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Should I?

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Nothing really happens at all. D: Tohru gets confessed to and totally burdens everyone's day, I guess...

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"...Really..." Tohru thought as she laid alone on her bed, holding her pillow, "'Tohru, I like you.' Ahh! What should I do." She let a squeal into her pillow and kicked her legs violently in the air with joy. "He likes me... Should I accept his confession?" Like that, she thought all night.

The next day came... Tohru had been restless and looked a mess. In the morning she burned herself making breakfast, cut herself while preparing onions, and hit her head several times while walking. Yet, she remained unconscious about everything around her and kept repeating softly to herself, "Should I?" and walked it off.

Of course the young man who created this mess couldn't bear seeing her like this. Once Tohru had injured herself again, the young man had carried her off to her bedroom. He remained silent while Tohru had finally gained conscious of what was happening. "Ah!" She yelled and blushed, "...You didn't have to... Um... Ah... You..."

"Don't say anything." He said and brought her to her bed, "Stay there, alright. Don't move." And he walked out of the room, slamming the door.

A stranger to these situations, Tohru wondered what he was up to, but she felt the need to stay put like he said. And as she made this decision, she fell into deep thought once again. "'I like you' he said... What should I do?" As she hypnotized herself with these questions, she soon fell asleep.

The young man came into the room to find her asleep and smiled, "You're finally asleep," he whispered, "You kept me up all night, too, you know." He closed the door and left.

While walking down stairs, Shigure approached him, "'Tohru, I like you...'" And ran off laughing as the young man had a fit with Shigure's immaturity. It seemed everyone in the house had heard Tohru in the night.

A few hours later, school had finished and Yuki had come back home alone. Tohru just woke up and her mind was clear of the confession she couldn't make a decision on. Shigure was out of the house, and Kyo was nowhere to be found. And it became only Yuki and Tohru in the house, alone.

Stepping down the stairs, Tohru set her eyes on Yuki and gave a sweet smile. "Yuki-kun!" She had said cheerfully,"Would you like anything to eat?"

Politely refusing, Yuki had responded, "Nothing for now." And smiled back. "Are you alright, though? This morning you were completely out of it."

"Yeah! I've completely restored my health!"

"Are you sure? You wouldn't happen to be hungry?"

"Oh, yeah, I haven't eaten lunch." And growled her stomach as she smiled and laughed.

"Hmm, since you're hungry and I can't cook... How about we go out?"


"But shouldn't we change first? I'm dying to get out of this uniform and your clothes are wrinkled from sleeping in them."

Giggling, she replied,"That's right, ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes."

As she went back up the stairs, Yuki's smile turned cold, "What's that idiot thinking, confessing to her. He made her stay up all night and got her confused..." and walked into his room with a disappointed expression.

Ten minutes passed and a happy Yuki and Tohru had ventured out to a nearby restaurant. They shared a cheerful meal together and Tohru hadn't thought of the confession she had received. As they walk down the street, they shared smiles and shocked expressions with each other.

When they got home, Shigure and Kyo were awaiting their dinners, spouting childish comments and insults to the Yuki that was glad he could do something temporary for Tohru as she avoided eye contact when she rushed to the kitchen.

Once again, her mind filled with the confession she received from Kyo. She quickly took ingredients out and began cutting. Worried, Kyo skipped fighting with Yuki and came into the battlefield Yuki could never win in. "Tohru," he sternly said, "Don't bother making dinner, I'll do it." His expression was cold, "You ate with that jerk, right? Go rest, it must have been hard on you today," and shooed her from the kitchen.
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