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In the Center of a Restaurant

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Oneshot. Let's fix up these broken cracks, babes.

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Gerard's Bit
I sighed and slouched against a wall. Valentines Day. Who actually came up with such a shitty holiday?! And today was meant to be my ONE day off! I worked nearly 24/7 at this restaurant, I deserve one day off. And they had to choose TODAY to call me in. The day I had to watch douchebag guys make out with whores for at least twelve hours. Sigh. I waited for someone else to come through the door, another greaseball who I had to place in a seat. Not like I fucking cared. They could sit on the floor for all I was worth. My phone buzzed, telling me I had a text. I pulled it out of my pocket.
Chelsea- Having fun over there, Gee? Don't worry, I'll stay here until you find a sexy gir- wait, you're gay. Oops. ;)
I grinned and replied.
Gerard- Hey, hey, don't be too insensitive. I'll be here until you find a sexy gu- wait, I forgot, you're lesbian. Oops. Take that :P
Chelsea- Gee, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm bi. Not les.
Gerard- Suuuuuure.
Chelsea- Says the gay guy.
Gerard- Ack, customer, be right back.

I sighed and shoved my phone back in my pocket. For the bazillionth time, I showed a couple to their pink-silk covered table. I decided that door duty was too boring, and I swapped with Lisa, one of my bitchy colleagues, for the oh-so-wonderful job of waiting round for someone to call on me to bring the bill or take plates away. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick message to my little brother, Mikey.
Gerard- Mikey, I'll be home maybe 11, 12? So sorry, baby. I love you little bro.
Mikey- S'alright Gee. Andy and Chloe are over and Chloe's wondering where you are ;)
Mikey- I think so. She's one of those dumb blondes that think you can cure gayness by being slutty.

I laughed, but was stopped by a breathtaking sight. Wow. Wow.
Frank's Bit
I scowled and stomped down the stairs to my favorite restaurant. The food was good, and food was all I had left to care about. My black hair flopped in my eyes and for once I didn't swear and push it back, I let it cover my eyes. I was pissed. Majorly pissed. Turns out my 'missing' mom had ended up becoming a New York hooker, living with whatever man-slut she found on the street corner. I was fucking disgusted. And, my 'dead' dad had became a drug seller in Seattle. And hey, why not add to the incredible anger by saying my boyfriend cheated on me. Why was this shit happening to me? I stood at the door of the restaurant angrily, waiting for the cheesy waitress to show me to a seat.
"Good evening, sir, a table for-" She began.
"Table for one, and don't you fucking dare ask me to join any promotions, HelloMyNameIsLisaHowMayIHelpYou?" I crossly read her name tag. She huffed and pointed at a table. She must be a newbie here. Ooh, so was the tall dark-haired guy over there... Wow. He was hot. Which was a change from the ugly guys they usually employed. I fell into my seat and the hot guy must've noticed me because he came straight over. "Hey there." He smirked. "Hey there HelloMyNameIsGerardHowMayIHelpYou." I read his name tag.
"Call me Gerard. Gee if you want to get sassy." I was unsure about this guy, but fuck, he was hot. He must be straight though.. Damn. For a gay guy, life was hard.
"Alright then, Gee. What's good on the buffet menu?" I asked, slyly winking.
"Well, the vegetarian stuffed peppers with a side of me are good." He grinned.
"You know what?" I stood up and grabbed his hand. "You're coming with me, sexy." I pulled him out of the restaurant and to the deserted bathroom.
"You're gay?" He asked. I nodded.
"Good." Then he kissed me. It was rough and sexy and breathy and I loved it. It's not every day a sexy waiter pulls you into a bathroom and decides to snog your pants off. My pants. Right. My pants re way too fucking tight. Gerard slid his warm, moist tongue over my bottom lip.
"F-Fuck, Gee.." I moaned into his mouth, grinding my hips against his. He ground against me equally powerfully... Holy fuck.

Gerard's Second Bit (Honestly, he's an attention whore..)

So far tonight I had pulled a sexy guy into the bathroom and fucking made out with him. Jesus Christ. And now I was hard and apparently so was he and BLARGHALUBABUB.
"I-I want you..." His squeak was just so fucking sexy. It was unfair!! It's not legal to be that sexy!!! And with that, I gently slid off his pants. I'm not going to describe his legs because you'd get jealous and slap for me having such a sexy beast with me. Which I was completely guilty off. Smirking up at him, I licked his tip. And I swear, for the next 20 minutes, everybody else in the restaurant could hear us.
** awkward time skip coz boysex and I can only RP that shit, bro****
I stumbled out of the cubicle, hair messed up. Frank gave me an evil smirk.
"See ya round, sugar."
He slipped a piece of paper onto the sink, grabbed me and kissed me roughly and went. I think I love Valentine's Day now.....
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