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Dating Worries

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Mikey prepares for his date with Pete and Gerard gets confronted by Frank.

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A/N: This isn't my best writing but I was scared Megan, who is destinationdestroya as I've mentioned before, would bite my head off if I didn't update this.

-Mikey’s POV-

I woke up and instantly realised that it was Saturday. It was the day of my date with Pete Wentz, the handsome guy from the street who actually wanted to go out with me. Even though he wasn’t picking me up until eight in the evening I started rushing around like a maniac on unicorn drugs. I needed help or I was going to explode from my panicking. I picked up my phone, forgetting about my fear of the old demon possessing it, and dialled the number.

“Hello…?” I heard Patrick’s sleepy morning voice. Luckily for me it was one of the days he was at home and probably eating a shit load of pancakes.

“Patrick! I need help, I have a date tonight and I need to look as sexy as possible and-“

“Mikey, I get it,” he cut me off from my annoying ramblings; “I’ll be over in, like, an hour or something. Okay?”

“THANK YOU!” I literally shouted down the phone. He muttered something bitter that I didn’t quite catch and hung up.

For an hour and a half I was fretting about the different ways I could accidentally kill Pete with a fork. It could happen! You never know how easy it could be to kill what can only be described as perfection with a fork. Finally Patrick arrived to help me regain some of my sanity as well as help me in the looks department. I screamed his name and proceeded to jump on him.

“Hey Mikes!” he said as I stopped hugging, well it was more like throttling, him.

“You’re here, you can make me look sexy!” I squealed, instantly realising how cringy that sounded and mentally hitting myself in the face with a couple hundred sharp pointy things.

“Yeah, I guess…” he said, it was obvious that I had weirded him out a lot. “Who are you going on a date with anyway?”

“He’s called Pete, I crashed into him the other day and he asked me out and of course I just had to say yes to him because seriously, he is hot!” I babbled, beaming.

“Awh, Mikey, you love him!” he teased and I replied by hitting him.

“Shut up! I hardly know him and this is our first date. I can’t be in love with him!” I was now blushing which just made Patrick smirk in the most irritating way a person could smirk. I rolled my eyes and he just shrugged. “So, help me?” I asked.

We then went into my bedroom and the following couple of hours just consisted of me trying on multiple outfits while Patrick questioned me about Pete. Quite a few of the questions resulted in me blushing a lot. He was asking things like whether I was planning on shagging him or not and if I had imagined him naked. Okay, the answer to both of those was yes but that didn’t make it any less embarrassing to be asked!

“There,” Patrick finally said to me after the millionth outfit change, “You look smoking now!”

-Gerard’s POV-

Frank Iero was in my apartment. He was screaming his perfect little ass off at me. I didn’t even know what I had done! All that I had managed to gather from the screeching was something about my facebook profile which made no sense. Hang on…

What the fuck did Brendon do to me this time!?

While Frank was still in the middle of his screaming I grabbed my laptop and turned it on, which only made the man in front of me angrier, before quickly logging into my facebook. I got to my profile as quickly as the system would allow me to.

Fucking hell.

“Shit,” I muttered.

“What was that!?” shrieked Frank.

“Shit,” I said slightly louder, “I didn’t post this, there is no way in hell I would post anything like this even as a joke. I’ll bet everything that I own that this was Brendon’s work.”

“And why would he sink that low?” questioned Frank with a threatening glare.

“Heh,” I awkwardly rubbed the back of my neck, “I kind of wrote on his blog that he’s gay…”

“That was bitchy of you.”

“Well I had to! He told everyone that I’m in gay love with you!”


-Pete’s POV-

I managed to get Mikey to the place of our date without him crashing into too many walls or doors or people. He was blindfolded you see, I wanted it to be a surprise so I could make it the best first date ever.

“Seriously, where are we?” he kept asking over and over. I was being incredibly vague and it was obviously irritating him. Finally we got to our destination and I smiled before stepping in front of him and removing his blindfold. I also carefully placed his glasses back onto his adorable little face.

“Welcome to the gay bar!” I exclaimed as his eyes filled with excitement and amusement.

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