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The Flame

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I lit a candle and made this

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It can mean so many things.

As it exists in the smooth orb of light,
A slight flicker now and then,
It emits peace.

As it roars across forests and towns,
A never ending ocean of orange,
It causes terror.

As it sits in a temple,
Flickering with prayers,
It aids religion.

As it dances on a cold night,
Inside a circle of people chattering,
It gives warmth.

As it floats through the sky,
For all to see,
It shows it’s life.

As it causes pain and suffering,
People in hospital only see one thing,

The flame of a candle,
The flame of a campfire,
The flame of an oven,
The flame of the Olympic torch.

As its beauty decides people around the world,
Tricking them with bright colours and happy memories,
It will one day burn.

The bright orange and yellow,
Will one day scorch.

The flickering peace,
Will one day be broken.

The sounds of muttered prayers,
Will one day turn to screams.

One day.
One day beauty will be covered by darkness
And we will all see what the beauty was hiding.

so i was bored and decided to light a candle and write something... i was suposed to comtinue with my stories, but it's been a while since i wrote a poem :)

please R&R

BB xXx
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