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Everyone Has Fear. Just Not Everyone Goes Insane.

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Fear is something people have everyday people live with fear. After a while, you get over your fear because you realized there was nothing to fear at all. I am not one of those people my fear doesn’t leave me it haunts me every day. I don’t do so well in the dark; you might say I go crazy if you left me in the dark. No one can touch me or something bad will happen. Never ever leave me in public places or you will regret it. I am not a crazy person I’m not insane either. I just don’t won’t to deal with my fears, and if you can do that then everything will be okay.

My Parents sent me here; they got tired of me always going crazy when they left me in the dark. Every doctor said I would some day get over my fear but that was ten years ago and here I am today still living in fear. I’ll be here until I can get over my fear so I’m not going anywhere soon or anywhere at all. People have it worse then me; at least I can go out into the sun and not like some people here. I can look at myself in the mirror and not be afraid what I might see, can’t say that for some people.

I don’t understand some people and there fears I think some time their just making it up but then again I don’t know what’s going through their mind, so who knows maybe they got more problems then I do. I tried to face my fears many times didn’t do any good. The doctor said I should think happy thoughts every time I try to face my fears but there is a problems it’s somewhat hard to do that when you are freaking out. I don’t believe in that any way cause if it was true I think many people would be better, don’t you think? I mean really, who’s is going to believe that, I don’t think many people will. Some day I might have to face my fears, I just hope it won’t be bad as the last time.

I want to get better but I don’t think it will ever happen I mean I’ve done tried lots of times and I fail so I don’t think I’ll be sleeping in the dark anytime soon. Fear is something you just can’t get over in a day and think everything is going to be okay, because your fears will come back one day. I do wish sometimes my fear would go away who doesn't, but it's not that easy I should know. I guess I'll be stuck here forever because I know I won't ever get better, there's not use to even try. But for now, I’m going to sleep with the light on and let no one touch me.

Everyone is afraid of the dark right? Well we all use to be, but for me I hate the dark. Every time I'm alone in the dark I swear I see things, I can't explain but I know their there. People just say it's just your eyes their wrong it's not my eyes playing tricks on me I know there's something there but I'm not going to stick around and see. I don't care if people call me names just because I can't stand the dark, they don't know what goes through my mind when I'm alone in the dark they wouldn't won't to know either.

I have many other fears but the dark is my most common fear that I have. No one ever dares to leave me alone in the dark, not after the last time. I remember when I first came here they left me alone in the dark and I went crazy. I threw things at the door, screaming at the top of my lungs begging to let me out. This went on for hours until I broke the glass window on my door, I finally got out there and ever since then no one lets me be alone in the dark.

People use to ask me why do I go crazy in the dark but I never answer back talking to people isn’t me. I don't like talking to people never have and probably never will. The reason why I don't like people cause I've been hurt by so many people I lost count. They always say I will never hurt you but every one lies. I don't trust people any more, how can you? If you ever been hurt by someone you really love then you would know what I'm talking about.

I'm not a crazy person that should be lock up forever; I just don't do to well in the dark. Every one needs a chance at life I guess but I don't know if I want mine. It's hard living like this can't sleep without the light showing and won't let no one came near me. This isn't life for me but it's my life and I have to live it some how, so why not live my whole life being afraid. What else’s can I do? I tried getting over my fear but I think that only made me more afraid.

I can't help that I have these fears it wasn't like I ask for them, but it happen and I'll only get worst until something bad will happen, who knows maybe it will be for the better. I hate living in fear I'll say it but when you can't over your fear it's the only thing you know how to do is just live in fear and hope that maybe some day it will all go away. But who are we kidding fear never goes away.

I'm bring this back. People like it before. So its back.
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