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Chapter Eight: Over the Edge

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Devin recieves a phone call that pushes her over the edge.

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The next day, Pete, Andy and Joe all came over to Patrick's house to celebrate Devin's freedom.
"Semi-freedom," said Joe, "Seeing as how she found Pat here a couple days later."
Patrick and Devin laughed and hugged each other close.
"Any one up for game cube?" Andy asked.
Joe sat down on the floor next to Andy and the two started a game of Mario Cart.
"I'm gonna go get my guitar." Announced Patrick, standing up. He fetched it from his room and came out to the living room. He sat in the ugly green arm chair and began to play and sing along to "Dance, dance." Peter and Devin were playing some kind of patty cake game over on the couch, and every time one of them would mess up, they would laugh hysterically. Patrick smiled faintly as he finished the song. Everything seemed to be back to normal. Devin was the girl he remembered from high school, happy and bubbly. Of course, there were now a few scars and cuts...but she was beautiful none the less. He started to play "Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued," a song that always made him happy.
Joe cried out in frustration as he lost the game, and Andy laughed.
"Hey, do you guys wanna get some fried chicken?" Patrick asked, setting down his guitar.
"Yeah!" Joe and Andy agreed, switching off the gamecube.
"I'll stay here." Devin said.
Patrick glanced at Pete.
"I'll stay, too."
"Ok, we'll be right back, there's a KFC just down the street." Patrick said, and him, Joe and Andy all headed out the door.
Devin leaned into Pete and he put his arm around his shoulder.
"Doesn't this feel weird now that you have a boyfriend?" he mumbled.
"No. Friendship cuddle and a boyfriend/girlfriend cuddle are two different things."
They sat like that for a long time, thinking.
"I'm gonna go make some Lemonade for when lunch gets here." Pete announced, standing up.
"Ok." Devin sank into the couch as Pete left. Her cell phone that was on the coffee table in front of her began to vibrate, and she picked it up and opened it.
She went pale.
"So you came and got all your stuff out. I'm going to find you, wherever you are. And if you're with that Patrick, I'm gonna slit his throat. " He snapped viciously, and the line went dead. Devin slowly closed her cell phone. She was so scared...she caught her reflection in the living room window and stared at her face, with its cuts and bruises.
"I'm ugly." She whispered out loud, and she stood up and walked into the bathroom. She closed the door, and looked around the room. She found Patrick's razor sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She slowly pulled the blade out of its slot. It sliced the flesh across her wrist, and tears began to stream down her face. But this time she didn't stop at one...she slit her wrist several more time, and then raised her other hand. Blood was seeping down her arms. She raised the blade to her wrist one more time and cut the deepest gash across it...suddenly she felt light headed...dizzy...she fell to the ground and everything went black.
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