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I Quit.

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Absolutely done.

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Words cannot express how disappointed I am to see how much this section has turned to utter and complete shit. Every time I try to read a good story, I'm forced to see nothing but troll pages and auditions.

Really man? This section was once my home, and now I feel like I've been evicted from it. Everybody from last year and past that has seem to have left and now I can see why. I'm probably one of the oldest members here, meaning most of the users now are under 16 and feel the need to waste story space by writing their life stories on here like it's a blog. Come on man, I know we all like to vent, but this is seriously ridiculous. It seems like everyone wants to post something that they know will get attention or "sympathy reviews" as I like to call them.

What pisses me off most is the ones that are going "Should I continue to write? Why should I bother if no one reviews." Hmm, maybe you should try writing for YOURSELF. Because basically you screaming "I want reviews or I'm going to make people feel sorry for me by leaving the site."

That's the problem with this section, no one writes for themselves anymore. Once upon a time when the MCR section was alive and well, no one gave a shit whether or not they reviewed, sure reviews are awesome, but I don't write just so I can have reviews. I have not posted anything here because it's useless. I'm a silent reader and I'm damn proud of it, because half the time, I don't even know why I'm on here in the first place.

This site is now filled with nothing but teenies and that's really annoying. I feel like a pedophile being here because everyone seems to go "Oh, I'm 14." Clearly, my work needs to be transferred somewhere else.

Look, I know you're allowed to have a place to go to just like anyone else, but I sincerely miss the old days where people actually wrote there own stories and trolls didn't even exist back then. I have seen at least 6 "stories" that have been accused of stealing, not to mention, the story someone accused ME of writing my own damn story, that's when I really became pissed off at this section.

That's why I'm hanging up my hat and will no longer care how this section pans out, because it's already turned to shit anyways. I'm glad I was able to experience all I did before this site became what is now. I suppose it's better this way, letting go of all the angst.

If this offended anyone well sorry, but truthfully I don't give a shit. I've held my tongue on this site for too long and you won't have to worry about me coming back.

Peace, and for the love of god, if you're a troll, GO OUTSIDE. GO PAINT. GO PLAY A VIDEO GAME, DO SOMETHING BESIDES TROLLING ON THE INTERNET. It's Summer, don't you want to get a tan or ride your bike?

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.
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