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For music and words wk1 my entry

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What it says in the title. This week's song 'The Kids From Yesterday'

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Hi from Wales, um, this is for Cosmic Zombie because it was her idea and I’ve respected and admired her and been a fan for months, and she has now asked Ficwadians to write stuff that is inspired by a song. So I figured I should do something and I created an account. This is my first ever poem on here and well…It’s pretty terrible-you have been warned. This was inspired by this week’s song ‘The Kids From Yesterday’ This (great) song makes me happy and sad, but one particular line inspired this poem. ‘Does the television make you feel the pills you ate? Or every person that you need to be?’ I hope this total fail won’t break your computer screen.
Coffee addict x

You tell me I’m not good enough,
That I’m a waste of space.
You relentlessly remind me,
That I don’t belong in this place.

So I put on a show, stitched on a smile.
I destroyed myself, and you watched all the while.

I danced and danced until the mask slid off,
The audience cackled with glee.
They mocked and taunted and jeered at ,
The pieces of what used to be me.

You split your sides, and call me a joke.
You say that all my dreams have gone up in smoke.

So I gave up. Curled up and cried.
I ran away from the façade and lies

I cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore.
I wallowed in self-pity.
Blamed myself, and hated.
What had become of me.

You still watched, entertained,
Watched me like a dog you’d trained

So I met your gaze and screamed, ‘No more!’
And picked myself up from the floor.

I worked and worked until I was done,
And presented for you to see.
That I had put back together,
The pieces that were me.

I’m not the person you thought I was,
Or the one that you wanted me to be.
I’m done with this disguise,
Because now, I AM ME!

I look you in the eye again, this time with a real smile.
And see that that although you’ve been watching, you’ve been silent all the while.

And I know that it’s because I’m free from you,
Free from your scrutiny.
Free to live on my own terms,
Free to be Me.

Review if you want to- Coffee Addict x P.S Lucy A.K.A Cosmic Zombie if you’re reading this I just want to say that you’re awesome XD
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