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I need help!

by RydenBeliever 1 review

I'm looking for a story?

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Okay so I know its a long shot but I read a story quite a while ago, and I loved it, and I really need to find it again.

Basically its just one whole story, no chapters just one page, and its really really long, and basically Ryan and Brendon meet at high school become friends and I think fall in love, along with the band and a few other friends.

Pete Wentz forces Ryan to kiss him and threatens to tell Brendon if Ryan doesn't have sex with him... Then Brendon walks in on them and goes to punch Pete but instead hits Ryan.

Then later on Ryan finds out that the hit caused his tumour to get really bad and gets diagnosed with cancer but doesn't tell Brenny... Until their anniversary when Ryan collapses and gets taken to hospital.

And at the end in a concert Brendon says "My boyfriend Ryan couldn't be here tonight because of cancer".

Please if you know this story can you give me a link or tell me what its called, or if its your story. I really would love to read it again, thank you!!:D
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