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Death of Goldar

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An immortal decides to fight Goldar to the death, with a legendary sword, what will Tommy and the rest of the Turbo Rangers do?

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This is a crossover with Highlander and Power Rangers

I created this series a while back let's see what the people here think of it.
Beta work done by Shieldage.


Tommy shook himself off as he looked at the figure before him. He had fought this opponent many times before and they always managed to leave it at a draw despite his opponent’s constant superior attitude. “What are you doing back monkey boy?” He asked, as he stood back up more warily than he normaly would, after an energy attack had nearly fried him.

“Simple, Tommy, I have come back to finish a piece of business.”

“Really, and what would that be, you tin plated baboon?”

“Why, your destruction of course Red Ranger.” Even though the figure in front of him stood straight and tall like a human, with a height slightly above six feet, his blackish blue face most closely resembled a monkey's. It had red eyes, razor sharp fangs, and gold plated armor that covered everything on him except for his face, and the pair of wings on his back, that allowed the monster before him to fly through the air.

Tommy, on the other hand, was a well-muscled eighteen-year-old young man, just shy of graduation, with long brown hair. He held a cold look in his eyes, as he faced the creature before him. “So what, Rita and Zedd finally decided to give you some time off, and you decide to blow it all on a fight with me? Guess you really have lost it, if that’s the story with you, Goldar.” The teen mocked at the creature before him with a smirk.

“Come, Red Ranger, I don’t have time to play games,” Goldar drew his sword, a heavy looking broadsword with, a golden hilt that matched his armor.

“If you say so, Goldar,” Tommy smirked as he raised his wrist. “Shifting to Turbo,” he cried, his entire body engulfed in a red light. When it faded Tommy Oliver was gone and in his place stood the Red Turbo Ranger, his sword half-drawn, ready to face the monster that was becoming a bane to him. “All right, Goldar,” his voice filtered through the speakers. “Let’s finish this, once and for all.”

Sneering, the Titan taunted: “My thoughts exactly, Red Ranger, but do you really need two swords?”

“Fine,” the Turbo Ranger said, as he drew his Turbo blade and tossed it to the side, then readied himself with his Lighting Blade.

“So honorable,” Goldar mocked before he attacked, knocking Tommy back with his sheer strength.

“So, have you been working out?” Tommy asked as he strained against the strength being thrown against him, as the swords locked this time.

“Not really, Tommy, but I doubt you weak humans would know the difference.” The two pulled back and struck again, their blows now causing sparks to rise up from where they hit their opponent. Tommy swung again, but when Goldar ducked the blow and came up with his own reverse held strike, the hilt caught him under the helmet and the blade followed against his chest, causing the Red Ranger to fly into a pile of rocks. He suffered more damage, as he slammed against the stone.

“Face it, Tommy, you’ve lost.” Goldar gloated. When he shot another set of energy beams at the Red Ranger, even the part that missed striking him directly turned the rock around him into a hail of a hundred miniature bullets, the onslaught causing the ranger's damaged armor to spark even more. “And now we end this, Ranger, I finally get to do what I should have done when you were in Rita’s service, and put you out of my misery.” The monster prepared to plunge the blade into the Red Turbo Ranger’s gut, when a surprisingly airborne rock arced at the creature, hitting him in the eye. “Who dares to throw stones at me,” the General cried, jerking in the direction the stone had come from.

“I do, Goldar,” someone said and at first Tommy thought it was Adam or one of the other Rangers coming to his rescue, having, somehow, found out about this fight. When his eyes focued on the figure, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Instead of four people in Ranger armor with weapons drawn, there stood a lone man in motorcycle leathers, his face hidden behind a red helmet with a darkened visor. “I challenge you, Goldar, general of Empress Rita and Lord Zedd. To battle, to the complete and utter destruction of the other.”

“Very well, human, I don’t know who you are, but I will tear you apart.” Goldar bared his fangs at the person before him.

“We shall see, Goldar. Where shall we meet?” The guy took Goldar’s threats well at least.

“On the cliffs, over looking the ocean, warrior. There shall we fight, till the other one is gone from this plane of existence.”

“Agreed,” the man said. He pulled out a sword with a golden handle, and five gems in the handle, Goldar took an uncertain step back as he eyed the weapon. The man just raised the blade till it was in front of him, and saluted the monster before him. “Until we meet, Goldar, perhaps you will even spare the Power Ranger, so you can show him your true power.”

“Yes, warrior,” Goldar said on regaining his bluster. “I shall show him what it means to be a true fighter, tomorrow.” Goldar shot one final look of hatred at Tommy, before disappearing in a flash of light.

Groaning, Tommy pulled himself up and tried to follow the man, but his legs gave out. The strange man, who hadn’t yet spared a glance at him, sheathed his weapon onto his back, where it had rested before. “Listen to me,” the Red Ranger said. “I appreciate the save and all, but you don’t have to do this. Let us handle this.”

The figure looked him over slowly, then kneeled down on one leg so that they were eye to eye before he answered. “You have had your chance Ranger, all of you Rangers did. You couldn’t stop him, so now I will do the job that you cannot bring yourselves to do.” The man got up, and walked away, leaving the beaten Power Ranger to stare in surprise.

Alpha,” Tommy groaned as he slipped the rest of the way down to the ground. “Teleport me to the Command Center.”

“Sure thing, Tommy, my main man,” the robot responded and the Red Ranger disappeared in a red flash of light.

“What has happened, Tommy?” Dimitria asked, as she hovered in her usual spot, when the Red Ranger, reappeared in the auxiliary command room.

“Goldar’s back, and he’s somehow gotten himself amped up,” the Red Ranger reported as he deactivated the morph.

“How did you manage to escape him, Tommy?”

“He got distracted by some guy with a sword,” he explained. “Alpha, run the images in the helmet cam, till you find a long sword with five different colored jewels in the hilt.”

“You got it, my man,” the robot said. Tommy shook his head; the Alpha 6 model was more human, but sometimes he missed the efficient slang-less Alpha 5 that was with Zordon. "Here we are," the robot said, bringing the image of the sword into view as the other rangers chose that moment to beam in.

“Tommy!” Kat said, as she rushed to her boyfriend, “what happened to you?”

“Goldar decided to pay me back for all of the times I’ve managed to beat him, or come to a draw,” he said, then told them about the fight, the stranger, and the challenge.

“That guy, is crazy,” Justin said

“You should have called us, man,” Adam said as he knelt down beside Kat and began checking his team leader over for injuries that might be hidden.

“Sorry about that, I was a little busy.”

“Rangers, behold the viewing globe,” Dimitria said as the sword Tommy had seen in the stranger's hand appeared.

"What is it?" Justin asked.

“That, young Justin, is the Sword of Power, it is easily more powerful than any weapon that you as Power Rangers have used.”

“Where did it come from?” Tanya asked as she looked at the sword in appreciation.

“It comes from the city of Atlantis, where its holder, the Lady of the Lake, lives”.

“Whoa, hold on, the Lady of the Lake? Like, King Arthur, and Excalibur.” Kat questioned curiously.

“Yes Katherine, the Sword of Power, and Excalibur, are one, and the same.”

“Wait a minute, you mean to tell me, that some guy dressed as a biker, has a sword more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen?” Justin said ignoring the novelty of the origins of the mighty weapon.

“Yes, I shall talk with the Lady of the Lake later, right now Rangers, you must go out into the city and find this biker, and convince him to relinquish the sword.”

“And if we don’t find him, or can’t talk him out of it?” Adam asked.

“Then you must take it, for the blade will eventually kill the wielder, due to its sheer power.”

“Great, the most powerful weapon, really is a two edged blade.” Tommy complained as he pulled himself back up to his feet.

“Tommy, you stay here, we’ll call you if we find him,” Kat said.
“You need to gain your strength back, right now though, or you’ll never have the strength, to pay Goldar back.” “We’ll call you if we find him, alright?”

“Alright,” Tommy agreed, before they disappeared in a flash of color. Silently, he watched Dimitria talk with some blue skinned woman whom he assumed was the Lady of the Lake.

“The warrior, who took the sword, was able to face all of the challenges, my dear,” the woman said with the same kind of regal bearing as Dimitria.

“But the sword should never be used like a toy,” the other being argued.

“Has this warrior shown any misuse of the weapon that was entrusted to him?”

“No, but such a weapon is dangerous.”

“We shall see my dear, but know this, he has my blessing to mete out justice with the blade that I entrusted to Arthur so long ago.

“I hope you do not regret the choice you made, my Lady,” Dimitria said before ending the communication.

“You have not found the man yet?”

“No, all we’ve found has been a lot of biker gangs getting in our faces,” Adam said, “I think he’s just going to be waiting on the cliffs tomorrow, on the cliffs for Goldar.”

“Very well, go home, and try to rest. Rangers, be ready to take a superior version of Goldar.”

“Right,” Tommy said. They all teleported back to the surf shack, to spend a bit of time unwinding, before they headed home to sleep, though they would most likely be worrying most of the night as well.

“So, any idea why this guy has such a mad on to take Goldar down?” Justin asked, as he took a long pull from his drink.

“None, unless it’s the fact that Goldar has probably caused the most damage to Angel Grove, out of all of the monsters that have been sent down. Maybe this guy figured it was enough.” Rocky guessed.

“I guess we’ll find out tomorrow," Tommy said, as he gave Kat one last kiss before offering to give Justin a ride home. The Rangers all woke early that day, fortunately it was a Saturday, so they were able to go down to the beach without any problems. They stopped at the Command Center, to receive any last moment instructions that Dimitria would give them before they morphed. They arrived just in time to see the motorcycle rider finish his stretches. Goldar arrived moments later.

“Greetings Ranger’s,” the space monkey nodded. “Shall we do this? I have Power Rangers to destroy.”

“Fine,” the biker said. As he drew the blade and tossed the sheath to the ground, he swung the blade in a lazy arc, as if he was going to take his opponent by surprise with a sneak attack to the leg or shoulder. Snarling, Goldar rushed the human, who easily ducked under the blow and repaid the assault with a knee to the stomach followed by a quick kick to the back of the knee. Somewhat off-balance, Goldar tried a backswing, but the man just leaned his weight to the other side and brought the hilt of his weapon down on the alien’s elbow. Goldar snarled in surprise and pain, but did not drop his weapon, and, as he came around, he successfully clipped his opponent on the shoulder with the side of his hand, the blow staggering the man.

This is crazy,” Tommy said as he watched the man get back up. “Goldar is already strong enough as it is, no human can possibly match him one on one, no matter what weapon they have.”
Goldar struck a hard downward blow that would have sliced through the guy’s shoulder and maybe all the way down but, even though the guy was staggered by the force, he deflected the blow. The man was getting in a lot of decent and powerful blows, but without the benefit of Ranger armor the guy was fighting a losing battle. The man spun under another swipe and this time he actually drew blood. Snarling in anger, Goldar's next punch cracked the visor that covered his face, but the helmet was somehow able to absorb most of the blow.

“We’re not allowed to help, Tommy,” Kat said in a pained voice, as she watched the guy use Goldar as a board to roll on and back around, his upward strike sending sparks across the golden armor. “No matter how much or little he needs.”

Seeing an opportunity, Goldar grabbed the man's sword arm in his large grip. The Rangers all winced when they heard the cracking of bones, but despite the pain the man wouldn’t release the mighty blade. “Not bad human, but I win.” Goldar snarled, shoving his blade into the gut of the man. Twisting him bodily to the side he kicked the man off the blade into empty air. The shocked Power Rangers watched the body fall slowly down the cliff and faster down to the beach, finally rolling into the ocean, disappearing from sight. “He fought well,” the alien said, “had he been a Ranger, I might have actually had trouble.”

“You still do, lad,” said a voice with a heavy Scottish accent as its owner stepped forward, from behind a large boulder. The newcomer had a large trench coat on and a white handled katana in his hand, while another sword was strapped to his waist.

“Do you intend to challenge me as well, human,” Goldar sneered.

“Me? Nay lad, but I think ye should finish one fight, before ye start another.” The Scotsman pointed with his blade, at an object that was coming ashore. Goldar stared in amazement as the figure limped back on to dry land. Even after he'd been thrown to a watery grave, the man still had his sword in hand.

“I will not fail this time,” Goldar swore as he jumped after the figure. Not hesitating the Rangers followed quickly behind, landing on a nearby hill, away from the fighting. The two rushed each other again, the arm that Goldar had either cracked or broken was now healed as well.

“This is really weird,” Justin said as they watched the human continue to dance around the space monkey. They gasped in horror when the man seemed to die twice more, once through a blow to the heart and another when he appeared to be smothered under the sand, before he got back up as if from sleep, attacking again. The man’s leather outfit was now in shreds as he continued to fight, a hole in his helmet large enough to leave one of his eyes exposed. Goldar’s armor was covered in burn marks where the powerful sword had struck.

As if on some prearranged signal the man tore the remains of his top off, revealing bronzed skin and a dragon tattoo. His new, harder attack started with a kick and a strike to the alien's face, then a palm strike to the chest. When the alien took a step back to regain his breath and composure, the ancient sword swung out at incredible speeds, striking the armor and leaving even larger burn marks.

“Time to make sure you stay here,” the man said and then he was flipping over the alien, striking blindly, or so it seemed. Goldar howled in agony and he fell to the ground in pain, the rangers standing in disbelief, as one of Goldar’s long wings now lay on the ground between the two fighters. A small puddle of blood formed on the alien's back.

“I will feast on your heart, human!” Goldar cried in pain filled rage, as he swung blindly. Suddenly the man had him in an odd hold that had both their swords tangled up. The man’s sword was on his shoulders right over his neck while Goldar’s sword just stuck. When the swords broke free Goldar swung again, while the masked man spun instead and suddenly Goldar’s head was flying through the air, as he came back around. The blood went flying as the head and body parted, going their own directions. The head rolled away, till it stopped in front of the Rangers, stump side up, showing the insides of the cruel creature. The Power Rangers stared into the remains of one of their worst enemies, then tore their helmets off and began puking as they fell to the ground on their knees.

“What right did you have, to do that?” Tommy finally managed to ask, as he looked at the panting figure.

“I had every right, Tommy,” the figure said. “Yes, I know each of you." He spun around and headed into the ocean, till he was knee deep in the water. “Thank you Lady, I hope I never have need to call on your weapon again.” When he flung the sword he'd used to kill Goldar toward the ocean, a hand jutted out and caught the blade, then sank back to wherever they had come from.

“Ye did him proud, lad,” the Scotsman said and as he came down he pulled the spare sword out of his belt and handed it to him. The other man tucked the sword away and watched the Power Rangers help each other up. He began unstrapping his helmet, the rangers waiting in shock as he pulled the helmet up, slowly, trying to avoid the glass shards that were hanging out.

“Jason!” They all said in disbelief, as they saw the former leader of the Power Rangers, toss the now broken helmet into a nearby trash bin.

“Hey guys,” he said, a grim smile on his face as he looked at the gathered Rangers.

Tommy steeled himself, then grabbed his best friend's arm. “Jason we can’t let you just do something like that, then walk away.”

“Actually, you can.” Jason said glaring at his friend, “I broke no laws, and I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t human; my only problem, was that the kid,” he nodded at Justin, “had to see that, or is it just nicer when they blow up? And you don’t have to worry about the consequences of killing? So, how about you back out of a situation you can’t win.”

Nodding, Tommy released his friend, wondering what could have happened to the man who used to lead the Power Rangers.

“You ready Highlander?” Jason asked, looking at the mystery man

“Aye lad, let’s go.”

Tommy watched him get back up, with only a sad casual wave to them, before they jumped onto a pair of motorbikes that had been sitting off to the side, what had happened to my bro, was his thought, as they drove off.
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