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What Goes On When the Bus Stops

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What really goes on when the bus stops and Frankie and Gee go to the gas station to get coffee and Skittles?

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"RAY!! Pull over!!"
For the fifteenth time that day, the fuzzy-haired guitarist for world-renowned rock band My Chemical Romance pulled the van in to a truck stop to let the youngest member out.
"Frank, seriously, this is the fifteenth time we've had to pull over to let you use the bathroom. Are you okay?" Mikey Way, the bassist, asked the short, red-and-black haired guitarist.
"I'm fuckin' fine, I just need to piss and buy Skittles."
"Guys, don't question him, you don't question the dude who's buying us Skittles," Gerard said. Frank grinned up at the singer who had felt him up many, many times and dashed into the service station. As he ran into the bathroom, he sent a text to Gerard.
"Come now."
"Guys, I'm just gonna go get some coffee," Gerard announced as he pulled on his jacket stepped off the bus. Little did he know that the rest of the band were suspicious of his and Frank's motives and had placed a microchip on his jacket that enabled them to hear and see what was going on. What they heard and saw was quite disturbing.
"You need to control your hormones, young man."
"Not my fault I go hard over watching you eat a doughnut."
"You could at least jack yourself off."
"What fun would that be?"
"It'd be a hell of a lot easier for me."
"Admit it, Gee, you like getting me hard so you can fuck me.
The two guys start making out passionately in the bathroom, then making out turned into-
"TURN IT OFF!!" Mikey howled in disgust.
"FRANK, YOU HORNY BASTARD!!" Ray screamed.
"That was actually kinda hot," Bob admitted sheepishly.
"Oh, sweet mother of God...." Ray let his head fall into his hands. Just then, a sweaty guitarist and a dazed singer entered the van.
"You two had fun? Funny, Frank, I don't see any Skittles with you." Mikey raised an eyebrow at Frank's lack of bags.
"And Gee, no coffee?" Ray couldn't help but let an evil smirk climb across his face. Both guilty parties turned bright red.
"Let's face it- you fucked him in a gas station bathroom, we saw it." Bob broke the awkward silence.
"How?" Frank didn't sound annoyed, he sound intrigued.
"Microchip on Gee's jacket enabled us to see and hear EVERYTHING that went on," Ray explained.
Needless to say, at the next concert My Chemical Romance played, the amount of stage gay was amped up and at the end, a sweaty Gerard proclaimed of the blossoming romance between himself and the Skittles-loving midget. Funnily enough, Mikey and Bob later announced their love too. The twist is that they were all married. (Luckily, LynZ and Jamia had a thing going for each other so that wasn't too much of a problem. No one really knows what happened to Alicia, though. Rumor has it that she went off with Ray.) Yes, there were a few divorces in the end but everyone ended up with their true loves (except Ray, whose true love was Adam Lambert).
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