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Eleven a.m. to 6 p.m. was Ryan's work schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the library. It's not like he had much to do there either. It was a pretty self-explanatory job. Simply cleaning books, re-shelfing videos and books into their proper place. It was an easy job, and an easy schedule that Ryan always had time for. However, the distance between the library and Ryan’s home was a bit far. He didn’t own a car, so it always took half an hour to walk to and from the library. Ryan didn’t mind the walk.

Before leaving the library, Ryan gathered up his things into his small messenger bag as he watched the small television in the back room. The weatherman said it was going to be cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Ryan hated rain. It ruined his neatly straightened hair that took him forty minutes in the morning to perfect. With a small goodbye wave to his boss, Ryan quickly walked out of the library and onto the streets. The sky was a dark purple, and light blue. He shivered as he wrapped his thin, gray sweater around himself tightly.

Ryan never saw many people out on the streets whenever he walked home. He’d see about two or three people walking out of restaurants and into their cars. Maybe four or five cars on the road. Tonight, the roads were empty. He could see a few people standing behind a tree, or leaning against a car. Ryan ignored them, thinking that they were high school kids heading someplace. The wind was starting to pick up, which annoyed Ryan as his bangs were flying the opposite way. Ryan groaned, stopping in his tracks as he adjusted his hair, and pulled his hood over his head.

Right when his hair was fixed, Ryan sighed in content. Until his hood was pulled back, making Ryan pout and reach back to pull it back on. He couldn’t pull it, there was someone holding it down. Ryan bit his lip, turning his head around to the shadow behind him. There stood a tall, thin man was long brown hair, grinning at Ryan. Ryan tried his best not to show his fear, instead trying to pass a pissed off look.

“What?” Ryan asked, yanking his hood angrily, quickly pulling it on. He’s never been confronted with someone in the streets when he was walking home.

The man had a wide grin, showing off two rows of perfectly straight, white teeth. Ryan turned halfway before noticing something about the man’s mouth. A sharp fang on each side of his mouth.


I'll continue this story if I get positive reviews. :P
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