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People I Know

by SyraStrange 1 review

I've made it, you see, I'm still in one piece, stitched up by a girl, who tried just like me.

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About my friends and I. Badly written angsty poetry. Enjoy~


The people I know
Are broken and worn
Their faces all sagging
And self images torn

They are my friends
Those quiet girls
Who pretend to smile
And laugh in whirls

They have broken things
To match their broken hearts
Broken families, broken dreams
Broken items bursting at the seams

I can fix them
I thought,
Aching with the broken
Dreams, hopes and hearts
What can't I do
With all this good I can cart

For a while
It went as expected
I set off on a journey
To save all that was broken

Little did I know
With all the words I had spoken
All the comfort I had gave
And all the stitches I made
I was digging my own grave

I did not realize
Until I fell apart
With all that I had given
I was breaking at the start

I was also a quiet girl
A child who went over too deep
Who ran up a mountain
When the slope was much too steep

I tripped my way up
I'll find a way down
But not without bruising
And hurting and aching
A shadowed path to the ground

I've made it, you see
I'm still in one piece
Stitched up by a girl
Who tried just like me

I'm still bleeding
Still scarred
But I'll bear the scars with pride
Just to know I'm not scared
To keep living this life

I've held myself together
With string and glue
Tangled up in a web
I hardly even knew

The people I know
They are just like me
They breath and they sigh
With things that they are working to be

I am not a hero
As you can plainly see
I'm a person I thought I knew
An assumption with a fee

I took these girls
Who were broken and worn
I took them in
And helped them mourn

They were broken for a reason
I knew it for a fact
That they had lost something of theirs
That wasn't coming back

I knew this very well
And after a period of time
There was a very reason of that
But I waited for time itself to tell

And time did speak its tale
In deafening volumes
My trip was nearly over
My ship had already sailed

I knew their loss
And their pain
Because I myself
Had some loss to blame

Blame my quest
To save people I know
On the loss
That refused that I grow

I was still a child
I was still deluded
I could fix a person
When myself was not included

The toys are scattered
The boys have all gone home
And I realize while writing this,
I was never alone

The people I know
They are just like me
They dream and they grow
They are my own stitched-up family

We're sisters and brothers
Born from broken everythings
We're friends and we're lovers
Grown in better anythings

We are scarred
We put up a fight
And in the midst of it all
The future is still looking


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