actually seen through the Dursley's petty lies. Either way he doesn't see any reason not to speak the truth. If they believe him he'll get to leave the Dursley's house forever and gain his freedom. However, if they don't believe him he'll get sent back (where he'll get a severe beating), and has already decided to murder them if justice is not finally served.

"Mr. Potter?" Harry started at the sound of his name as it was politely used. He looked up to the open doorway to see those two police officers that brought him here. Apparently they're the ones that have been dealing with this case since he ran away from the Dursley's.

"If you would like to follow us, Harry," one said with a kind smile. "We have arranged an appropriate adult, and a solicitor, and they're waiting on us."

Harry nodded as he slid from the bed and followed the two men out and down a corridor before coming to a small carpeted room with a few chairs and a table with a tape deck.

He looked passed the young woman and older man waiting to the tape deck with a frown. "I wasn't aware that you could buy cassettes anymore," he spoke softly and curiously "In fact, I'm sure that most shops I've seen don't even sell CD's."

The four adults looked at him in surprise. "I don't have a clue where they get the tapes, but I believe it's probably a budget issue with upgrading all of the Police Stations."

Harry nodded with a shrug. "I suppose," he agreed.

"Well anyway," the officer continued. "This is Karen Summers, and David Jones, your Appropriate adult and Solicitor respectively."

Harry nodded and shook both of their hands, politely thanking them for their time before the five of them took seats.

"Okay Harry," began Len as he placed in four new cassettes into the recorder and pressed the red button. "Well first Harry I would like to inform you that we are recording this interview for possible use later in court. You have not actually been arrested as it has come to our attention that there was mitigating circumstances that led to you committing the crime in question, of grand theft auto, and the theft of a cash sum of five thousand pounds. You have already admitted to these crimes correct?"

"Yes sir," he agreed nonchalant. "I stole my 'uncles' car as well as five grand I knew he had hidden in his draw."

"If I may," the other officer spoke up. "For what reason would you feel like it was a good idea to steal the money and car?"

Harry's fists clenched and he grit his teeth to hold back his anger. "I had to leave. I will not be like those filthy wastes of carbon!" he suddenly spat out breathing heavily, he couldn't help himself. His words made all four adults jump in surprise. "I've been so close to just killing them, but they're not worth it. They're not terrorists, or an enemy state. They're nothing but filthy disgraces of humanity, and they are not worthy of being my family. Whoever dumped me on their fucking doorstep deserves to be bathed in acid!" he hissed out viciously.


Len and Kevin along with a many other officers had arrived at the Dursley's home the next day. They were a little sceptical of all of Harry's accusations. However, that was until they had a doctor check him over. The doctor demanded that the boy be sent to a hospital immediately. The doctors were surprised the boy was even alive with the amount of damage he had sustained throughout his short young life.

When they confronted the Dursley's with this, they denied any knowledge of it and tried to get them to leave. However, they already had a warrant to search the property. They looked in the cupboard under the stairs first and almost heaved up their breakfast at the rank smell of blood, decay and other bodily smells. Straightaway the Dursley's were arrested and CSI was called in to investigate the cupboard and the rest of the house.

Harry was kept in the hospital for two months before he was fit enough to stand trial, and Harry stood as witness for the prosecution of Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley. The Dursley's lawyer tried to get them off by saying they never asked for Harry to be left on their doorstep, the prosecution lawyer retorted that they could have sent him to an orphanage, and gave him up for adoption.

Vernon Dursley was sentenced to twenty years in jail, Petunia fifteen and Dudley was sent to a correctional borstal for troubled boys as he was under the impression that what he and his parents did to Harry was perfectly OK.

It was the start of Harry's new life and he was happy that Mr. Letter's was allowed to foster him, which gave him plenty of access to technology and science. He went to a school in London for gifted children and even wowed them with how intelligent he is.

Harry was just fifteen when he wrote his own computer OS (operating system) and made millions before he was sixteen as his OS was so much more capable than Microsoft's or Apples. Though, neither Microsoft or Apple seemed too pleased as he used loophole after loophole within his programming so that his OS is compatible with PC and MAC.

When Harry was seventeen he was still at school in Sixth Form (his last year before collage) when the beginning of a company started to surface as he had built and designed the prototype to real artificial intelligence, with the emotional processing unit. His OS (Cyberstream) has become the most popular and the tech company CyberTech is born as a small struggling technology company.

Mr. Letter's retired his shop when Harry turned eighteen and sold up for a quiet life. Plus all of the new tech coming from Harry's company was beyond his know how, (he had been struggling before then in his later years). That year Mr. Letter's passed away and Harry was down in a slump until the video will.

The first person to ever show Harry compassion and encouragement spoke of new starts, new beginnings, and about all of the wonders CyberTech can give the world if Harry only gives opportunity's to the worlds in return. To not forget his past but to look beyond it, to the future. (So Harry never did go to college).

This one man's will. His last record to speak to the world sealed the world's fate, and secured CyberTech's future, and was the day the world would change, the day Harry Potter ceased to exist and a new beginning was born with the name Kyte Techs.

To Be Continued…
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