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He was a Hatter, and a Mad one at that.

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Ryan spots a cup of tea and lad that is so very fond of it. "Monsters exist in their world as much as they do in ours."

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A minuscule version of the boy with the honey eyes and battered heart waded through the ocean of florescent grass. Around the bend seemed to be a lot father away than it first looked, but then he saw the small clove of flowers and onward he went. As he approached he could hear screams and shout and frantic waving of leaves and stems; along with the top of two long, white ears. The rabbit was chewing on a helpless daisy who shrieked as he gobbled her up, then moved onto a tulip with two small buds.

"Excuse me, uh, rabbit?" It turned it's now large body and faced the small boy, perched on it's back feet with the same intense red eyes.

"Jon told me you would take me to a hatter." The beast hopped over to Ryan, making a thunderous sound that shook him, and bent down to sniff the boy with his soft, white nose. Approving of the boy the white rabbit turned to the side to allow Ryan to climb on top and grab a hold of him. Thinking it would be a nice, little ride he was surprised and holding on for dear life when the rabbit took off in full sprint. He could hear a fading cheering of the flowers, thanking him for saving them. But Ryan wasn't a hero, he could never be a hero. The scenery went whizzing by as the rabbit make it's way, finally stopping at a patch of dirt and letting Ryan off.

"I see you made it." A familiar voice greeted him, Ryan turned to see Jon leaning against a toadstool.

"Yeah, it" Jon bent down to try and get as close to Ryan as he could, and handed him a torn piece from the large toadstool he standing next to before.

"Here this will make you bigger."

"Normal size, right?" Jon looked at him and smirked.

"There is no such thing as normal here." And with that Ryan ate the mushroom and began to feel as if his bones were going to stretch through his skin and tear him apart. But as much as felt he was in peril, he simply closed his eyes and when he opened them he staring eye to eye with Jon. Actually, more like eye to forehead, as Ryan was a few inches taller.

"Thanks this where I am supposed to be?" Ryan asked looking around the strange and dense forested land around him.

"No, right down that small path is a small fence with a small gate that holds are rather large tea party." Ryan nodded preparing to leave when Jon stopped him. "Well aren't you going to thank him?" Ryan looked confused and Jon sighed. "The white rabbit."

"Oh, thank you," he turned to Jon," I wish I had a carrot or something to give him."

"Oh he doesn't like carrots, though he does enjoy carrot cake...anyway," he said waving his hands. "He loves tea. Take him with you and serve him some tea, that should be a proper thank you." Jon said promptly, Ryan just shrugged and slowly picked the soft rabbit off of the ground. He said goodbye to Jon, cradled the rabbit and made his way down the path. All the way thinking how nice it was to hold the rabbit, how he could feel it's heart beating and it could feel his. It was nice to be close to something.

Within a few strides of his long legs Ryan reached a small, wooden gate that rose to his waist. A hundred different sounds were floating through the air, most were subtle changes in music, going from a classical orchestra to smooth jazz and a brilliant piano sonnet; and others were the sound of clanking glasses and mirthful laughter. From where he stood Ryan could only see the end of, what looked to be, a large table engulfed in the swaying, and warming steam of tea. He entered and began to bound down to where this merriment seemed to be coming from. As he walked along the long wooden table tea pots of various sizes, shapes and colors began to appear, but as he found his way to the end he was confronted with a rather unexpected and grim sight. A darkness seemed to hang in the air, nipping at his face and intertwining with the colorful steam of the tea. At the end of the table sat a man in a tall top hat, to his right was chair pulled out slightly, as if it were meant for Ryan to sit and to his left sat a skeleton, only half decayed. Small tufts of fur clung to the few chunks of muscle still left on the pile of bones, all the while dried blood colored the area surrounding it. The man with the hat, which was tilted down to obscure his face, pointed to the chair to the right him. Ryan sat down gingerly, stroking the white rabbit he was still holding.

"How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail, and pour the waters of the Nile on every golden scale!" The man in the hat let the words gracefully slip from his mouth.

"How cheerfully he seems to grin, how neatly spreads his claws, and welcomes little fishes in with gently smiling jaws!" Ryan said finishing the poem. The man lifted his hat to the top of head revealing a certain beauty Ryan hadn't been expecting. Full, pink lips that spread into a wicked smile, and endless, deep brown eyes that bore right through him, all surrounded by a seamless pallor of skin.

"How do you know that?" The man asked with a certain glimmer in his dark eyes.

"My mother used to recite that when I was younger." Ryan explained. The hatter smiled but quickly wiped it away.

"And your mother?"

"She uh...she died when I was 9."

"Yes, I see. Can I help you to some tea, love?" He asked. Ryan shook his head, but then remembered the soft, white rabbit in his lap.

"Actually, can I get some for the rabbit?" The man nodded and prepared a cup. "I'm Ryan, by the way."

"Hello Ryan," he smiled, "My name is Brendon."

Ryan noted the way the words left his lips, how his mouth made a little 'o' when he said 'Hello' and how his voice seemed to hang in the air for a moment before slowly fading away. He set the rabbit on the table and let it scamper off to a steaming cup of tea, all the while not being able to take his eyes off of the hatter. The two sat in silence for a few moments before Ryan broke the air when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

"What happened there?" He pointed to the mass of bones on the chair opposite to him, with Brendon's eyes following his every move.

"The Jabberwocky, t'was all." He got up and walked closer to the scene, motioning for Ryan to follow. Brendon ran his hand across the words, that Ryan just seemed to notice, inscribed into the bone of the beast that had one lived.

"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe; all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe." Brendon's velvet voice repeated the nonsense poem.

"What does it mean? And who - er what is the Jabberwocky?" Brendon sighed inwardly and took the confused boy's hand patting it lightly, a magenta blush spread across Ryan's pale cheeks.

"This, love," he said motioning to the gory mass, "was a good friend of mine, and quite a wonderful guest for tea. The March Hare is what we called him, an' he hated that bastardy mouse, come to think of it we should have listened to him... Anywho he was being tormented by her visions, so he came out for some tea to calm his nerves and then slaughtered by the Jabberwock right in this very spot."

"What!? Who is the mouse? What 'visions'? And I still have no idea what a Jabberwocky is!" Ryan exclaimed in utter confusion. Brendon simply stared at the boy with an oblivious look in his eyes.

"Would you happen to know where I could find a pocket watch, I seem to have lost the time?"

"...No." Ryan's not so amused tone was about to continue until he is interrupted by another.
"It's nine in the afternoon, silly boy." Both the boy and the hatter turned at the sound to see Spencer slowly appearing behind them with his usual wicked grin. He pranced over to the table and gracefully sat in a large, purple chair, pouring himself a cup full of what was only milk.

"Splendid! You have arrived. Ryan this is-"

"Silly boy, we have already met. How do you think he had gotten here?" Spencer mewed carefully sipping his milk.

"I believe it was I that got him here, all you did was send him off in any odd way and he just happen to find his way to me." Jon pointedly told Spencer, "And hello Ryan, glad to see you made it safely." Ryan gave a small wave, but was very weary as to why he emphasized safely. The three peculiar boys led him to a small house past the garden and the tea. It was a small crooked house painted in a bright fashion that matched the rest of the world around it. Nothing of this house seemed too out of place, for Wonderland at least, with the exception of one thing; the same words inscribed on the bones of the Hare were scratched into parts of the house. Part of the roof, around a few windows and all over the slightly slanted big olive door, and wherever these marking were the house looked as if it was dying, the color faded and the wood worn and sagged. Jon noticed Ryan eyeing the markings and in a hushed tone whispered, "The Jabberwocky."
Once inside, with all the doors securely locked and the windows boarded shut, Ryan felt he was in some sort of mad fun-house. While the outside was small and crooked the inside was absolutely massive, surely a trick using smoke and mirrors.

"Let me show you to where you'll be staying," Spencer purred smoothly. Ryan nodded unsure of how long exactly he would be staying. He led the boy down a hall way that twisted completely around so that the soft, periwinkle carpet they were trotting on had gone a full 360 from the floor to the ceiling to the floor again. They arrived and Spencer left so Ryan could 'rest', how he possibly imagined Ryan could do so after landing in this strange world was even more odd than the fact that there was a enormous clock in this room that took up an entire wall.
Hurried voices and whispered tones ran through the halls of the house and swiftly to Ryan's delicate ears. It was hard to make out so he decided to sneak down to wherever the voices were coming from. He padded softly down the strange halls and sneaked up to the doorway leading into a sitting room.

"Brendon, you know better. You must control the volume of you voice when speaking about... the Jabberwock ."

"I'm sorry Jon, I know. I just had to tell him, all the wheels and cogs started turning and it just made me so excited!" Ryan could practically see the excitement in Brendon's voice as he bounced a bit in his chair before spilling tea on himself. "Bugger!" He cursed himself whilst frantically wiping the hot liquid from his lap.

"Just please tell us you have not weighted the boy down with the news of...her yet?" Spencer purred, his 'R's' rolling together.

"No, no, no, I haven't spoken of Alice. I fear he isn't strong enough, not yet healed from the injuries of his old life." Ryan winced at the way he said 'old life', he distinctly felt a tug of remorse for leaving behind his father even though he had made his life a living hell. A long time passed before anyone said anything and Ryan was about to go back to his room until Brendon spoke up.

"I don't understand. Why does he have those aubergine bruises?"

"Brendon," Jon started, "he was abus-"

"No, I understand how he got them. I meant why, why would anyone do that to him. How could they leave bruises on that gentle boy's sweet face?"

"Monsters exist in their world as much as they do in ours. But we mustn't worry about that, he is here with us, safe for now. The only thing we can do is protect him from the vices of this land and hope that in return he will restore Wonderland's virtues." Spencer purred eloquently. Ryan did not want to hear more so he crept back down the hall to his room and slid under the dense blankets. He stared up at the moon and decided he couldn't decide whether the large clock beside his bed was reflecting off the moon or if the moon was reflecting off of the clock. Either way the sight filled him with calm and secure feelings which led his eyelids to sleepily slip shut and begin to enter a state of serenity.

Until the nightmare began.

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