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Drop the needle when the tape deck blows

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Just a story I came up with after listening to MCR's WSOU interview. Abscesses are a bitch...and dentists are too according to Gerard fucking Way (Implied Frerard)

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Drop the needle before the tape deck blows

Frank’s pov

“I am not going!”
“Oh come on, it won’t be that bad!”
“Bull fucking meese shit!”
“It’s hurting you bro, you gotta get it-“
“{/I/] gotta get you checked into an asylum! You’ve fucking lost it if you think I’m going!”
“Oh quit being such a drama queen!”
“I am not!”
I rolled my eyes as I let my headphones hang around my neck grinning slightly as I strummed ‘Jack the Ripper’ on my guitar while I watched the Way brothers argue over who knows what. Ray had his headphones plugged into his amp along with his guitar as he practiced what looked liked ‘Sister to sleep’ if the chords were anything to go by, while Matt was half asleep on the floor, using my amp as a head rest, his arm hanging limply over it. Gerard was standing by the mic, having just finished practicing his vocals for the song I was strumming while Mikey had practiced the bass chords. Fortunately for Gerard, he had finished quite quickly and had only had to put up with the pain he was in from last night for a few minutes. But also it was unfortunate for him, as his brother was now on full scale rant mode. And Mikey having had six cans of coke, plus multiple star buck lattes and packs of skittles was not fun if you were on the receiving end of it.

Then again, watching Mikey completely lose it with his older brother was pretty fucking funny.
“No fucking way! I am not going to that fucking hellhole!”
“Gerard, stop being a diva.”
“I am not! And I am not going to that torture chamber!”
“Oh for God sake it’s only the fucking dentist, not an operation.”
“That does not make any sense whatsoever; quit it with the random shouting that makes no sense.”
“Does it look like I give a flying fuck!?”
“Not really but it’s beside the point; you’re going.” Mikey said sternly hand on his hip as he swept his mousy brown hair aside.
No I’m not.” Gerard sang.
“{/Yes you are./]” Mikey sang back mockingly, “You are going even if I have to drag your skinny ass downtown, God forbid it I will.”
“You try that and I’ll kick your ass motherfucker.” Gerard mumbled childishly swaying from side to side.
I giggled until Mikey glared at me; I quickly faked a coughing fit making Mikey roll his eyes and Gerard to smile at me slightly.
“Don’t mind me, continue with your pointless argument, pretend I’m not here.” I said holding my hands up.
“How about you get your short scrawny ass over here and help me!” Mikey demanded furiously.
“Oh no, you can handle this on your own.” I said quickly, “You started it, you can deal with it.”
Mikey glared at me, his hands on his skinny hips. When I merely just smirked at him, he shook his head.
“Fine, be like that.” He said annoyed, pushing his mousy brown hair out of his face, “Don’t come running to me when Ray kicks your ass at guitar hero again.”
I rolled my eyes, “Yes mom.” I said sarcastically earning yet another glare from him.
Gerard snickered until Mikey turned his glare on him. Sometimes, I wonder who the older one out is.
“Gerard, I don’t care if I have to gag you and drag you by a chain latched on to a leather choker, you are going!” Mikey said sternly.
“Ooh, chains, gags and leather, didn’t know you liked bondage Mikes.” I said amused.
“Eww fuck off Frank, that’s my brother!” Mikey all but squealed disgusted.
“Hey you were the one who said it, not me.” I reminded him, smirking again.
“Ugh whatever you pervert.” Mikey said giving me one last disgusted look-which made me laugh- before looking sternly at his brother, “Gerard, you are going whether I have to drag you by the hair or kick your ass there, either way you’re going to the fucking dentist.”
I burst out laughing making Matt squeal in fright and yell random shit until he fell on his ass backwards, “The dentist? That’s what you’re throwing a diva fit for? What the hell Gee? There’s nothing scary about the dentists.” I choked out, eyes streaming.
“Easy for you to say, you tattoo covered pierced mother fucker who resembles a hedgehog covered in paint!” Gerard shot back at me.
“Thanks, I feel oh so flattered.” I said sarcastically, though I was grinning.
Gerard just huffed in reply making me snigger.
“Gerard, listen, quit being childish. Now, you’re going to this check up appointment and you’re getting it done and you’re gonna be grown up and mature about it.” Mikey said sternly, placing both hands on his hips and glaring at his older brother, “And Frank, quit being a dick head.”
I pouted and went back to strumming my guitar, “Fine, I thought I was being helpful.”
That’s your way of being helpful?” Mikey exclaimed looking at me in disbelief, “Jesus Christ, may hell freeze over when you don’t!”
“Harsh, harsh.” I whined playfully before laughing.
Mikey rolled his eyes before saying, “Gerard, listen you’re getting it” Mikey said sternly, placing both hands on his hips and glaring at his older brother, “Bloody hell, thousands of kids go through with this for crying out loud!”
“Yeah? Well, not thousands of them have a fear of fucking needles!” Gerard shot back, his voice breaking.
“Quit being a diva! And don’t even think about denying it cause bullshit you aren’t! You’re acting worse than that time Frank freaked out about the brutal mishandling of his guitar!”
“Hey, I thought we weren’t gonna talk about that!” I yelped indignantly; I was taking the death of my beloved Pansy pretty hard. Fucking stupid backstage roadies…
“Sorry dude had to be said.” Mikey said apologetically while Gerard huffed with his arms folded.
I rolled my eyes and went back to strumming my other guitar which I called Angel while Mikey and Gerard continued to argue.
“If I go it’s gonna be fucking painful and I hate fucking needles which is bound to be used.” Gerard ranted, arms flailing around.
I and Mikey rolled our eyes at each other, though I was grinning slightly.
“And I’m fucking shit scared of needles and-“
“Gerard, sugar, you’re doing it again.” I pointed out to him, propping my legs up on my guitar amp, knocking Matt’s arm off and making him glare at me reproachfully.
“Doing what again?”
“Over thinking.” The three of us said in unison, Matt standing up and stretching.
Gerard huffed and swept his hair back again, tucking a few loose strands behind his ear.
“I’ve decided, I ain’t bloody going and that’s that, no bleeding hell.” He said firmly.
If he goes he’ll give ‘em hell if the dentist even mentions a needle.” I muttered, stubbing out my cigarette on the plate which was placed on my amp.
Matt sniggered quietly, “Give ‘em hell ha, get it? The song Gee wrote about doing tricks for cocaine?” He laughed, “For the next album?”
I blinked in realisation, “Oh yeah.” I giggled making Gee and Mikes roll their eyes though they grinned.
I laughed again then lit up a cigarette; as I inhaled, Ray looked up from playing his guitar looking exasperated, taking his headphones off and placing them around his neck, “Mind keeping the diva fit down vamp boy? I can hardly hear the chords playing and that’s with the volume on my amp turned up and with my headphones plugged in!”
I laughed, choking over my cigarette smoke.
“For the hundredth time, I am not being a diva.” Gee said pouting, “Or a vampire, come to think of that.” He added in.
“Whatever, what were you screeching about?” Ray asked.
“I was not-“
Mikey cut across Gerard’s yelp of outrage swiftly, “He’s still got that pain in his tooth from last night and I’m trying to make him go to the dentist but he’s refusing to go because he’s being a childish brat.”
“Actually he’s just being a shit bag.” I corrected Mikey who looked at me while Gerard glared, “Calling him a childish brat would insult the thousand of kids that go through this.” I added in grinning.
“Good point.” Mikes and Ray agreed.
“Frankie! You’re supposed to be on my side!” Gerard said looking hurt, “You always take my side when Mikey acts like a bastard to me.”
Mikey spluttered in outrage while both I and Ray laughed.
“Aw I’m sorry Gee, if it makes you feel better, I’m not a big fan of dentists myself.” I said sympathetically, “I’ve got a bit of a fear of them myself actually.”
Ray, Matt and Mikey rolled their eyes at each other, knowing full well I was lying about that part. I actually had no problem with the dentists.
“Thank you!” Gerard said looking smug, “See!” he yelled abruptly at Mikey, “At least he sympathises with me!”
“What do you think I’ve been doing the last twenty four hours? Staying up most of the night cause I feel like it?” Mikey asked sarcastically.
Gerard mumbled something that sounded like “You didn’t have to.”
Mikey rolled his yet again, “Course I didn’t but as your younger brother, I felt like I had to cause you’re my brother who was in pain and I hate seeing you in pain, so can you at least do this for me?”
Gerard pouted and I tried hard not to grin; Mikey was using the ‘Think what I’ve done for you during this because I love you’ technique and it was working.
“Fine.” Told ya.
“Thank you.” Mikey said relieved though I could see a hint of a smug smirk on his lips.
It was quiet for a bit. Mikey strummed ‘Demolition lovers’ on his bass, sitting on his amp, Ray began playing Metallica’s ‘Orion’ and I casually began playing ‘Vampires never hurt you.’. Gerard on the other hand was twisting his fingers, biting his lip and running a hand through his hair, looking tense.
I and the guys looked at one another, “Oh boy.” Mikey sighed, “He really is worried about this.”
“Uh huh.” I said making a popping sound.
Ray looked at Gerard, who was now pacing, rather sympathetically.
“Gerard, are you really that nervous?” Mikey asked.
Gee looked up then nodded. Mikey sighed.
“All right, how bout we come with you? And I’ll hold your hand?”
“I’m not a kid!”
We looked at him with raised eyebrows.
“Okay, maybe a little.” He admitted, “But I can’t help it!”
“Oh come on Gerard babe, needles aren’t that scary.” I said trying to reassure him, “It could be worse; you could be getting a piercing or a tattoo which hurt like hell now that I think about it.”
The guys gave me a look as if to say ‘Not fucking helping.’
“Okay maybe not the best thing to say.” I admitted, “But still, I didn’t know you were scared of the dentists.” I said trying to hold back a laugh; the guy was twenty three!
“Oh be quiet you’re afraid of spiders!” Gerard shot at me.
“Well, no wonder, scary looking fuckers, looks like Mikey when he hasn’t had his daily dose of coffee in his system.” I mumbled, earning a bottle of coke zero thrown at me.
“Shut it Frank.” Mikey said flatly as I rubbed my head frowning, “I heard that and besides, it’s not the actual dentist, it’s the fucking needle.”
“I can’t help it! I’m just so fucking terrified of the things! They’re sharp, pointed, and hurt like hell!” Gerard suddenly exclaimed defensively.
“Relax honey, no one’s teasing you for it, kay, just relax.” I reassured him.
Gerard smiled at me gratefully.
“Look, Gee, just go to this appointment and get that abscess seen to, we don’t want a repeat of last night do we?” Mikey asked raising an eyebrow, placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder; Gerard quickly shook his head, “Exactly, and like I said I’ll take your fucking hand and you’ll never be afraid.” Mikey added in, his lips twitching into a grin.
I let out a giggle and Ray and Matt rolled their eyes, Matt mumbling something about ‘seriously have to stop quoting our own fucking songs here.’
Gerard pouted and I and Ray caught each other’s eye looking sympathetic. We all knew Gerard had a fear of needles and just thinking of them made him terrified, but last night’s recording had been torture for him-especially during early sunsets over Monroeville- and the sooner he got that abscess seen to the better. I couldn’t handle seeing Gerard in pain so it must be hell for his brother.
“You promise?” Gerard suddenly spoke up, sounding like a child rather than his twenty three years of age.
Mikey blinked, no doubt surprised that Gee was actually considering his offer, “Yeah I promise.” He said sounding rather relieved.
“Kay.” His brother mumbled going pink, “Thanks.” He said gratefully.

The next day…
“Gerard! Get your ass up!”
I groaned, putting my pillow over my head as Mikey stormed in our hotel room. I heard Gerard mumbling something inconsiderate.
“You ever heard of knocking?” I mumbled grumpily.
“You two ever heard of sleeping alone?” Mikey replied teasingly.
I flipped him off from under the duvet making him laugh as Gerard groaned loudly and cuddled up to my chest, “Frankie, kill my brother for me will you?”
I let out a tired giggle and Mikey rolled his eyes, “C’mon, get your asses up! you kept me up until three thirty last night! These walls aren’t soundproofed you know!”
I went scarlet and Gerard mumbled something about that’s what Mikey jacks off to. I let out a splutter of laughter.
“Oh bloody piss off Mikey, it’s too early for this crap.” Gerard mumbled a bit louder as he wrapped an arm around my waist.
“Oh don’t even start pulling that shit on me mother fucker! It’s eleven and your appointments’ at two thirty so detach yourself from lover boy there, and get dressed or so help me I will drag you there naked so get your tight, skinny ass that Frank loves to fuck so much in gear.” Mikey said sounding even sassier than his brother, before he turned round and left the room, returning to his own.
“Lover boy?” I repeated feeling slightly annoyed.
Gerard just groaned, letting his head fall limply on my chest.

I had to literally drag Gerard by the hand downstairs to the dining area where the rest of the band were having a late morning breakfast near the balcony; Ray eating a stack of buttered toast with almost inhuman enthusiasm, Mikey refilling his coffee while Matt ate some cereal, head banging to whatever it was he was listening to through his headphones.
“Come on honey, where’s the sassy ‘I’m hot so deal with it bitch’ attitude, just forget about the appointment and put it on.” I said trying to encourage him.
Gerard mumbled something about feeling shitty with a hole in his tooth. I rolled my eyes, Gerard looked hot, the only guy I know that could pull off having an abscess and look sexy. He looked hot as always in his tight black paint splattered looking skinnies, tight fitting black v-neck with superficial blood splatters, knee high biker boots, leather belt, and black denim jacket. His ebony black hair was sexily dishevelled and his black eyeliner smudged perfectly around his hazel green eyes, a pair of shades hung on his t-shirt. I felt bland in comparison with my white skinny jeans that said ‘Can’t touch this’ in black lettering, my red cut off homophobia is gay shirt and graffiti covered red converse, silver studded belt hung around my waist and my black hair swept across my eyes where I had smudged some red eye liner around lazily.
Mikey was attracting a lot of female attention from a group of girls a few years younger than us sitting not that far away from them. His hair was straightened as always with a sort of emo fringe covering his left eye, his glasses perched at the end of his nose, grey artificially ripped skinnies curving his skinny legs perfectly, tight fitting Smashing Pumpkins shirt, paired with a long sleeved leather jacket and calf high black boots and belt, his skinny legs propped up and crossed at the ankle on a spare chair as he casually drank his coffee, headphones around his neck, giving the girls a casual sideways glance and smirking which, much to my amusement, made the girls swoon. Matt was casually dressed in tight fitting blue skinny jeans and a sleeveless buttoned up white shirt, off-white converses and belt while Ray was dressed in dark blue jeans, Iron Maiden shirt, grey converses paired with a black belt and red sleeveless jacket.

“Oh hey, the vamp and his human blood bag have arisen.” Ray called dramatically, making me and Gerard roll our eyes; the swooning girls looked over at us and began giggling; a dark fair haired girl not much younger than me waved at us before giggling like crazy, her brunette friend nudging her in the ribs while grinning sheepishly.
Gerard gave me a knowing look, a smirk on his lips showing off his small, sharp white teeth making his comparison to a vampire even more uncanny. The girls swooned again, making Gerard chuckle. So much for feeling like shit about having a hole in his tooth; he still made people melt in front of him-including me.
“Yeah, yeah, enough with making the poor girls suffer vamp boy, come on.” I said, now pushing him over to our table.
“Oooh jealous.” Ray sang grinning, making Matt and Mikey laugh.
I flipped him off, slumping into a vacant seat beside Matt and pulled a plate of pancakes towards me, pouring on some maple syrup before grabbing my fork and digging in.
“Hungry?” Gerard asked, amusement lacing his voice as he raised his eyebrows while pouring himself some coffee and shoving Mikey’s legs off the chair and sitting down.
“Starving.” I said thickly; I swallowed, “Never had dinner last night.”
“Couldn’t be because you were in a rush to feed another kind of need, Frankie?” Mikey suggested coyly, a smirk on his lips as he glanced knowingly between me and his brother.
I kicked him under the table making him yelp while Gerard gave him a look that plainly said ‘Say anything else and I will rip off your ball sack.’ before drinking some coffee.
“Noisy bastards, hotel should invest in some fucking soundproofing.” Ray mumbled before munching on his toast, ignoring the fact I was choking on my breakfast while Gee choked and spluttered on his coffee.

Three hours later…

“Mr Gerard Way.”
So much for using fake names. I thought, glaring at Matt who was the one in charge of giving us the fake I.D; he noticed my glare and shrugged, “Sorry, I forgot.” He muttered sheepishly as some giggling and mutters erupted around us.
Mikey rolled his eyes mumbling something about never leaving a dumbass in charge of something simple before standing up, “C’mon bro let’s do this shit.” He said pulling his brother up by the hand; Gerard stood up rather shakily looking even paler than usual.
I grabbed his other hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze as I stood up too.
“You’ll be fine.” I reassured him, before giving him a small peck on the cheek; he went pink but smiled at me softly while the giggling in the room intensified.
Ray and Matt snickered while Mikey rolled his eyes, “C’mon lover boys, no need for a tearful soap opera style goodbye, it’s only gonna be twenty minutes in the next room.” He teased only to flinch as Gerard squeezed his hand a bit too tightly.
I chuckled and stood on my tip toes to kiss him on the lips, him immediately kissing me back and causing Mikey to groan loudly in annoyance while Ray made retching sounds causing Matt to laugh as wolf whistling stated.
“Oh for the love of-c’mon Romeo or I’ll tell the dentist you can do this without anaesthetic.” Mikey threatened, yanking Gerard from me.
“Good luck.” I called as Gee and Mikey left the room, Gerard holding on to his brother for support he was shaking that badly.
Mikey’s pov.

“Ah fuck!”
I flinched yet again as Gerard yelped in pain; the dentist wasn’t helping much by keeping up a commentary.
“This one’s gonna be hard to budge; gonna hurt no matter how much anaesthetic I use.”
Oh thanks for that man. Just make this ten times worse for him why don’t cha?
“Ah! Keep that bloody thing away from me!” Gerard all but shrieked eyes wider than dinner plates as he clenched the sides of the chair so hard, his knuckles stood out sharply.
“Aw shit.” I mumbled, hand over my eyes; I let it drop before saying in the best calming voice I could manage, “Gerard, calm down.”
“How the fuck can I calm down with that…fucking thing near me!?” my brother shrieked actually curling his legs up to his chest and flinching away from the dentist who was approaching him with a syringe, loaded up with anaesthetic and a nice, long, sharp needle.
You would think it was Michael Myers approaching him with a chainsaw he was that scared, honestly.
“Um sir.” The dentist said to me awkwardly, “Could you um maybe…?” he gestured at my brother who was close to hyperventilating.
“Oh right.” I walked over to Gerard’s side and grabbed his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, “You’re okay Gee.” I said soothingly, “Just um, close your eyes and think happy thoughts yeah happy thoughts!” I said brightly, “Remember, the song? The red ones help me fly and the blue ones help me fall and I think I’ll blow my brains against the ceiling And we’ll fly home, we’ll fly home, you and I, we’ll fly home and honestly that’s what I said to her, what I said to her” I sang the first words of ‘Headfirst for halos’ that came into my head feeling kind of awkward; singing wasn’t really my thing, I just played bass, ”Just think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts”
Gerard looked at me in surprise making me feel embarrassed.
“What?” I asked feeling self conscious.
“You can really sing bro.” he complimented me grinning and making me go scarlet.
“Th, thanks I guess.” I said awkwardly-then I realised something, “Hey, your mouth’s supposed to be numb by now!”
I frowned at the dentist who was gawping at me, “Sorry, um, I’ll do it right now.” He said before clearing his throat.
I resisted the temptation to hit the fucking guy.
“That was supposed to distract him damn it!”

Frank’s pov.

The three of us flinched yet again as we heard Gerard yelp in pain again. I noticed a small girl about six, staring at the entrance to the room where Gerard was shouting from, with her eyes and mouth wide open in horror. I gave her reassuring smile as she looked at me.
“He’s okay, fear of needles you know, hates the things, hurt like hell.” I said grinning.
Rather than looking reassured, she paled even more and hid her face in her mother’s arms who glared at me. I realised me with my tattoos and piercings, I didn’t exactly look the reassuring type especially with what I just said.
“Way to go Frank, scare the kid why don’t cha?” Matt smirked at me then flinched again as Gerard yelled.
“How the fuck can I calm down with that…fucking thing near me!?”
I bit down on my lip ring nervously, “Think he’s okay?” I asked meekly.
Ray was about to reply when we heard someone singing; except it wasn’t Gerard. It was Mikey.
”And we’ll fly home, we’ll fly home, you and I, we’ll fly home and honestly that’s what I said to her, what I said to her
“Damn never knew dork face could sing.” Matt muttered bemused.
Ray frowned and nudged him hard in the ribs, hushing him as he yelped in pain.
We listened; he wasn’t as good as Gerard, but he wasn’t bad either; he was just good.
“That was supposed to distract him damn it!” we heard him yell suddenly.

We waited a further ten minutes, wincing as we heard Gerard yell in clear agony.
Finally, thy both reappeared; Gerard holding a hand to his mouth which was slightly swollen and bleeding and Mikey with an arm around his brother’s shoulders, patting him consolingly. I rushed up to him, giving him a kiss on the side of his mouth which wasn’t swollen and put his hand in mine.
“You okay sugar?” I asked him quietly.
He nodded mutely and managed a slight grin. Mikey gave him a reassuring squeeze.
“See, told ya it wouldn’t be that bad.” He said bracingly.
We all stared at him as if he had finally lost it.

Six months later…

We were all in the recording studio, just finishing up on recording a new track called ‘It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a fucking death wish,’ when Mikey suddenly clicked his fingers in realisation.
“Oh hey Gerard, I forgot to mention, the dentist called; you got a check up soon.” He called over to him.
“Fuck off I ain’t going!” Gerard shouted exiting the room.
“Oh come on!” Mikey called, following him, “It won’t be that bad!”
“No fucking way!”
I and the guys just groaned, looking at one another in exasperation before I and Ray put our headphones on in unison and began going through the song again while Matt turned the hi fi up to full volume.
No way in hell, are we going through this shit again. No fucking way.
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