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End of the Begininning

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End of the Beginning
Final chapter for this one folks took forever it feels but its done! As usual the various characters do not belong to me. THey belong to Marvel comics, D.C comics, JKR, and of course Whedon. Enjoy!


The group of heroes wavered a bit as they looked around. They had not appeared in front of their enemies though but rather near the mountain that they were using as their base. The group looked on and saw that the army that had joined with the growing new power was just as large if not larger than it was the last time. Trolls, goblins, orcs giants, and various minor demons all wandered around in a kind of lazy guard. The creatures didn’t seem to be overly worried about any type of attack. Wandering around the nonhuman army they could also see various types of magic users.

“This is not good.” Valkyrie said as she turned to the others. “There is no way we can get down there without alerting the entire army down there that we’re here and want a chance to take out their bosses.”

“Your right, which means we need to either wait for them to come out, or find something that they want.” Blade said as he watched from his own spot. “We also need to hurry, the sun will be setting soon and when that happens we’ll also have to deal with the vampires and other nocturnal creatures as well.”

“It’s simple enough; we know what it is that they want.” Amazon said with a smirk. “They want us as their own little pets remember? At least that’s what the ones that Valkyrie and I were fighting said.” The Grecian Champion said nodding to her silver clad sister warrior.

The others looked at the blonde in disbelief. “Are you sure it’s that easy?” Fate asked the others not sure that they should believe that they could draw their enemy out so easily. “I mean do you really think that they’ll go for it? What if they just have their army bring us to them?”

“We ask them if they can’t beat us on their own.” Blade said with a smirk. “That way, they’ll have to come down to us or they’ll have even more than usual of people trying to take them down from their thrones. In a kingdom like this weakness usually means death. If someone thinks that they’re scared of you then they’ll make sure that they’re your ally in this sort of thing.” The Champion of the Morrigan explained to the Champion of Egypt.

“So we either challenge them to a fight or we wade our way through this whole mess.” Fire said gesturing to the army. “Can we pick one though instead of sitting here though? Honestly the longer we sit here the more likely it is that we’ll be discovered and then we’ll have to fight our way through the army.”

“Easy there Fire.” Gryffindor said trying to comfort the girl, yet her flames made her untouchable. He then looked at the others. “So what’s our move?”

“We call them out, there is no other way for it. After we beat the Illyria we’ll probably have to beat up their army as well though.” Amazon explained with a grin as if she could hardly wait for the fight. “Once we do that we go back to see the others and party. It’s really rather simple if you don’t try and complicate it with maps and stuff.” Blade shot her a look that she ignored.

Valkyrie nodded her head. “I like that plan.” The Aesir champion said with a grin.

“My wife is so going to hurt me for getting involved in all of this.” Fate informed them in a resigned voice. “We’re seriously saying come make us your slaves if you can. Is the best battle plan that we can come up with? What happens if we lose? I might not be able to get us all away this time they weren’t expecting me to use that trick last time.”

“Then we try something else.” Amazon informed him in a cool voice. “First rule is not to die. After that just about anything goes.”

“Yeah, and what’s the second rule?” Fate questioned.

“Do you really need more rules than that?” Amazon asked the armored mage with interest. “If you beat the big bad and live to see the victory party then there is nothing else to worry about.”

“There are always consequences and rules though.” Fate argued with the warrior. “It’s what allows us to do what we do. If there were no rules then we wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Blade smirked at that. “Those are the rules of balance not the rules of slaying Fate. You need to learn the difference between them. Right now the only rule you need to worry about is not dying. After that we’ll worry about the rules of magic and balance though.” He assured the other man.

Fate still seemed reluctant but nodded his head in agreement. “Fine, how do we manage this then?”

“Blade and I do the stealthy thing and see if we can’t get in on our own. Once we’re in we find the bad guys and we make a commotion so that you know where we are and can trace our signal and teleport toward us and we take them out like that. “Does that plan work better for you?” The blonde smirked at Fate cockily amused at how easy Fate had believed in her suggestion on volunteering to give themselves up.

“It is the best we’ll probably get.” Fire agreed with them. “But are you the best for the job? I mean I remember seeing some of the stealth methods you have but can you slip into a base like that? They might have wards up.” She pointed out to them cautiously.

“In which case they’ll be on alert, but can’t see us.” Blade returned to the elemental. “There is nothing else to do about that though. You’ve all said it yourselves your magicals that believe in the best way from moving from one spot or the other is to teleport or fly. The two of us are used to moving in the shadows when we need to. If anyone of us has a chance of slipping by all of the guards it’s us.” He told the group nodding to the former slayer. “The rest of you need to be ready for when we give the signal.”

“They’re right you know.” Andrew’s voice said. “Blade and Amazon have the best chance of sneaking into someone’s stronghold than any of the rest of you do. If we were just going to blow through them then we would send Amazon, Fate, Gryffindor, and Valkyrie. That however is not the case we need to exercise caution that only years of battling vampires has given to Blade and Amazon.”

“Andrew where are you, and how are we able to hear you?” Valkyrie questioned as she began looking around for wherever the blonde geek was hiding out.

“Oh I’m not really there, I am going to be your Oracle for this fight though.” The young man’s voice replied cheerfully. “Xander here has us watching the fight with his flames and I’m going to be acting as advisor for you since he really can’t do anymore than that. So I’ll be acting as the person to relay information back and forth between you, and hopefully keep you out of trouble.”

The group of heroes shook their heads in bemusement at this. They admitted that it was a good plan but they wished that they had known about the plan before Andrew had started talking. “Why aren’t any of the others acting in the advisor capacity?” Fate questioned curiously. “I imagine that anyone of them would be able to manage that.”

“Well because I’m letting them work on finding the information in their books and I’m the best with a computer in the room.” Andrew replied to them. “I am also the most knowledgeable in superhero combat styles meaning that I should be of more help than some of the others might be.”

“Alright just be careful.” Gryffindor said gruffly. “We don’t need you trying to prove yourself somehow and getting yourself killed.” Gryffindor shook his head. The excitable young man reminded him so much of Colin Creevey at times.

“Understood.” Andrew said happily, glad that they weren’t going to argue with him over who was best suited to run the operations center.

“Amazon and Blade are good to go. All of the enemy flyers are currently grounded. Either they want someone to attack them or they’ve gotten cocky.”

“Thanks Advisor.” Amazon returned with a nod of her head she and Blade turned to head over the ledge.

“Hold,” Fate said stopping the pair from leaving. “Perhaps we can draw them out.” He suggested to the group. “It would be better if the fight was on our terms not theirs.”

“Do you really think that we can draw them out?” Valkyrie questioned him. “Advisor what do the people at base think?”

“Unknown, we don’t really have enough information on the Illyria to know how they would respond if they were to see us. And it’s not Advisor its Oracle.” Andrew returned to her.

“Advisor sounds better.” Valkyrie returned to him.

“How do you want to draw them out then?” Blade asked curiously. “If we did choose the battleground we could prepare it with some surprises that might give us the advantage that we need.” He pointed out.

“Gryffindor, Fire, Amazon, and Valkyrie lead them to your position while you and Fate prepare whatever spells and other things that you need to welcome them with.” Advisor said as he figured a plan out for them to use. “Either the attack draws the Illyria out or it draws their troops out. If it draws the troops out Fate teleports you all into the base and if the troops are busy being hit by the explosives then they’ll be weakened and fewer by the time they get back and no one would dare interfere in your battle if you were already fighting by then. If they decide to chase you then you fight them there and use whatever surprises to give yourselves a chance to get in the first hits.”

“Sounds like the best plan of all of the ones that have been offered.” Fire noted. “We do a flyby and cause all sorts of problems and then leave while the others setup here.”

“Alright let’s get to work then.” Blade said as he began pulling out various explosives while Fate began making hand gestures and rocks glowed with a runic symbol before fading to look like normal rocks.

“We’ll go around too give you a bit more time.” Valkyrie said as she whistled and her Pegasus appeared. Mounting her steed she checked her weapons and armor one last time.

“Let’s go.” Gryffindor ordered and they all flew off away from the base.

The group circled around and were soon charging at the base from the opposite direction. “Everyone spread out!” Amazon ordered the attack group. “We want as much damage in as short amount of time as possible.” The others nodded as they readied their weapons. “Fire!” The blonde ordered as she plowed through a tent. Fire pointed one end of her staff and shot a stream of flames while Gryffindor and Valkyrie both fired raw magical power from their own weapons into the camp. The fortress was a mess of alarms as various creatures tried to get out of the way. Amazon slammed through a group of giants knocking them out of the way like bowling pins. Her lasso snapped out and caught one of them by the leg and she began dragging it behind her. The magical attacks of others continued to sow confusion in the army of supernatural beings. The group then broke through to the other side and continued onward toward where their allies were hidden. Amazon smirked as she snapped her lasso and the giant that she held prisoner was freed and sent tumbling back into the army.

“Move!” Gryffindor said from his place in the rear as he let loose with a blast from his staff. They watched as the devastating beam blasted a small hole into the oncoming army of dark forces. The group flew as fast as they could while staying together as a group.

“My turn.” Fire said as she noticed that they were closing in. Twirling her staff as the people on the hellmouth had instructed her she created a tornado of flames and aimed it toward the army that were weakened even more by the controlled inferno that seemed to tear through the forces. Those that were fireproof though leaped through the flames and came charging onward.

“Hurry up the wizards are joining!” Valkyrie said pointing toward several figures on brooms that were zipping toward them. The other two nodded and joined a waiting Fate and Blade. “Open the portal.” The Aesir Champion called out as she fired a beam of energy into the crowd.

The group landed and Fate opened one of his Ankh shaped portals Blade pulled a detonator from his jacket and pushed the button on it before stepping into the portal. Explosives and runes erupted as the energy from the two blew into the army of magical creatures and magic users.

The Ankh appeared in front of the small fortress. “Alright, let’s find them, beat them and go home.” Amazon told her companions who nodded their heads in agreement with the tasks that they now had.

“You won’t have far to go to find us muck.” The voices echoed around them as the various members of the Illyria appeared before them.

“I take it that you were expecting us then?” Gryffindor questioned as he readied himself for the upcoming fight as he readied his sword and staff.

“We know your kind well enough Champion of Merlin. We know that your kind will fight until there is no one left that threaten the world that you cherish so much.” Illyria responded to the figure.

“Fine, so you knew we were coming. Can we get to this already?” Blade questioned as he drew his sword out.

“Very well half breed champion, we will be pleased to bathe in your blood and turn the others into pets.” The Illyria informed the former vampire.

“Try it.” Blade said as he drew a rifle off of his back and squeezed a burst off at the group. A portal opened up in return and absorbed the bullets before another one opened spitting the bullets back out. Vaalkyrie easily deflected the incoming attack and knocked the bullets away with her shield.

“Don’t go in there half cocked.” Andrew warned them. “Amazon, you need to deal with the muscle of the team. Fate, as the one with the most different types of power we need you to keep the shape-shifter busy. Blade, your job is to confront the regenerator your combat experience should help you out there. Fire, the plant manipulator is yours. Valkyrie you need to keep the speedster busy.”

“Wouldn’t Fire work better against the Speedster though?” Valkyrie questioned as she eyed the opponent that she had been designated.

“Neg that.” The boy returned to her. “If that were to happen all he would have to do is create a tornado around her and suck all the oxygen away. While he could do the same to you. The chances of your surviving that sort of attack are much better than Fire as her flames would destroy oxygen as well.”

“Understood.” Valkyrie agreed.

“Just remember that you are a team and you have to fight like one if you want to beat this opponent.” Andrew explained to them. “There is no other way that any of you are going to win unless you work as a team. Remember they were brought into being to counter you guys you have to be there for each other.”

“We get the idea Andrew.” Gryffindor said in annoyance. “No reason to start preaching to us or anything.” The others nodded their heads in agreement dealing with the young man was difficult as he sometimes allowed himself to be carried overboard in his excitement.

“You have new armor.” The Illyria noted as it observed the group. “It shall not help you though for you shall still fall before us.” The Illyria said.

“We’ll see about that.” Fire said as she, Fate, Blade, Gryffindor and Valkyrie shot their weapons toward the Illyria. The blasts missed and struck the ground causing all sorts of rubble to explode outward. The Illyria were blinded from the combined assault stirring everything up.

With the cloud of dust blinding their opponents the heroes moved forward. Gryffindor and Amazon were the first to arrive as they tackled a pair of their enemies and shot towards the fortress slamming their opponents in first. Valkyrie came in from the behind the group and released her own burst of energy at the group. The Illyria were caught off guard as they were hit from two different directions

“So you have learned the value of uniting your abilities then?” One of the Illyria said as it observed the group with interest. “We shall see how skilled you have become as we destroy you.” The members of the Illyria still standing moved forward to engage their enemies.

“Time to do the hero thing.” Blade said as he moved forward to intercept the regenerator. He raised his gun and fired a couple of rounds into the being. “You and me, right here right now.” He growled as he drew his sword out with his other hand.

Blade watched the figure pick itself up from the blast from the bullets and grin at him. “If that is the way that you want it halfbreed then that is what you shall get.” Illyria informed him.

“We’ll see,” Blade returned, “who knows maybe if I cut that head of yours off you won’t be able to get back up again.” The two charged at each other ready to fight. This version of Illyria had changed slightly since the last fight. The damphir noted as he examined the fighting stance. This one didn’t fear getting hit. It also had some type of claw like nails. Blade didn’t doubt for one moment that getting hit with those would be painful.

Weapons flashed as they tried to connect with each other. Claws bounced off dragon hide and Kevlar while the sword made small slices into the skin of the other only for the hide to heal back over almost instantly. The two broke apart and watched each other this was going to be a long fight as they were equal in terms of speed and strength. It would come down to who tired out first and made a big enough mistake for the other to get in a good enough shot. He kicked Illyria hard and the gut knocking it back and opened fire catching it in the side and then moved in. The clawed hands caught the sword and they were right back where they had started.


Valkyrie turned to face the speedster that had paused when it saw that its opponent from last time was facing off against one of its brothers. “You and me Speedy.” The armored woman said as she adjusted the shield on her arm.

“You think that you’re a match for me muck? I shall peel all of that shiny armor off your hide and flay the skin from your hide.” Illyria told her with a smile as it raised its hands and the heroine could see the claws that her opponent now had. “Yes, we have evolved some as our bodies have stabilized to our shells. We have been able to make slight enhancements to make us better able to fight the forces that rise up against us. Adjusting the way our armor surrounds us is but one of the things that we have done.” Illyria informed the girl with a smile.

“Wow, there really are bad guys that brag all about their skills and abilities.” Valkyrie said looking somewhat surprised and disturbed. “And here I thought that was only in books and movies that happened.” The woman taunted as she readied herself.

Illyria hissed at her and rushed forward seeming to be only a blur to the eye. Moving as fast as she could Valkyrie brought her shield up and saw sparks raise out of the air as the claws trailed across it. She moved to take a swipe but the Old One was already out of her reach. She saw a small dirt cloud heading her way and she slammed her blade into the ground and created her fire circle. As the Old One came again it slammed uselessly into the shield of flames.

Snarling the Old One leaped away it arm now partially singed from the failed attack. “Clever little one, however that shall not be enough.” It then began running in circles around the shield just as Andrew had warned created a small wind storm that was killing the flames.

Valkyrie watched as her flame shield began to die out. Not sure if her plan would work she shrugged as she whistled and her steed came flying into the battle. The Pegasus body slammed into the speedster and sent the Demon Lord flying. Valkyrie let out a sigh of relief as she ran toward where Illyria had fallen. The Demon Lord Managed to rise back to its feet and rushed her again. This time it slammed full force into the armored warrior and sent her flying. She tumbled several feet before she came to a stop. The two glared at each other angrily before coming at each other again. The speedster slamming its body into Valkyrie while the shield blocked most of the blows a few of them were damaging. Valyrie on the other hand was dodging and having her Pegasus help her out in keeping distance between the two as she swung her dragon fang blade.


Fate hovered in the air above the shape-shifter keeping his distance. The mystic had learned a lot from last time. He knew now what to expect and he would have to plan how best to counter its various attacks. While it could summon plants to try and wrap around him it would have to focus to make them grow as strong or fast to catch him as he was able to send blasts of magic to cut through the vines as if they were nothing. With no energy attacks of its own all it could do was try and mimic the combined abilities of the others and hope that it would be enough. The first thing it had to do though was bring Fate down to the ground where the rest of the fight was going on.

With a flick of its wrists it sent several vines toward the mage once again. A small pile appeared beneath the wizard as he sliced vine after vine away from him. Illyria used the pile as a spring board as he ran and leaped tackling the mage. The surprised magic user was brought to the ground hard. The two climbed to their feet and began trading blows with each other. Several blows had Fate backing up as he put some distance between them. The two eyed each other warily. The shape-shifter snarled as it shifted its arms into long tentacles that rushed forward and slammed the mage.

Fate was now on the defensive as he created shields that blocked the attacks. He fired a few energy beams back at Illyria but he easily dodged the bolts of energy by moving out of the way. Grinning Illyria pressed its attack on him and formed more tentacles to continue the attack. “You cannot win magic user.” Illyria informed him with a laugh. “My strength and speed shall make me the winner of our battle.” It told him as it sent a vicious roundhouse toward Fate.

The wizard grunted as the tentacle slammed right into his chest plate. ‘It was good thing that he had the armor.’ The wizard though as he rubbed his chest where he had been hit. Instead of breaking anything all he was going to have was a bruise. “I still have a few tricks.” He growled out as he made a few gestures. Several images of the wizard appeared around the shape-shifter and they all hovered a few inches off the ground and began moving at high speed.

Illyria snarled and began throwing punches all over the place trying to connect with the real Fate all that happened was that the tentacles passed through the images while a blast of energy would happen every few moments knocking Illyria back. “You can’t hide behind your illusions forever little mage.” Illyria growled out as its arms continued flying around trying to connect with Fate and break the attack off.

“I don’t know, this way seems to be working pretty well.” Fate said as he appeared beside Illyria and brought his fist down on the side of Illyria’s face. The attack connected and dazed the Demon Lord by the time it brought its tentacles down though the hero had already moved back into the formation of illusions.

The futile counter attacks stopped for a moment as the Demon Lord felt its head where a large gash from the hand had struck it. Illyria merely chuckled though as the wound healed over. “Nice try muck, but any damage that you throw at me I can heal over.”

“Then perhaps I need to add more damage.” Fate returned as he appeared behind Illyria and released a high powered mystic bolt that slammed Illyria across the battle field.

When the Old One climbed back to its feet the illusion could still be seen. “Enough!” Illyria cried out as the tentacles grew longer and began spinning in a fast circle and Fate was struck by the arms that were nothing but a blur. “I have you now.” Illyria gloated as it came forward shooting several spikes toward the magic user. Fate raised a shield that stopped the attack but the two were now on a standoff as they tried to overpower each other. The vines wrapped around the shield and with thorns all tried to break through.


Fire dodged back and forth as she faced off against the plant manipulator part of Illyria. The Old One had learned how to launch the various spikes and thorns in the vines it used. Fire was doing her best to block the attacks. The only problem though was that a week’s training with a staff though had only given her the basics and she was nowhere near ready to be blocking the attacks coming at her. She was mainly keeping them off of her by moving out of the way before they could hit or by sending a wave of flames out at her opponent’s attack. It made her regret her powers somewhat as they made armor useless as it would either melt or disappear like her clothes did. Right now she would love to have some armor though. She thought as she dove below the line of fire and returned the favor by sending several fireballs back with her staff.

“We have already done this dance little elemental. You shall fall just as you did last time and there shall be nothing that you can do about it. All of your time spent training and preparing for this fight will have been in vain.” Illyria informed her as she sent several vines to try and wrap around the girl.

Fire grunted as she wove in and out of the attacking vines. It was worse than trying to fight a devils snare plant or a Whomping Willow. With those at least once the vines were burned off that was the end of it. With these plants though, they kept on regrowing their lost limbs faster than she could burn them away. Those plants at least stayed dead when she killed them instead of continuously coming back to try and get her. The girl thought as she launched a few fireballs burning a couple of vines that were dangerously close to her. What she needed was a way to get close enough to hit the Old One without too much danger to herself. Unfortunately she had to keep her distance since all of them seemed to have at the very least the strength of Blade who was stronger and faster than most vampires were despite his ability to wander around when the sun was out.

She groaned as she felt small splinters hit her. Most of the wood was burned but enough was there to prick her body. Growling she fired several more flames at her opponent. “I am not going to go down without a fight.” The hero informed the plant manipulator as she began firing more and more balls of fire.

Illyria kept bringing up shield made of plants to block the fiery assault. Nothing the girl did seem to make its way through the wall of plants. Laughing Illyria used the focus of the assault to send several vines to come in behind her the other elemental. “Fire move! You have an attack coming from behind.” Andrew’s voice came over the connection.

Fire rose higher in the air spun around and twirled her staff creating another flame vortex that drilled through the wave of vines coming from behind her.

“Your mine girl.” Illyria said as she raised her arm and vines erupted from the arm and slammed into the back of the girl.

Fire crashed to the ground but was far from beaten as she climbed to her feet. She began going through the practice maneuvers she had been taught and brought her flames up to an even higher level. She watched as her flames kept the assault of vines off of her. “We need another plan this isn’t working.” Fire said as she twirled the staff in one hand while throwing a fireball from the other. “All we’re doing is keeping each other at a standstill. All it takes is one mistake for us to lose against these things and we won’t get another chance to try this.”

“I’m looking for an opening.” Andrew returned to her. “It’s hard though since I’m watching everyone’s fights. The fights are also moving so fast that it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in these sorts of fights. Oracle never had it this difficult.” He complained at her.

“Is anyone winning?” Fire questioned curiously ignoring the complaints.

“No, every one of you is about equal in terms of power and are in draws or being pushed back.” Andrew returned to her. You are doing better than last time though since the psychic can’t break through the defenses of the helmets. Last time you were all being tossed around at this point. So there is that. I still need to check on Amazon and Gryffindor though.”

“Right just do what you need to.” Fire returned as she began trying to push her way up and away from the plants that were trying to hold her down.


Amazon and Gryffindor stared at their opponents like last time the muscle and teleporter had teamed up. The two were slipping in and out of portals all around the two golden clad heroes who were waving their weapons around uselessly as the attacks were slamming them all over the fortress. The heroes were now standing back to back in case their opponents managed to slip behind them again. The battle had started out alright when the two heroes had slammed their enemies through the stone walls. Gryffindor had lost his grip on the teleporter though and the fight was now becoming a near reenactment of the previous fight. The only difference though was that the two heroes were taking the shots and not getting as badly hurt thanks to their reactions being at a better level and the extra weapons and armor.

“This is getting old fast.” Amazon complained as she punched a piece of wall that had been tossed through a portal out of the way.

“Agreed,” Gryffindor said as he swung the combined staff and sword of Gryffindor through another boulder. The enchanted blade easily sliced through the stone missile. He then brought the staff up into a guard position as a fist appeared out of a portal and slammed into the staff. There was a ring as the metal vibrated under the blow but the enchanted weapon didn’t bend or dent despite the amount of power in the blow.

The two beings possessed by one of the Old Ones snarled at the heroes as they continued to rain their assault onto them. “So any ideas?” Amazon questioned her companion hopefully.

“Not really.” Gryffindor returned to her. “They have us so busy blocking them though that we don’t have a chance to try and hit back.”

“Tell me something that I don’t know.” Amazon shot back at him in annoyance. “Go to my right.” The pair dropped and rolled under a boulder and came up with their backs still to each other.

“Looks like Wesley knows his stuff when it comes to teamwork.” Gryffindor said glad for all the training in dodging that the Watcher had forced them to do. The man may have been more devoted to training than Oliver Wood but it was showing through in how easily they managed to move as a team in dodging the blows aimed at both of them.

“Yeah I can’t believe that he’s finally become good at his work.” Amazon returned to him. “It’s a great surprise and I’m glad he’s a real part of the fight now but it’s hard to believe at the same time. Enough about my problems with Wes though. We need a new attack style to get past these guys.” She said as she began looking around for something that would change the way that the fight was going. She leaned back and crossed her arms allowing a fist to slam into her bracers.

The fist withdrew and the Illyria with super strength flung a boulder at them with its other hand. Amazon reacted by slapping the boulder out of the way and back at the evil pair. A portal swallowed the boulder and it appeared coming at Gryffindor. The figure managed to hit it with the butt of his weapon shattering the boulder. Gryffindor looked up and grinned beneath his mask as he saw something. “Can you keep them busy for a moment? I have an idea.”

“Sure, no problem, getting the big bad to focus on me is a specialty of mine.” Amazon told him with a smirk before she refocused on the two beings fighting them. “Hey ugly one and two! I dare you to try and punch me again.” She taunted the pair. “Unless you’re getting to slow to use those things anymore of course.” The two figures seemed to deem her words as a challenge and the strong one launched a heavy haymaker that disappeared into a portal. “Side step.” The girl ordered as the two moved away from the forming portal. As the fist came through Amazon wrapped her own arms around the wrist and pulled dragging the Old One partially though. The girl then released him and brought both of her fists straight into the chest of Illyria sending it flying back through the portal and into its companion. The two landed in a heap after that blow.

“Perfect,” Gryffindor said as he fired a blast of energy into the ceiling bringing it down on top of the two Illyria’s. The collapsed ceiling buried the two creatures before they could finish climbing to their feet. The collapse was so sudden that the teleporter didn’t seem to have a chance to get the pair out of the way before they were buried. That should slow them down. He told his companion.

“Yeah, but for how long?” Amazon questioned her teammate as they looked at the pile of rubble.

“Hopefully it will be long enough for you to get outside and help the others from losing their fights.” Andrew’s voice informed them. “The other are either in standoffs or close to losing their fights unless something changes the way the fight goes.”

“Thanks Advisor, we’re on our way.” Gryffindor returned to the person doing his best to help them out. “What do you think?” He questioned her.

Amazon frowned not liking the idea of leaving an enemy at her back. Chiron and Giles had both taught her better than that. “Well, we already dropped a room on them and slowed them down. What would happen if we dropped an entire mountain on them?” She asked innocently as she looked upwards.

Gryffindor grinned and nodded as he aimed his staff upwards and fired some of his most powerful blasts upward and watched as the beams sliced through floor after floor. “I think its weak enough now.” He told Amazon.

“Good, cause I think the dastardly duo are waking up.” The blonde informed him pointing to the rubble that was moving around. The two flew through the holes that they had created and then shattered through the ceiling above them causing the floors they were flying through to collapse onto the pair beneath them. The two grinned as they watched the mountain fortress collapse on itself burying the two pieces of Illyria. They then headed toward the people they were worried about the most.


Fire growled as she continued to burn away at the vines. Illyria was learning as they fought though and was trying to wrap her in a tree again. Only this time the tree was giving her plenty of room to move. She didn’t doubt that if it closed over her though that the oxygen would be very limited for her to use. Either it would all leave the tree or there would only be enough to breath. Either way she would lose the fight. The thickness of the vines and tree though was going to make burning through the prison hard. The fact that she was spending most of her time and power to knocking the vines that were trying to tie her down she knew she was on the verge of being swallowed unless she did something different against Illyria. As she prepared to let loose with another large flare of flame something happened. The only person that was always there for her when she needed help. Gryffindor nodded to his long time friend as he slammed a hole through the tree and fired several energy bolts all over the place slicing through the various defenses that Illyria had.

Fire grinned as she raised her heat to a level she hadn’t dared since her powers first appeared and she glowed an even brighter green than she had before the various vines charred before they could touch her. Dropping her staff Fire gathered up her energy into a single ball of flame and released it toward the plant manipulating Illyria.

The blue and green being scoffed and raised a wall of plants to stop the attack. The flames at their normal levels would normally not burn through the barrier but with the help of her friend Fire managed to burn through the wall and knocked the Old One back.

The plant like beings entire body was singed as it backed away. “You shall suffer for that one muck.” Illyria informed them as it gathered its power before thrusting its arm toward the elemental a giant vine erupting from their arm and heading straight toward Fire.

The elemental held her hand up and her staff rushed into her hand. A few spins and the fire tornado released from her staff and slammed into the incoming attack. The two attacks warred with each other before canceling each other out.

“That cost you much of your energy.” Illyria noted as she watched the figure lean over and begin panting from using her flames like that.

Fire grunted back at her in defiance as she stood back up. “I’ve still got more than enough power for us to finish our fight.” She said defiantly as she created several fireballs and launched them at Illyria. The Old One dodged and tried another wave of vines behind the elemental only for her to snap her staff behind her send a wave of flame back snapping the vines in half.

Fire launched several fireballs back in return, and grinned as they slammed into the face of her opponent. She saw that Gryffindor had come up behind her and was slicing through the various vines that were trying to slip past her defenses. ‘They really had needed to work as a team. The two of them really were stronger together.’ She thought to herself as she moved forward. Illyria clawed at its face as it tried to see. Fire grinned as she gathered her flames and then began flying as fast as she could in circles around the Old One. The flames encircling it cooked the plant based demon and when Fire finally stopped the creature fell down.

“How’d you do that?” Gryffindor questioned her curiously as he watched the various plants wither and die all around them as their master fell.

“Honestly, it controlled plants.” The hero returned to her friend. “And plants need water to survive so I drew all of the water out of the air and ground making it starve itself. The fact that I cooked the ground made it even harder for it to pull nutrients for it to use is another reason why it collapsed.”

Gryffindor shook his head and grinned at her. “Good job. Now let’s see if any of the others need our help.”


Blade was growling and letting the part of him that was still a monster show for all the world. He was no faster or stronger like a vampire would be if they were in game face but it did let him release his anger and annoyance easier this way. His sword was stuck in the ground where it had landed after being kicked out of his hands. The hero had switched to a pair of large knives that he was twirling around with as he fought against the dangerously sharp claws of Illyria. The two of them were right in each other’s face but no matter what he did he couldn’t break through the defenses of his opponent. He knew that there had to be something to do however he couldn’t figure it out.

“Hey Little Boy Blue!” A voice that was very familiar to the damphir.

The two combatants spun away from each other to see who had interrupted their fight. “You.” Illyria said as it saw the blonde in red, blue, and gold Grecian armor standing in a combat stance with a drawn sword.

“Yep me,” Amazon returned as she gave a mock salute to the Old One. Her eyes flicked toward Blade. “So you ready to show this thing how we used to do things back home?”

Blade grinned in anticipation. “I’d love to.”

The two moved into action. Amazon came in high while Blade threw his daggers toward the Old One. The demon dodged the flying steel and blocked the incoming sword. It pushed back and the blonde grinned at it as she jumped back her chest plate sparking as claws tried to cut into her stomach. The Greek Champion merely took a new stance and waited for Illyria to make the next move.

“If that was your best little one then you are doomed for failure.” Illyria informed her as it regarded her carefully.

“Good thing it wasn’t then.” Blade said as he strode forward his sword now in his hand. “We merely wanted to prepare everything.” He said as he got into his own ready position.

“You two think that you can beat us?” Illyria questioned them in disbelief. the hard looks the two Champion returned were all the answer that the Old One needed. “Very well try your best little ones.” It said as it ushered them forward. The pair watched as the claws grew a couple of inches and then they charged each other. The Demon Lord was a whirl of claws as it slashed at the pair. The two heroes returned with as much as they could kicks and punches were traded back and forth.

The two heroes easily fell into their old combat routines ducks and slashes were exchanged. When one moved forward the other moved back as easily as if they had been spending the last year fighting alongside of each other instead of on other sides of the world. An attack to the head by one meant a leg sweep by the other. A stab from one blade was the block to the other. The two continued fighting this way forcing Illyria to move faster and faster as they attacked barely even aware of what else was going on. A kick to the back of one of its knees brought it down. But it forced it way back up. The pair pulled back and each launched a forward kick that slammed into the chest knock the creature back they heard the snap of ribs but by the time the demon was facing them again the damage was already healed over.

Amazon moved forward and trapped the arms for a moment and Blade appeared behind the creature. “Heal this.” He growled as he slammed his katana through the demon’s neck the body flailed around for a moment and the arms spasms caused the claws to dig into the arms of Amazon. The warrior cried out a bit but managed to keep calm for the most part.

“Took you long enough to beat the freaky demon Freddy Krueger wannabe.” The blonde said as she yanked the claws out of her arms.

“Sorry, I had to come up with a good pun first.” Blade returned with a grin.

“Ah, the jokes and puns are my department, remember?” Amazon reprimanded as she allowed him to help her up.

“Sorry.” Blade said. “In my defense though, I’ve had to do most of the fighting and work on my own recently.” The two grinned, but an explosion reminded them of the battle and they split to help the others that needed them.


Blade scrambled over and joined Valkyrie in her battle against the speed demon. The Pegasus was sporting several claw marks where the animal had taken several hits. Looking at the other Champion he noted several claw marks that adorned her shield and armor. The demon was obviously still a trick to fight despite the interference no longer being a problem.

“Blade I have an idea.” Andrew’s voice cried out to the dark figure. “Its basic fighting speedsters tactics 101. Batman uses it Captain America uses it so it should work for you.

“And what’s this plan Andrew?” Blade questioned the young man impatiently.

“Shoot where it’s going to be not where it’s at, but where it’s going to be. If you can predict it enough then you should be able to hit it.” The young man supplied to Blade.

“Understood,” Blade said as he drew his shotgun as he saw the speedster making another pass at Valkyrie and her steed. He shifted his aim from where it was running to where he thought that it would be and fired. He watched in surprise as the bullets actually connected and knocked the speeding Old One over for a second as it lost its balance before it began resuming its attack.

Valkyrie looked up in surprise. “What how?” The blonde woman questioned before her eyes trailed toward where Blade was standing.

“Aim for where it’s going to be not where it’s at.” Blade explained to the warrior woman.

Valkyrie nodded turning and raising her shield as several fists rained down on her. She slammed her shield forward and watched as it slammed into Illyria. The shotgun shots had evidently slowed it down enough for her to get in a few hits now. “Let’s do this.” She said as she twirled her sword in the ready position.

The Speedster looked between the three potential targets before rushing at Blade at full speed. It seemingly danced around the shotgun and sword blasts directed at it and continued to rush at the demon hunter. As it got in close it began slamming its fists and claws into the lightly armored figure. Dragon hide and Kevlar was simply no match for the blows that were raining down on him. Blade raised his gun and watched as the weapon was slice into several smaller pieces as the claws descended on it. Dropping the weapon he went to punch the demon only to get several punches to the face and body himself before he was grabbed and spun several times at super speed and thrown to the side. Blade landed painfully on the ground and was struggling to climb to his feet.

Valkyrie planted her feet and the ground and watched as Illyria now made its way toward her. She raised her blade and fired only to watch as it evaded her energy blasts. Many of them were coming dangerously close to hitting it. Valkyrie snarled out a few curse words before she fired in front of where she thought that the demon was going to be and chuckled as she saw the demon fall to the ground this time. Not about to let something like this be in vain she fired again and this time blasted it full on in the chest. She rained a large number of blasts into it as she moved closer toward it. Blade merely watched as she forced the creature back and into the ground. She finally let up and the creature glared at her in defiance.

“You may have defeated this part of me, but there are others that will destroy you.” Illyria told them arrogantly not about to admit defeat to the lesser beings just yet.

“Whatever.” Valkyrie said as she slammed her foot into the head of her opponent knocking him out. She then turned to Blade. “Thanks for the assist.”

“Thank Andrew,” Blade returned as she helped him to his feet. “It was his idea on where to shoot. I just followed his suggestion.” The girl nodded her head as they then turned to see if anyone else needed help.


Fire saw that Fate was being bound in all sorts of plants and the vines that were holding him just seemed to get thicker and thicker. She formed some fireballs and threw them at the vines. The fireballs slammed into the vines and the recoiled in surprise and snapped. Fire rained down several more shots and watched as more and more of the vines were burned away or jerked away. Changing tactics she began shooting a stream of fire instead of fireballs and the wall broke down even quicker. In a few moments Fate reappeared. Fire was so intent on freeing the mage she never saw the portal open behind her as the shape-shifter stepped through and slammed it’s fist into her back sending her flying away.

“No!” Fate cried as he took off after the elemental. He caught her before she fell to the ground and then stared at Illyria angrily. “I shall make you pay for that one.” The mage said as he began tracing various magical symbols in the air. “This should teach you a lesson.” He said as he released a blast of magic through the symbols. The bolt seemed to be magnified as it passed through and struck Illyria. The shape-shifter roared in pain as the bolt of magical energy seemed to electrocute it. It paused in pain and Fate fired another bolt of energy at the creature. The Old One roared and tried to mover but merely fell to the ground in defeat.

“You can let me go now, I don’t think that your wife would like it very much if she knew you were holding a woman even if it was to save her life.” Fire said as she moved out of his grip. Fate nodded as he released the other hero.


The various heroes looked around as they made sure that none of their enemies were about to climb back up. For a moment there was an eerie silence. The crashing sound of heavy punches explosions and guns firing having been replaced by silence. None of them were sure if it was really safe or if it was the calm before the storm. It looked they had won though and Illyria was beaten. As they looked around the group became aware of the various demons and other creatures that were watching the result of their battles.

“Andrew, what are the chances that these guys are going to attack us?” Gryffindor questioned as they all took ready stances back to back in case they decided to continue where their masters had left off and try to finish the job for them.

“Unknown, it looks like they’re waiting for something though.” Andrew responded to the group. “Most likely they want to see if you can manage to beat the last member of the group as well though.” He added cheerfully. “I imagine that they are most curious if you have the ability to take all of them down.”

“Another one of them?” Valkyrie complained as she steadied herself on her feet.

“Yeah, the telepath is still out there remember?” Andrew supplied to them causing the group to grumble as they looked around for the last piece of Illyria.

“So, you know about me.” A new figure said causing the group to look up to see one more person in the familiar blue leather outfit.

“Be careful, it appears that this one may also be telekinetic, which means that they can move things with their mind. That would be my guess on how flight is possible.” Andrew cautioned the group. Power like that could mean a hit from an invisible fist as strong as the really strong one. Add in the mental abilities you’re lucky we created the psychic jammers. You guys could literally be fighting a demonic Phoenix.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Fire said as she held her arm close to her side. None of them had escaped the various fights unscratched. Fire had a possibly dislocated shoulder and several broken ribs on either side from both the plants and the shape-shifter hitting her. Blade had several bruises and scratches as well and his helmet was close to falling apart after taking so many shots from the speedster and regenerator. The others were also sporting an assortment of bruises and scratches all over. The enhanced armor which had gleamed earlier was now dull and had several gouges in it.

“I think that we can handle one more of you.” Valkyrie said cockily as she stared at the Old One. “I mean all those other fights were one on one. This will be six on one in our favor I think we can deal with you.”

“Bad move.” Andrew said. “If you think that they don’t have the power to beat you then they probably do.”

“That is doubtful Champion.” Illyria returned to her emotionlessly. “While I may not possess the raw strength and infinite speeds of my brethren I still have my own powers. My mind shall be your downfall. Your helmets only protect you from assaults that are meant to control you. There are other methods of attack though that you may not be shielded in though. Besides there are other methods for me to use against you muck.” Illyria raised its hands and the champions watched in disbelief as the various possessed beings began to climb to their feet. A portal opened and ejected the two buried within the mountain fortress.

“What is this, round three?” Gryffindor asked in disbelief as the figures arrayed themselves against the heroes.

“You might call it that, but now it is time for you to surrender.” The telepath told them. “Your defiance has ceased to be amusing to us.”

“Guys don’t worry about the others, focus on the mental. That one is the only one you need to worry about.” Andrew told them.

“Easy for you to say.” Amazon grumbled as she eyed the group of Old Ones.

“Unless I miss my guess they’re being controlled by the telepath.” Andrew continued ignoring the sarcasm from the former slayer. “It’s a classic telepathic defense of having someone else fight your battles for you. It’s something that Exodus or the Shadow King would try. If you take the telepath out though you should stop all of them.” He supplied to the group.

“Oh is that all we have to do?” Gryffindor said uneasily as he looked the others over. None of them were capable of another long drawn out fight and Andrew wanted the to beat their way through six high powered beings to deal with a seventh high powered being.

“Yes if we’re lucky they should be a bit slower since it’s not their usual mind controlling a lot of their other functions.” Andrew said thoughtfully. “I’m not sure how that would work with a hive mind style link that these guys have though. It could mean they’re slow and unstable or it could mean they act and fight normally I’m betting that they’ll be slow though if for no other reason that there are six of them and the amount of control that would take would be enormous. If they could have done this earlier they would have as it would have allowed them to connect and counter attacks much sooner.”

“Fine, first one to take the telepath down gets dibs on the showers.” Amazon said as she got into the ready position. The others nodded as they wearily began preparing themselves for another fight. “Go!” The girl said as she and Valkyrie led the charge.

Fate reached his target first by appearing behind the plant manipulator. He cast an ice spell that seemed to slow the movements of the being down and then sent an ankh around the Illyria sending it elsewhere. The mage wobbled a bit and sagged a bit from the spell.

“Hey Fate, how many more of those do you have left in you?” Valkyrie questioned, as she kicked the regenerator in the gut knocking it away.

“One more,” Fate said, “but if I do that then we have to walk home.” The mage said as he cast a spell that fired lighting bolts at the teleporter.

“Good idea.” Blade said as he brought his sword up and dueled with the speedster.

The Grecian and Aesir Champions jumped and slammed their blades into the sides of the regenerator. Their blades were left in the body and pinned it to the ground. As they prepared to put it out of the fight permanently, the powerful fists of the shape-shifter and muscle slammed into them sending the two out of the way. The two girls grinned as they held their shields out for all to see and threw the disc shaped weapons as hard as they could. The two weapons came in low bouncing off each other and fallen rock. The two heroines were moving already and ran and flipped over their opponents. As the creatures turned to face the girls the shields slammed into the back of their legs forcing them down to one knee. The girls swung and slammed their fists into their jaws knocking them back. They each held their hands out as the shields ricocheted off a pair of larger rocks and landed in their waiting hands.

“That was amazing a double Captain America double blind!” Andrew practically screamed into their ears. “You had them completely focused on the shields while you flipped over them, then while they’re trying to recover from you flipping over them the shields hit them and then you kick them. It’s a great maneuver.”

The others chuckled as they assaulted the telepath now that the way had been cleared by the other four. Fire and Gryffindor released all of the power that they could into the hovering being who groaned as the telekinetic shield wavered under the combined assault. The groan got louder as Fate and Blade added their own fire into the attack while the two warrior women finished up with the various mind controlled versions of Illyria.

“No I cannot lose!” Illyria said pumping more power into the shield. The eyes of the possessed human began glowing in an unholy way as they tapped into more and more of their power.

“Sorry, but it’s over.” Amazon said as the roped powerhouse of Illyria was tossed at the telepath. While that was happening Valkyrie drew her sword and fired an energy bolt as well. The others increased their attack and watched as the force of the thrown muscle finally broke through the shield.

The group stood over the demon. Amazon held her golden lasso at the ready. “Here’s hoping this does something.” She said as she lassoed the creature around the head and released a full powered bolt into it. The others covered their eyes from the flash and then looked down as they saw the creature still struggling despite the amount of power that had been thrown into it.

“Our turn.” Gryffindor said our swords are magical. He said nodding toward Valkyrie. The others nodded and back up and watched as the swords sliced downward and finally stopped the Old One.

The group of heroes turned to look at the other Old Ones that were grunting a bit as they woke up. The beings glared at each other then turned to look at their fallen comrade. “You have destroyed the unity of our minds.” The regenerator said as it climbed to its feet yanking Amazon’s sword out and tossing it to the side. “We should destroy you for that.”

“Once we have decided on who shall lead.” Another reminded its companion. “Remember, we no longer have unity and none of us can create unity.”

“Then I shall lead.” The regenerator growled as it turned to face the one that would question him.

“Do not do this brethren. None of us can fight as it is and we are weakened.” Another Illyria said. “This battle is lost we must gather our forces and think a new attack.”

“No we attack now. Send those fools that have watched like cowards while we have battled.” Another one argued back.

Giles what’s going on. Amazon questioned as they watched the group squabble amongst themselves.

“Well if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that without the telepath to guide them they are now a group of individuals.” Giles voice returned over the communicator. “While they are all essentially the same being there must be enough differences in their experiences that slightly different personalities are appearing. The longer they are disconnected from each other though the more individuality that they have.” The Watcher informed the group. “It’s actually rather remarkable if you think about it.”

“Yeah, that’s nice thanks for the update.” Amazon cut him off before he could drown out the interesting argument.

“No our hold is broken already our army breaks away.” The speedster noted nodding toward the army that was moving away. The others looked angry but finally nodded. “You may have weakened us like the Knights you are but we shall return.” Illyria promised them.

“You cowards, go your way I have an army to recruit.” The regenerator growled as it stalked away.

“Careful brethren, or we’ll see just how well you truly heal.” The muscle growled. The two bared their claws at each other before stomping off in different direction.

The heroes turned to look and saw several magical government people watching them. “Figures,” Gryffindor snorted in contempt as he reconnected his sword and staff so he could lean on the lengthened weapon. “The Ministry always was good for watching how the fight goes and taking all the credit while doing nothing.” The hero sneered in disgust.

“At least they’re arresting the ones that summoned Illyria even if they can’t capture Illyria itself.” Fire said trying to find a good side to what they were seeing as they watched several priests get arrested for what they had done. “Who knows maybe this time the ones that did this will stay in prison.”

“We’ll see.” Gryffindor said sounding doubtful.

“Well that’s a nice ending to this, think you can get us out of here?” Valkyrie questioned. Fate nodded and went through the motions and soon the glowing ankh was before them. “Besides, Gryffindor and I have got dibs on that shower.” The girl said with a smirk and several evil eyes aimed at her as they disappeared. The wizards looked at where the group had disappeared in awe as they saw magic that they didn’t know what was easily slip through the various wards that they had up to catch everyone involved in this mess. They would have liked to question them since they had been instrumental in destroying the hold that they had on the world. Without the demons lords to back them up they were no sort of priests that they had to worry about.

The group reappeared before the people of Sunnydale. The various members were helped to the ground so that they could be healed and then helped to the shower.


A couple days later the group were enjoying a party. Buffy and Angel had even agreed to have Whistler to join the party as they celebrated their victory. The girls had replaced their armor for summer dresses and the guys for slacks with t-shirts or button ups. Fire, Gryffindor and Fate still wore masks but they were also a part of the celebration that was going on. The girls were each giving a blushing Andrew a kiss on the cheeks in thanks for his services as the Advisor. As the group was celebrating the fire screen came on and the various gods that the group owed their allegiance to appeared before the group.

“Well done to you all.” Odin congratulated the group. “You have served us and the world well in our time of need.”

“That you have.” Zeus said with a smile as he surveyed the group of Champions. “It is obvious we entrusted the right ones in helping the planet. You have met your first of a great many challenges.” He told them. The group looked a bit depressed at the thought of more battles like the one that they had just finished. The battle with the Illyria had almost been to much for them to handle even as a group.

“There shall be more to come though, as the age of heroes returns to this plane though.” The Morrigan noted to the assembled group confirming their fears and worries.

“You shall be our blade against the darkness that comes in bringing this world back to where it be though.” Gaia assured the group.

“Yes,” the Egyptian king of the Gods Ra said as he surveyed the group. “Our blade is mighty indeed.”

“Indeed, for that is what they are.” Andrew said as solemnly as he could from where he was sitting. “They are the first of the new Knights that will guard the world they are your Excalibur!”

“Excalibur, they are so named. For you are not the Justice League nor are you the Avengers you are our blade to send into battle.” Roma said as she appeared with the group. “Many worlds have their own Excalibur and now so does this one.”

“Once you are rested you must return to your own places though.” Odin informed the group. “The deal that we made with the Powers that Be is that they are the guardians of the hellmouth. Their agent the Slayer is the one that must perform the duty as protector here. Do not go out and do battle here unless you are called on by the Powers.”

The heroes nodded their heads in acceptance as they watched the various gods disappear. “Remarkable,” Giles and Wesley said in awe at having seen the various gods.

“So Excalibur huh?” Buffy said with a smile as she looked at the others with a grin. “I think I can live with a name like that. How about the rest of you?” She questioned as she looked around the room at the other people that were gathered around the room.

“I’m in.” Gryffindor said. “I’d rather work together next time something like the Illyria comes up than take it on myself anyways.” He assured them all.

“You do mean ‘ourselves’ right?” Fire said from behind her mask as she glared at her friend.

“Of course I wouldn’t dream of leaving you out of it.” Gryffindor assured her as he gave her a quick hug. Several people made whipped and hisses sounds at him. The hero ignored this though as he focused on the girl he had wrapped in his arms.

“One of these days I’m going to figure you two out.” Katie promised them with a friendly glare. “The best way to do that is to join the group though. So I guess I’m in.”

“Angel, if you don’t join I’ll drag your ass to the meetings.” Buffy threatened the former vampire in a serious tone that left no one with any doubt that she would do it if he forced her to.

“I’ll do it.” Angel agreed coolly before going back to the book he had been reading. His eyes only partially on the pages, the other was watching the blonde Champion move around the room.

“Fate, how about you?” Fire questioned the mage.

Fate nodded his head. “It will help to keep the world in balance if I work with you.” The mage explained to her. “For the good of the world I shall join you on this mission that you have found yourselves with.”

“What about you Advisor? We’re going to need a good tactician to keep track of the fight.” Gryffindor offered to the young man.

Andrew merely smiled at this and nodded happily unable to talk as he now had something that he had always wanted. He was a hero now and no one or thing could ever take that away from him. The other heroes smiled at the excitable young man. They owed their lives to the young man as he had known more about how to use their powers than they did. The fact he knew superhero combat strategies as well made him all the more useful. For all they knew had he not been the one in charge of communications then they could all have very well lost as he had provided them with important information when they needed it.

“That’s great.” Xander said as he observed the group. “Now let’s get this party going!” He declared as he turned the music up some more, while George brought in several more drinks.

Joyce and Giles sighed before leaning back into their chairs and watched their children. They were not their children by blood but they were theirs. Buffy and Angel their lost ones had returned to them stronger than before. Wesley, and Cordellia, the children who had left the nest, but returned as new and better people. Faith, the prodigal rebellious wild child was now with them once again. Tara, Willow, and Xander the loyal children who had stayed. Finally there were the new ones. Katie, Gryffindor, Fire, and Fate they were all a part of their family even if they didn’t want to believe it. The only sadness was for those no longer with them. Riley, Graham, and Spike were gone forever and then there was the missing Oz. Tonight the group would be here though. Tomorrow though, they would go to protecting their various parts of the world. Their time of training for their duties was now over. It was now time for them to begin the tasks they had been given. They were the Champions of the World, and it was their duty to do their very best to protect it.


(And thus begins the adventures of Excalibur! Tune in next time for when other fighters take on the roles of Empowered Heroes and their blessed helpers. I think it will be an enjoyable round with the heroes I have planned next. Unknown TTH Time, but Same TTH Channel. Any guesses on which heroes super and otherwise I’ll use? Remember, the Super has to be a magical superhero. Who thinks that they can guess right on how my muse works?
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