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Is It Gone?

by Dick 3 reviews

This is just to tell you that I am on the good side. No joke

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I am on the good side. No joke.
TiffanyRose is a bleach blonde bimbo, that looks like a walking carrot.
She wanted someone to support her, so she told me to post that stupid thing earlier. I fucking hate her. I told her at school that we were not going to be friends anymore, if she is always going to tell me what to do.
And my username is a joke. You know how you log on, it says "Welcome back ..." Well, I though it would be funny if it said, "Welcome back, Dick!"
I apoligise to anyone that I hurt. If I left a negative review, then it was because little miss bimbo, was watching me, and telling me what to do.
I was going to make a few stories, but I don't see what the whole point is. You guys probably hate me.
I am just going to leave, because I am not welcome here...
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