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Leaves Of September

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You Were Gone Like The Leaves Of September.

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You're gone just like the leaves of September I look at the pictures of use to be that wraps my heart. I know you told me a million times your over me I just wish I could say that same to you. I see myself as a rose that never will bloom again; I let the coffee smell feel the house as if you were still here.

I miss your sweet laugh your prefect smile that could light up my day, I can hear your laugh replay in my head a memory that I cannot seem to let go. Looking out the window watching the wind blow the leaves, thinking of the day we use to be.

I lost count how many times I would pick up the phone my fingers would be ready to press the numbers I just could never bring myself to dial the number. I never tried to move on I keep thinking one day I would wake up and the pain would be gone, deep down I keep hoping you would be on the other side of the bed with your hair barley covering your eyes.

Months have gone by since you left but to me it only seems like yesterday you were walking out of my life, I could feel the pain as if it was happing again. I often look at the door hoping, praying you would be coming back to where you belong.

My heart no longer beats the way it use too my heart use to be in a warm rhythm every time I would see your pale like face my heart would skip a beat. My heart beats coldly now as if my heart make it is self beat just to get through the day.

You're gone just like the warm air in the sky now all that feels the sky is coldness just like you left me. The house has not felt the same ever since you have left every time I would go home I would see your smiling face waiting for, your lips would be on mine just as I walk through the door.

Every day I grow weaker instead of growing stronger, I know I should be moving on just like you, but my heart holds on to many memories. I no longer cry as I use to I do not think I could cry the tears in my eyes are gone just like you.
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