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The joys of Parenthood

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They're like, gonna be parents!

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Franks POV
"Can you have beer at a baby shower?" I ponder aloud.
"Well you could, but you won't be drinking any of it." Gerard replies striding into the room with a bowl of peanuts. "But why not? It would be my party." I point out.
"Actually it's a baby shower, so it's a party for the baby. And don't even use the, I'm drinking for two excuse. You get wasted, your guests will have child services at our door before you can say the contractions are coming." Jesus, he's a moody son of a gun. I return to the mystical world of google and scroll down the list of most popular baby names. "No, no." Gerard snatches the mouse. "I don't want a popular name, an individual name is much better, always."

Jessica, no. Hollie, no. Lucy, no. Samuel, no. Jack, no. And jasper? Ermm, maybe. "We need to narrow it down. What names are you liking?" I ask Gerard, I'm so tired I could sleep. Wait a minute, that's, oh ignore that, I'm just super exhausted okay? If lumbering around another person wasn't work, trying to attatch a name to it surely was. " I like Jameson for a boy, and for a girl I like Beula, like bee you la. It's so not popular! And we could call her Bee for short." I actually like that. Bee. And Gee. Bee, Gee and Me! God, I'm so creative. I hope he meant Jameson was if it was a boy, because we are not calling a girl Jameson. "Cool, I like Kyle for a boy and Ivy for a girl." I smiled at him. We had decided two names each and then our child's first and middle name were sorted. So, it's Beula Ivy Iero Way or Ivy Beula way... Actually that's way too similar to beyonces baby's name, damn her for choosing the name I like. So it's Beula Ivy or Jameson Kyle or Kyle Jameson. Finally, we have progress!

"I need veggie sausages." My eyes snap open. 3.3Oam and I need food? Oh and Mr skinny, hot and sexy over here's fast asleep. Well I guess I'd better cook then, if I don't burn this frigging house down.

I sneak into the kitchen and fumble for the light switch, only to be bitten on the ankles. "Rat! Rat! Geraaardddddd!" I shriek as the lights suddenly come on and standing in front of me is the elusive Mikey Way with a dog that looks like a rat and endless bags of his clothes strewn around the floor.
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