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EVOLUTION *music and words*

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this is my little contribution to `music and words'

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So, I tried this a few times, this song speaks a lot of things and figuring out what I sould write about was difficult.
I ended up drawing a beach at some point which Icant really explain but I think it looks cool. But I was only able to put words to this song when I decided to watch the video about 10 times.

It started as a single celled organism. And by it, I mean we. All of us.

Everything living thing here today can probably date back to one single cell at some point billions of years ago. Now think how far we’ve come.

We changed from a tiny, simple blob of protein to a mass of specialised cells that can do amazing things! We can walk on two legs, swim, fly and much more.

At the start of our life we are similar to how all of life started, we evolve from a cell to a human. That human is different to the next. We start the journey the same, and may end it in the same place, but we always take a different path to the person next to us.

What started as a realisation that one person wasn’t really reaching their potential at a certain event in recent history changed the lives of thousands.

That one person was Gerard Arthur Way. We all know the story of the event, so let's leave that where it is. But Mr Way had decided that he could no longer live in his basement and go along with his life. He had to do something. He wanted to make a difference.

And so, he created a band. It started as a few friends in a small room with some instruments. But we all know how far they’ve come. They started to gather fans and moved out of that small room to a club, then to a small stage. After just a few years, they found themselves headlining massive Rock festivals all over the world, and they had their very own world tours. They realised what impact they had on people in society. They had /saved lives/. But not in the way a doctor would. No doctor of any kind could save the lives of these people. Only the inspirational music of a group of friends.

And through this journey, the paths of these men crossed with many others. The band have had a few drummers and so they had gained friends, even if they would part ways after just a short time.

But let's not forget. This band started exactly the same way you and I. A single celled organism billions of years ago duplicated itself and split into two.

This is a story of evolution.

I hope you enjoyed it, it's short but oh well.
Please R&R, it would make me happy :)

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