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The HP characters belong to JKR while the abilities of the character known as Fire belong to D.C comics.


Hermione Jane Granger sighed as she looked down at the land before them wondering how they had gotten here. When she and Harry had left it had been for the greater good. Harry had to decide how he was going to deal with his new power and Hermione had to go and get her parents out from the land down under. The trip hadn’t been all that interesting really they pair of them had managed to make the trip from England to Australia with little problem. It had been relaxing when you considered everything that they had been through in the past year. After nearly four years they had finally beaten Voldemort and could start having regular lives. That at least had been the plan.

Harry had not been able to get a break though and had been forced to take in a power that would help him beat Voldemort unfortunately by doing so he pledged himself as the defender of the land for all eternity. The pair of them had left Harry because he had to understand what it was that he had become and what it now meant for him. Hermione on the other hand had only wanted to get her parents back after everything that had happened. They had retrieved them. While her parents had given mixed reactions they had been glad that she was safe she had then been grounded for the next month and told she had to stay at home, no wand, no magic books, and no owls were allowed during that time. The parents had then turned around and done the same to a chuckling Harry who had suddenly found himself in one of the spare rooms. Caring for her like a sister seemed to have backfired for the young wizard. The only magic allowed was Harry’s transformations as Harry needed to practice. Her father a former triathlon winner had taken great joy in putting Harry through his paces. While Harry was practicing Hermione had to keep notes and when he trained without powers Hermione wasn’t spared from her father’s near sadistic physical training. While he couldn’t teach them much about fighting he could teach them a lot about exercise. Despite all of that Hermione had been happier than had been in a long time. Even if she had lost the right to make any choices about day to day life when her mother caught her trying to sneak by with one of her text books. Hermione had found herself stuck being supervised in the kitchen or their clinic for several hours after that one. Turned out potions and cooking were not the same unless it was soup or stew and she couldn’t do much beyond those.

After that had been done and they had been allowed their wands back. It had also been where they would be parting ways. Harry had decided on heading back to England and finding out what it was that he was meant to do. The Grangers on the other hand had found themselves spending most of their time on a cruise where Hermione wasn’t allowed to use any magic. They were currently stopping over in a small village merely enjoying themselves. Hermione would love to find a way to owl her friends, but didn’t know of any nearby magical communities. She knew that their friends were worried and now that everyone thought that Harry was still dead it was all the worse for some of them. She didn’t agree with Harry on wanting everyone to believe he was still dead but her parents thought that it was a smart thing to do at least until he decided how he was going to deal with everything that had happened to him. Hermione had merely clucked her tongue at all of them but refrained from saying anything else to any of them on the subject.

She looked around the village and saw that they were at peace she looked over her shoulder and stared at the beach that seemed to stretch forever. She turned the other way and looked out into the ocean thinking of everyone and thing that she had gained and lost over the past several years. She found a rock to sit on and merely enjoyed herself. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit and a pair of cut off short sand had a windbreaker that hid her wand and kept the cold morning air out. Her mind went back to one of the last conversations she had with Harry.

“What’s on your mind?” Hermione questioned as the pair leaned against a tree.

“A couple of things, one of which is this.” Harry said as he held the elder wand up in his hand and looked at her intently.

“Well let’s sit down then.” Hermione said, as the pair slid down and sat at the base of the tree. “Now, what’s the problem?”

Harry took a deep breath before starting. “Mione, are you sure that you want to keep coming along with me like this?” He questioned her as he stared at her intently. “I mean what about Hogwarts or getting a job in the Ministry? There are so many things that you could be doing.” He told her. “I don’t want you to regret coming with me anymore than you already do.”

“Well Harry, that would require me regretting coming with you in the first place.” Hermione pointed out to him with a smile. “And I don’t happen to regret that since it managed to save the world by doing it.”

“Yeah, but now your free you don’t have to do this anymore. You can be free of all this.” Harry tried to point out to her. “I may be stuck with saving the world and all that but you can go back to Ron if you want to and fix things with him. He may be mad at you for a while for leaving like you did but eventually he’ll calm down like he always does.”

“Maybe someday you can do the same thing with Ginny.” The witch returned to him. “Besides, I don’t think that we should think too much about that right now with everything else that is going on. Let’s just enjoy this vacation.”

Harry sighed and shook his head a rueful grin on his face. “You’re really not going to go anywhere are you?” He questioned her.

“No Harry I’m not.” She said giving him a glare. “So you might as well accept the fact that I’m coming with you and if you even think about trying to run away on me then I will find you.” She assured him with a deadly glint in her eyes that promised pain if she had to do that.

“Fine, if you insist on following me all over the place then I want you to take the elder wand then.” Harry said as he twirled the elder wand around in his hand.

“You can’t be serious, it’s in much better hands with you.” She argued back at him. “Look at everything that you have. You have all of the power you need to deal with anything.”

“But the magic of the wand makes it so much more dangerous for me though.” Harry returned to her. “If I get beaten and lose the wand what then? The sword and staff will only slow whoever has it down a bit. Voldemort almost beat me and that was when the wand wasn’t at full power. If he had full control he might have beaten me and you know it. I’m going to be dragged into a lot of fights and you seem determined to follow me that means if we were to level the playing field a bit and give you the wand then you could be the long range person while I deal with the close up stuff.”

Hermione sniffed at him. “I happen to be perfectly happy with my wand.” She said primly as she gestured to the vine wood and unicorn hair wand that she wore. “I have no need for another one.”

“Yeah, well I’m happy with my wand to.” Harry told her as he pointed at his holly wood and phoenix feather wand. “Face it Mione, if what we’re facing is on the level of Voldemort again I want you to be able to defend yourself to the best of your ability. If you combine your spell knowledge and the power of the elder wand you’d be near unstoppable.” Harry tried as he looked at her hopefully.

“No Harry, for all we know it could be magnifying your staff’s powers.” Hermione said stubbornly. “You need to keep it.”

“What if I said you couldn’t come with me if you didn’t take the wand?” He shot off glaring at her.

“Then I would track you and we know that I could. You’re not exactly discreet at time.” She returned to him smugly while he glared at her.

The argument had continued for days until a frustrated Harry had left back for home and she stayed with her parents and went on a cruise giving them both a chance to decide on their next move. The pair were equally stubborn and neither of her parents had joined the argument making it so that their last conversation was very heated. Harry had left for England a few days later while Hermione spent time with her parents. Harry telling her that they would talk about this again when they got back together.

She was broken out of her memories by the sound of stomping. Heading toward the village were five men each of them were dressed in large furred coats. As she watched them she realized that she knew only two people as large as these two were. Hagrid and Madame Maxine and the only reason that these two were as tall as they were was because they had giant blood in them. As she watched them though she noticed that there was something odd about them each of them had what looked like white beards but as they got closer Hermione noticed that this was really ice and that they looked like they had slightly blue skin. “What are they?” She asked herself as stood up to get a better view of them.

“They look like they’re half giants, but why do they have blue skin?” Hermione muttered to herself as she looked at the group.

Each one seemed to stop at certain spots and then raised their legs and slam them into the ground. Everything seemed to shake as the men began stomping their feet. As the five figures slammed their feet to the ground the earth shook. She turned away from watching though as she began erecting muggle repelling, and notice me not wards to the area hoping that they would be enough to keep the people away. The wards wouldn’t keep people distracted for long though as the giants seemed intent on creating an earthquake. With no ministry officials around it looked like it was down to her. She really wished Harry hadn’t gone off now as this sounded like just the sort of thing that he would have been good for. The creatures had stopped their stomping and had opened their mouths and ice snow and wind blew out of their mouths.

“They must be part frost giant.” She noted to herself as she tried to think up a spell that would affect the creatures. A giant already had a magically tough hide. Hagrid who was part mountain giant was proof of that as she recalled watching spells bounce off of him. What was not well known about giants was that different ones had different abilities. Mountain giants had a connection to the forest and the beasts in them. It was partly why Hagrid had trouble distinguishing dangerous animals since his connection and tough hide made it difficult for him to understand. A frost giant on the other hand lacked the empathic connection to the forest. Instead they had the ability to manipulate the cold which included blizzard breath. At the rate that they were breathing the town would be stuck as an ice statue in a matter of moments. The witch tried to think of a way to stop this. The frost giants wouldn’t take much to stop her once they decided to deal with her. Still she had to try. Lifting her wand she realized that Harry had been right the Elder wand would have made a job like this so much easier. “Phoenixiues!” She shouted and three small fire birds erupted from her wand and headed toward the forming ice statue.

One of the giants took notice of her incoming attack and shifted its position before blowing at the creatures. Hermione watched as the trio of fire birds was blown out. Hermione now had one of the giants attention and began shooting fire based spells at the creature. It reasoned that anything that was ice based might not respond well to fire spell. As the spell zoomed forward a wall of ice rose up blocking the spell as it slammed uselessly into the wall.

“Naughty, naughty trying to use my friends as kindling.” A voice sing songed down at her. Hermione turned to look at an elderly figure in white furred robes, a crown made from diamonds or ice, and large wand that looked like it had also been carved from ice in their hand. All of these rich things didn’t change the ugliness that the woman had.

“Who are you?” Hermione questioned as she got herself ready for yet another fight. The ability to make the ice around them change shapes so fast was probably just a hint of the power that this figure had.

“Why I guess you can call me the Ice Queen.” The figure returned. “For over a thousand years have my kind been looked down on by pretty little magic users like you. The time of the so called magical creatures is upon us once again. We shall rise above you and destroy those that stand in our way.”

“Not another one of you.” Hermione groaned as she looked at the hag before her. “Why can’t you all just get along instead of trying to fight everything out? I just got done with one war and have other plans right now, do you really need to draw me into you’re wars all the time?”

Hags were classified as magical beings despite the fact that they were once witches. They were witches who played with magic’s that took a drain on the body or changed them in some way usually to the weakening of the body were classified as hags. The spells and rituals that did this were often dark in nature however the changes in the body also made it so that the various governments classified hags as magical beings. One had to be careful as several of them were a lot more powerful than your average witch.

“It’s time to die little pretty witch.” The hag snarled as she waved her wand and several ice shards came flying out of her wand.

Hermione raised a shield that stopped the ice shards before she fired a stunner back at the hag. The hag created a shield of reflective ice and knocked the spell away before she sent a gust of wind that banished the shield at Hermione. The witch dove to the side and came back up with an incindio. Another wall of ice rose countering the fire spell and then broke apart sending more ice shards at her. Hermione waved her wand and banished the ice back at the hag. While the hag blocked the return fire Hermione cast a warming charm on herself she was by no means dressed for ice spells or fighting right now. The ground around her began iceing up and Hermione gave a grudging nod or respect. She had lost her maneuverability and the ability to create fire on the ground around her as easy. She waved her wand and several of her miniature phoenixes came out of her wand and rushed the hag. The woman stopped her attacks to shoot beams of cold at the fire birds. She shot another spell and it managed to catch the witch on the shoulder leaving a small bit of ice crust and a cold feeling on her shoulder.. Hermione returned with several curses that the witch seemed to almost casually dodge. The witch was tiring her wand arm felt like lead when she looked down at it she watched in shock as the ice patch on her shoulder had grown and now covered her entire shoulder. She yanked her jacket off and threw it to the side while the hag merely cackled at her.

“Is it getting to warm for you dear, perhaps I can cool you off.” While Hermione had been taking her jacket off the hag had set a trap up, An ice dome appeared to be forming with the young witch on the inside. Hermione remembered a spell she had learned to fight inferi and a circle of flame rose up. While the circle rose she cast another spell and created several of her small blue bell fireballs that she had learnt in first year. As she watched the ice dome close in she saw that the half giants were surrounded her and were adding their power onto that of the dome spell. Soon a thin layer of ice covered the entire dome and Hermione knew that she was in trouble. She fired a few reductos at the wall but as soon as she made the wholes thary would seal themselves back up. Her fire would only last so long before it lost its strength against the cold. She tried to breath warmth into her hands as she poured more power into the spell. Now would be a nice time to have Harry or the elder wand. She wondered if this is what her friend had meant when he had told her it would dangerous and that she needed the wand. With that wand she could have melted this dome and then melted the hag’s wand. Instead she was stuck here facing off against the cold instead of the person controlling the cold. As she tried to think she almost didn’t notice as all of her bluebell flames merged into one giant fireball without her giving it the command to do so. She watched as first the fireball and then the fire ring all changed from blue to green. The fire ball then rose to her eye level and began to change first it got bigger and then grew arms and legs. Soon Hermione was standing before a creature of pure fire.

“Greetings daughter of fire.” The fire creature said the flames seemed to widen and suddenly Hermione found herself someplace else. Standing tall above them was a tall woman. Behind and hovering around her shoulders four human shaped items hovered. One was the fire creature that had brought her here, another was one that was made of water, the third appeared to be made of clouds, the final one appeared to be a giant rock like figure.

“Hello Hermione, I’m sorry you had to join us like this.” The tall woman said. She made a gesture and seemed to shrink down quite a bit until she was only as tall as Hagrid. The four creatures shrunk as well so that they were still standing with the figure.

“Who are you?” Hermione said somewhat fearfully as she considered all the power that this person seemed to have. “What are you?” Hermione she continued asking the figure as her mind raced around trying to figure out what had happened. She had cast the spell to create the balls of fire however she had not cast or altered the spells to give the fire this shape or personality nor did she know why she seemed to be conversing with this unknown woman.

““I am Gaia, the spirit of Nature you might say.” The woman returned to the witch. “You may have heard of me under another name I have also gone by the name of Mother Nature before. These are my servants the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth." She said waving toward the figures that hovered behind her. "Things have changed in the balance of the world, and a new avatar for the power of the element of fire is needed and I have chosen you to be the new wielder of the power of fire.”

“Why me?” Hermione asked.

“Because you have already dedicated yourself to the fight I do not wish to pick a host that is unwilling to do their duty. You are also all that I could ask for in a fire avatar. Your light burns fierce and bright you protect the weak, shine light on knowledge, and guide the weary traveler. What more could one want in a champion?” Gaia asked the young witch before her.

Hermione’s eyes narrowed at the spirit. “What’s really going on, why the sudden need for heroes and champions? Why are we getting the power to help people now instead of during the war? Is there something going on that you’re not telling us?”

“The balance had not been altered as of yet young one. The scales tip now though and we must repair it so that we may still have a world. The time to discuss all of the damages is not now. Will you fight like you told your companion? Here is the power I offer you I offer you the power of fire.” Gaia returned to the girl.

“It’s either that or death isn’t it?” Hermione questioned suspiciously. “You have a most interesting timing you know.”

“You will freeze if you don’t accept,” the figure responded ignoring the questions and observations that the witch was making.

“What do I get out of it?” Hermione asked grudgingly as she realized her questions weren’t going to be answered.

“The power of fire, accept my power over this element and you shall be able to become fire as you need it. The comic book hero in the world known as Fire, started out as a being of magical power as this beings source of power is mystical it shall be enough to allow me to give you the power you need if you should take it.”

“I have no choice,” Hermione returned in annoyance, “I either to accept the offer or die and I can’t die without at least doing everything possible.”

“So, do you accept my power and the responsibilities that come with the gift?” The Spirit of Nature questioned her.

“You haven’t told me what those responsibilities are.” Hermione pointed out as she tried to stall for time and think of another way out of this mess.

“True daughter I have not. The flames lower though, the time is short I cannot tell you all. You’re duties shall be to protect the Earth from those that harm her seldom shall I come to you with other duties other than to protect the world.”

“But you will from time to time have me perform missions and jobs where you think that they need to be by me.” Hermione said as she considered what it was that Mother Nature said.

The Elemental flinched at this. “Indeed daughter, do you accept? I need your answer now.”

“Very well, I accept your offer.” Hermione said as she braced herself for whatever it was that was going to happen next. The one silver lining in this that she could see was that she would be better able to help Harry now.

“Good,” Mother Nature said she ushered the fire elemental forward and the small creature began flying around and around in a circle around the witch until a small tornado of flames seemed to rise from the ground. While the flames spun fire was absorbed into the body of Hermione Granger. The witch gasped as she felt the power enter her body. As the flames were absorbed she didn’t even notice that her body was changing with everything else. When the last of the flames were absorbed by the witch her entire body had changed. Hermione had always been what one would consider average but the fire seemed to change her in ways that she never would have guessed. While she would never be mistaken for a Veela she might be mistaken for a model as her body had grown and filled out in all of the right places and her hair had gone from a frizzy mess to full of locks of slightly curly hair. Go now and stop this being from destroying the balance of the world. Mother Nature ordered.

The witch nodded as she felt herself return to the ice dome. Her fire ring was almost down. Raising her hand Hermione felt the fire within her at her mental command her body burst into green flames. She watched as flames erupted out of her hand and blasted away at the top of the dome. She then rose into the air and turned to look at her opponent.

The Ice Queen stared in disbelief as the meddling little witch managed to craft a fire spell that sent a young fiery looking woman at her. If she had to guess she would say that she was dealing with a fire nymph. She didn’t know how that young witch had created or summoned this creature but she was going to destroy it. With a snarl she waved her wand and several ice spikes flew forward. The fire creature raised its hand and fired back blasts of flame that turned the icicles into steam. The Hag snarled as she began firing other spells at the creature that began flying around in the air or melting her attacks. None of the spells seemed to hit her. The figure also began firing streams of fire at her giants work turning ice into water. Stop that thing the hag ordered. The half-giants nodded and began firing their own blasts of cold at the figure. The creature merely began flying back and forth dodging the blasts of cold or responding with fire balls or flame blasts.

The fire being finally seeming to have enough began really attacking though. As the flames began connecting with the half-giants, the creatures roared in pain but were slowly edging away as they had no use for fighting something that could so casually hurt them. Steam began rising from their bodies as the protective ice that shielded them from the world began to melt. “Fall back!” One of them finally commanded the others. “She will destroy us at this rate.” It turned to glare at her. “We shall remember you.” It growled before it released a barrage of icicles at the fire creature while its clan turned and ran. The fire creature couldn’t dodge the blast so returned fire. While it focused on the heavy blast it was hit from the side by the Ice Queen.

“You ruined everything!” The hag yelled at the creature. “Do you know what I had to do to get them to follow me out here? They were but the start of the army of ice and you drove them all away.”

“That’s just too bad.” Hermione returned as she climbed to her feet and then hovered a couple feet off the ground as she faced off against the most dangerous of the group. She eyed the woman and saw that this one was just as crazy as Lestrange had been.

”I’ll show you bad you pest! Powers of the artic I summon you bring me a champion.” After that she muttered several things in a language Hermione didn’t know and fired into the ocean. The shore line covered in ice and then cracked and Hermione watched as a creature made of ice strode out of the sea.

“Great, an ice golem.” Hermione grumbled in disbelief. She had driven off one set of goons only to have a more powerful soldier to now confront her. She worked on staying out of the creatures way one punch missed her and shattered the stones on the shore. She fired a few balls of fire but the creature mere shrugged the blasts off. While they did damage they didn’t do enough to harm it either. Hermione was busy trying to think up another attack when she was surprised by its speed and grabbed. Her fire began to flicker as the ice began to try and douse her flames.

The hag smiled as she what the flames were doing. Good she said swallow her destroy her for good she commanded. Nodding the Golem opened its mouth and tossed her into its mouth.

Hermione scowled as she felt around most of her flames had gone out except for the flame on her hair she looked around as she tried to figure a way out of this mess. She didn’t have a long time in here before the cold took away the last of her strength. As she looked around her arctic prison she kicked the tongue in anger. She smiled though as she remembered something though. A golem got its power from the magical papers that were written under its tongue. She didn’t have the strength to cover her body in flames however she did have another power. Before the comic book character that her powers were based on could cover her body in flames she could only shoot flames another way. Kneeling down she looked at the tongue before taking a deep breath and letting flames spew out of her mouth like a dragon would.

The Hag cackled she had won the little fire bint was dead or as good as inside her ice golem, the witch had probably sacrificed herself to create the fire nymph which meant that she now had this whole town of muggles to destroy. She would show them why it wasn’t a good idea to cast aside one of the best spell crafters ever. Hadn’t she created an elemental wand? They were supposed to be a myth yet she had managed it and now she would show the world what happened when you messed with a true genius. The Golem made a sound and she turned to look at it and watched in horror as its body slouched over and then flame erupted from its mouth and out stepped the fire nymph. “You!” She snarled as she looked at the remains of her golem. It had taken her years to craft that golem and even longer to create a spell that would freeze an area so that she could summon it.

The fire nymph smirked as it erupted into flame and took to the air. "Lets finish this." The nymph said.

"Fine!" The Hag growled as she summoned a wave of ice at the nymph.

Hermione rushed the hag and formed the fire in her hands she focused on her taget and fired several small shots and two large one she then pulled up away from the hag before the ice wave got to her.

The hag laughed as she rose a shield of ice from the ground the small fireballs that hit it were weak perhaps the creature was nearly done the next one though was much more powerful and shattered her ice shield. The hag rose her wand to create another one when another fireball appeared and hit her wand. The hag screamed in fury as the wand she had crafted was melted away. "Do you have any idea what you’ve done?" She shouted up at the fire nymph.

"I have a fair idea." The fire Nymph returned before shooting up even higher. "Now enjoy the fruits of your creations." She said.

The hag turned and saw the wave of ice she had summoned was still coming only now it was uncontrolled and without her wand she couldn’t control it she raised her hands up in fear as it drew near there was no time to try and out run it. “Noo!” She cried out as the wave slammed into her. When the wave fell it damaged a number of houses but they were still standing and the people that had lived in them were still safe. Hermione landed and canceled her flames. She looked down at a piece of ice and her eyes widened in shock her once bushy hair was now curly and instead of the brown that she remembered of her hair and eyes they were now a shade of green that matched her flames or Harry’s eye color her body had grown and she realized that she was going to need new clothes her current outfit though was nice It was comprised of a leather jacket a t-shirt that showed her stomach leather pants and boots with a golden belt.

“Very nice princess.” Daniel Granger said as he came out from hiding brushing the ice off of himself.

“Dad?” She said in surprise.

“Yes of course sweetheart like I was going to let you face that thing alone.” Dan said to her.” I was just waiting till you needed my help as a medic”. Hermione smiled as she fell into her dad’s arms. “Looks like you found your own power and wore yourself out.” Dan said with a smile as he carried her to the ship. “Looks like we’ll need to start you on your own training program though.” He said to her with a smirk that his sleeping daughter never even heard.


Yes I based my Mother Nature/Gaia character off of Gaia from Captain Planet.

Oddly enough Hermione was the hardest character to find powers for. She’s not a brawler so giving her super human strength would have been stupid besides everyone else on the team had that to some degree. So finding long range attack was hard.

Six heroes two universes next the real fight.
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