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Raven Fair

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I thought I'd give you guys a taste of my second novel. Here's chapter one of Raven Fair

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I walked down the street, cursing that town car driver. He was supposed to be in front of the office building thirty minutes ago.

But, here I am, walking back to my apartment. At least the moon is out.

A strong gust blew through me, making me shiver. I pulled my coat closer to myself and quickened my pace.

I took a different street and cut down an alley. What I saw on the other side of the street froze me to the very core.

Her raven hair blew around her shoulders in the cold night wind as I caught the blood on her hands in the moonlight. She smiled at me, her blue eyes icy.

I bit my lip as she stepped away from the body at her feet. "Hi." Her rose colored dress blew around her knees, her feet bare to the leaf dotter street.

"H-hi." I stuttered. Her hand cupped my cheek, the blood cold on her warm skin.

Oh God, I'm going to die. This girl is going to kill me.

I flinched as she fell against me, her body limp. My arms caught her quickly. Almost reflexively.

Her hair blew around us as I picked her up. I'm insane. I've lost my mind!

But she was too sweet in her passed out state. Her ivory skin flawless, her thick eyelashes brushing the tops of her cheeks, her lips an even darker red than her dress.

My cheeks burned as she sighed. I moved her to my back and started up the stairs to my door.

I opened the door and flicked the light on. She stirred slightly as I lowered her into the couch.

Okay, what now? I paced back and forth in front of her sleeping figure.

I have a murderer on my couch. My knees gave out.

The carpet cushioned me as I collapsed. Oh my God!

I really am crazy! What sane person brings a murderer to their apartment willingly?

My eyes fell to her beautiful face again. They traveled down her slight body to her strained hands.

I looked at myself in the reflective glass of the table. My short brown hair was a mess, my face paler than usual.

On my ashen cheek sat a layer of blood, thin and dry. It was smeared along the front of my light blue dress shirt and spotted the shoulders of my navy coat.

It looked like I had killed someone.

Tralalalalalala!!! Hi! R+R if you want. I'm not gonna stress over if you like it or not. It only matters that I like it.

And I do. So.....

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