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Thou Shall Not Fear The Dead (Frikey)

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Mikey knew he wasn't crazy , till this day he told his self his just different but never crazy. He couldn't help he saw ghost but to him it wasn't a ghost it was just normal people that was no longer around. He was never like this, he was never crazy it just started when he was around ten, something happen to make him see the other side. He kept telling his self he was just seeing things, not getting enough asleep, that's always the answer. Finally after two months he finally realized it wasn’t sleep or his eyes just happen to be playing tricks he could see ghost.

He never once told anyone who would believe him anyway, and what was his going to say? That he saw ghost and he some who could talk to him, he didn't need people thinking he was insane or just plain crazy. Mikey didn't even tell his older brother, Gerard. He always told Gerard anything and everything, he knew he could never keep a secret from him, like the time he tore Gerard's favorite comic book, he couldn't help but just yell it out, it was eating him up inside, but like a good brother he forgave Mikey.

So why should this be any different, well for one he was seeing ghost; Gerard probably wouldn't believe him or think his just joking around. He wanted someone to believe him, just anyone but that would never happen. He always made sure when he talk to ghost he was home alone, or at nighttime when everyone was sleeping. Five years later it still happens, Mikey tried everything he could do to make the ghost go away but he knew deep down nothing was going to make it go away.

It was a normal night Mikey was asleep in his bed, the thunder outside was getting louder but never once woke anyone up. Mikey was tossing and turning, knowing there was some ghost wanted to talk to him, just to be heard from once. He woke up forgetting about trying to sleep, he slowly sat up in his bed, when he saw him. The ghost couldn't be no older the fourteen, his skin was pale white; those eyes were brown with a hit of hazel in them. He was short but tall enough, his hair was short black, he just stared at Mikey.

Normally anyone else would be freaking out, screaming, trying to find a way out but for Mikey this was normal, this was an everyday thing. Mikey slowly got up and walk towards the ghost.

“What are you doing here, " He whisper out. Even though it was nighttime he still didn't won’t to wake anyone up.

“I heard you could talk to ghost, I just want someone to talk to, " The ghost boy said while still looking right at Mikey, as if he was trying to see into his soul.

“I can its true. It’s late though, I need to sleep and I don’t won’t everyone to wake up, “Mikey replied in hoping the boy would just take the hint and leave.

“I never know what time it is anymore, I only know day and night. I just need someone to talk to, please. You’re the only person who understands, “The boy said.

Mikey just wanted to sleep to forget this was even happening but he knew that wasn't going to happen, that no matter what this boy would just keep coming back until he got his way.

“Fine, what do you want to talk about, “He ask while sitting on his bed.

“What’s your name, I'm Frank,” Frank said while now standing in front of Mikey's bed.

“I’m Mikey, can I ask what happen to you, " He ask as he kept his eyes on Frank.

“I was killed, when I was fourteen I was walking home from school and this old guy came up behind me and took me away. He took me to this hold house that look like it’s been there an thunder years, he rape me, beat me and on the fifth day he finally killed me. I was begging for death by the third day, I finally got my wish, “Frank said. His voice had no emotion as if he didn't care or maybe when your death you have no feelings.

“I’m so sorry, that must have been horrible, and I can't even imagine what it was like. Did they ever find the guy, “Mikey ask while trying not to his own emotion.

“No, but the guy died. I killed him, “Frank said.

" Ho-w, ca-n, you kill someone, " Mikey said while shuttering a little. It was a shock he didn't know ghost could kill, there not suppose too.

“I had my ways, he had it coming. So tell me about you, “He said while sitting on the bed.

“You wouldn't kill me, would you, " Mikey ask with fear in his voice.

“I don’t even know you, how could I kill you. Now tell me about you, “Frank asked again.

“I’m fifteen, I can see ghost and talk to them; even though I wish I couldn't. I have an older brother, no one in my family knows about my gift if you can call it that. I love music and comic books, and that’s about it, “Mikey replied.

“Why are you shamed of your gift? You have something no one else does, “Frank ask.

“Because no one should be able to talk to ghost, it’s crazy. I'm starting to think I'm crazy, this shouldn't be happening, can you leave, I want to sleep, “Mikey said while just wanting a normal night for once but that wasn't going to happen.

“I don’t won’t to leave, I won’t to stay here with you. I have no one else, I'm alone. I don’t wont to be alone, you don’t won’t me to be alone, do you? “Frank said while getting closer to Mikey.

“I’m sorry that you’re alone, but you can't stay here. Now leave, “Mikey said while backing away.

“I will be back; you can't get rid of me that easy, “Frank said before leaving.

Mikey's heart was beating against his chest beyond fast that was the first time a ghost ever threaten to come back, and also the fact that a ghost killed before. Mikey lay back down on his bed and closed his eyes in hoping this was all a dream.

Weeks ago by and no sign of Frank, Mikey finally decided he was just something to scare him, that Frank wasn't coming back. So that night Mikey didn't think anything about it, he turn off his light and went to sleep, like every other night. But this night wasn't going to be the same, as Mikey slept, Frank return. Watching Mikey at the end of his bed, Mikey could feel the coldness in his room; he slowly woke up to see Frank back.

“What do you want from me? I can't help you, now leave, “Mikey said in anger.

“Yes you can help me, I told you I would come back. It’s not fair why should you be alive, what gives you the right? I never wanted my life to end, I never did anything wrong or bad, and yet I had my life taking away from me, it’s not right, “Frank said while lending over him.

I'm sorry your life got taken away from you, I'm sorry some old guy killed you. But I can't do anything to make that change, I can't help I'm still alive. So Frank you need to leave, “Mikey said while looking right into this eyes.

“I don’t won’t your fucking sorrys! I don’t won’t you to feel bad. You should die also; you have no right to leave. All those other special people I visit I killed them, “Frank said as he grab

Mikey's arms and pin him down. Mikey could feel those cold ice hands on his arm, it almost made his blood freeze, he begins to shake from the cold.

“You don’t wont to kill me, it’s not my fault you died. You can't blame others, it’s no one’s fault besides the guy that killed you. You just can't stand how everyone else is living a normal life and you’re not part of that anymore, now fucking leave! “Mikey said in anger.

Before Frank could reply Mikey's door slammed open, outside of his room stood a very worried Gerard.

" Mikey what the hell is going on? Who the hell you yelling at, “Gerard ask while looking at his brother.

“Frank, he won’t let me go. Get him off of me! I can see ghost and I can talk to them, please help me, “Mikey pleaded out.

“Mikey there's no one on you, now stop saying stuff like this, people think you’re crazy. I woke up thinking there was something wrong when I heard you yelling, now go back to sleep, “Gerard said while walking away.

Mikey knew it he fucking knew no one would believe him, he couldn't be the words that left his mouth, if only he could take it all back. Mikey look to see Frank gone, for once he was happy Gerard came into his room without knocking. Just has he thought it was safe that Frank was really gone this time, he heard that voice.

“I’m not going away that easy, “Frank said while lending down on Mikey.

“You already got me into trouble, now my brother thinks I'm insane. Go away! I don’t care how you feel, your dead, get the fuck over it, “Mikey said while trying to shove off Frank. But he knew better than that, you can't shove off a ghost.

For the first time Frank was taken back no one has ever said that to him, maybe he did need to get over it. He was dead, there was nothing he could change, it was like something in him made him feel again.

" I can't get over it! It's not like I wanted to die! I wanted to live, grow up, get married, live life. And grow old but I can't anymore! I will never see life again, all I know is dead, it’s not fair, “Frank said.

Mikey didn't know if it was possible for ghost to feel something or to even cry but at that point, he could tell Frank was feeling sad, angry.

“I know and it’s not fair, but killing people isn't going to change anything, " Mikey said while hugging Frank. He could feel the coldness hitting him like a ton of bricks, it was enough to take his breath away, after he pull back he just started at Frank.

"I'm sorry I was an asshole before, your right I can't change anything. I've just been so anger for so long, it was the only feeling I ever felt. I will never get to see 21 or even have my first boyfriend, or kiss for that matter, “Frank said while looking away.

Mikey couldn't explain why or maybe the fact it was 4am in the morning that he wasn't thinking straight but he reach other towards Frank and kiss him. His lips were ice cold but yet he could feel them on his lips, as if he was a real person, few seconds later they both pulled back. Maybe talking to ghost wasn't a bad thing after all.

That was six years ago, now Mikey is at an asylum, that next day Gerard told his parents what happen with Mikey, he had no other choice then telling the truth, which his parents sent him here; in hoping he would get better but that never happen. So tonight was like any other night, Mikey was in his small bed, trying to sleep when he heard the familiar voice,

“Hello Mikey,”

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